Modern design standards for a bathroom in high-tech style

Bathroom in the style of high-tech - for those who are not striving for pompous luxury, but for a stylish design with non-trivial furnishings. Today it is fashionable to decorate the interiors of houses and apartments in a variety of styles. Fashionable as styles of bygone days, and the youngest design styles.

Unusual high-tech bathroom

An unusual bathroom. All traditions are broken. High-tech style.

Laconic interior lines and traditional style colors. A necessary condition for modern high-tech materials and impeccable performance.

Laconic interior lines and traditional style colors. A necessary condition for modern high-tech materials and impeccable performance.

Modern bathroom

Modern bathroom - modern sanitary ware. Perhaps this interior is more in the style of minimalism, well, there is a lot of emptiness.

This design style became popular in the 80s of the last century. It was brought to the idea of ​​science fiction and pop art. In this regard, in the design of rooms appear pieces of furniture and interior simple, mostly rectangular shapes without any roundness and unnecessary decorations. And "for beauty" the most unexpected objects of the material world are used. The colors that predominate in the interiors of this style are silver, white, black, and gray. Modernized high-tech allows the presence of saturated bright colors, but only as an accent spot. In the rooms decorated in this style, a lot of chrome-plated metal elements. Accommodation is subject to the idea of ​​pragmatism. This style does not tolerate any excesses. True, sometimes it allows a violation of the principle of functionality, in order not to disturb the design.

Due to the above features, the bathroom can not be better suited to decorate its interior in this youngest style.

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  • 5 Designer bathroom designs in high-tech style. Video
  • 6 Uneasy simplicity of high-tech style

Finishing of floors, walls and ceilings

Since this "high-tech" style does not use a wide color palette, white tiles on the walls will be very handy and, as they say, "in the subject".

True, preference should be given to a large rectangular tile - characteristic for hi-tech form. The floor in the bathroom in high-tech style is also offered to be covered with plain tiles. And stack it in the form of a chess player, as usually do, decorating the room in other styles, do not advise. The color of the floor can be slightly darker than the color of the walls. Or maybe contrast, but not color, but black or asphalt. Another point that is noted in the design of the bathroom of this style: here usually do not use matt tiles, but only glossy. But the floor glossy tile can be slippery. This should be paid special attention to not be exposed to the danger of bruises or even fractures.

High-tech in the bathroom

Very human, warm, cozy-style high-tech. The golden mean of using space, a little more, less is not that. It looks nice floor stand-robot.

Design of a small bathroom

This is how the high-tech bathroom looks in a small area.

Bathroom interior in high-tech style

Laconic interior of the bathroom in a large apartment.

Functional design of the bathroom

On all canons practical, functional bathroom with shower and bath.

Small bathroom

For smaller bathrooms, you can step back from the gray color. A chip in modern plumbing and a large mirror.

For a bathroom in the style of high technology the stretch French ceiling can not be better. And not only because he is not afraid of moisture. Such a ceiling cover simply fits perfectly into the style, especially if you choose a glossy white or gray ceiling.

Bathroom Lighting

For this style, it is characteristic to place lighting devices not in the center of the ceiling, but closer to one of the walls. Spot lights can be placed under a stretch ceiling, which creates a semblance of the night sky. In addition, as an illumination of the ceiling or mirrors can be used LED strip. Wall lamps should have simple, but elegant in their simplicity of shape. Here you can not do visiting the store "Light". Like many other accessories, bathroom fixtures that match high-tech styling are not sold in every store.

Correct bathroom lighting

The spotlights of the built-in lamps are located at the sides of the room. The perfect combination of pale blue and mosaic.

Original design of the bathroom

Bathroom lighting is hidden in the niche of the ceiling.

Plumbing fixtures and accessories for high-tech bathrooms

The bathroom in high-tech style should really reflect these very high technologies. Therefore, the equipment in it must also be up-to-date. Excellent fit in the design of this room shower cubicle with a variety of "bells and whistles", such as: lighting the ceiling and walls of the cubicle, chrome shower with a rectangular divider of water and other.

Fashionable today, acrylic or traditional cast iron baths are in no way suitable for a "high-tech" style. Bath in the style of hi-tech is, it can be said, exclusive equipment for the bathroom. Its shape should approach the shape of a truncated inverted pyramid. On sale it is difficult to find such. But if you decided to decorate a bathroom in this style, you need to be ready to find exactly the appropriate equipment for this room and its high cost due to its exclusivity.

Creative bathroom design

A fully accessible shower cabin with rain rain and LED lighting.

Sanitaryware for the bathroom is rectangular sinks and oval bathrooms, and the only way.

Sanitaryware for the bathroom is rectangular sinks and oval bathrooms, and the only way.

The sink in the "high-tech" bathroom, according to the laws of style, must have a rectangular shape, without rounded edges. You can choose such a one, although the variety of choices is not enough. As for water faucets, you can find quite unusual cocks in the forms inherent in the style. It can be, for example, a mixer in the form of a pipe bent at right angles. This item of bathroom equipment is also very difficult to buy in a regular sanitary ware shop.

Accessories such as mirrors, towels, mats, as well as soap dishes, soap and shampoo bottles and other small items should also be in colors, shapes and materials specific to this style.

Bathroom furniture

Traditional lockers, pencil cases, bedside tables, which are on sale, absolutely are not suitable for creating a "high-tech" interior. They will look in such a room as a foreign body. And this despite the fact that the shape, color, metal accessories of this furniture, it would seem, correspond to the characteristics of the style. It is much better and more natural to fit into the design of high-tech bathroom shelves from chrome-plated tubes.

Snow White Bath

The maximum that can be in the bathroom in the style of high-tech pendant cabinet under the sink and telescopic hangers.

High-tech in the bathroom

High-tech style instead of furniture offers niches in the wall, and hidden pressurized inspection hatches for access to plumbing and meters.

One remark or, rather, a warning in conclusion: after reading one or even twenty articles on the design of a high-tech bathroom, it is very difficult to create an appropriate design yourself. Therefore, it is better to consult a specialist.

Designer bathroom designs in high-tech style. Video

Uneasy simplicity of high-tech style