Boho style in the interior + 50 ideas on the photo

In the modern interior there are the most amazing things, they are popular with people and are in great demand among lovers of novelty, freedom of thought, fantasy. A good example is the style of Boho in the interior. What is Boho? Its name comes from the word Boheme, that is, gypsy, bohemia.

Not everyone decides to create their living room, kitchen or bedroom with Boho style, so that it is liked by the household members, the guests of the house. But if such a decision has nevertheless come, then it says that the owner of the house is a liberated, courageous, creative person, therefore he chooses everything that suits his image. In fact, the style of bokhoshik in the interior is the embodiment of habits, thoughts of a person on the environment, objects that fill it. There are no rules, strict lines, specific colors.

Bedroom with bright elemental interior

History of appearance

Starting from a long history, the word "boho" came from "bohémiens". Many centuries ago, the so-called indigenous inhabitants of Bohemia, which was in the central part of Europe. Its main population consisted of Gypsies, nomads, travelers who did not obey the laws of other nations, as they held to their beliefs, free way of life. The people of Bohemia consisted of proud, free people who can not be subdued. Style of the interior of the boho, named in their honor, corresponds to the described rules, it is so diverse, original, authentic. Getting here, it's impossible to appreciate all the surroundings in a few minutes, because one room can have dozens of bright details.

Walls with brick decor and bright furniture

Why did Boho turn out to be unusual?

It's very simple, the Bohemians did not lead a sedentary lifestyle, but roamed in different countries, collecting on each rule of conduct, household items, things, thanks to which something piled up. For example, Bohemians transported embroidery, fringe from China, silk from India, furs from Siberia, horse harness from Eastern countries, and linen clothes from Europe on wagons. After a time, the number of bohemians increased, they were joined by strolling artists, circus artists, musicians, whose life resembled a continuous holiday, fun, colorful colors. And the term "from bohemia" is preserved today, they include people of creative professions.

What kind of people will suit the interior in this style?

When someone hears the expression "Boho style", then the main word "bohemia" comes to mind. Therefore, it is not difficult to guess who will like this direction.

Multicolored pillows on the floor in the room

Usually this includes people whose activities are related to art, for example, actors, artists, singers. However, recently the circle of fans of this direction has significantly expanded, it is willingly chosen by creative, free individuals who value individuality, comfort, convenience. Their main motto is freedom of choice, emancipation, maximum comfort. After all, living in a house like this, it should be pleasant to be, relax, communicate with loved ones.

Curtains over the sofa in the room

And the Boho style will suit fans of perfectionism, minimalism, rational solutions, because it has a lot of different elements, amazing colors, lots of unique details. Decoration of interior design in Boho style is more often chosen by those people who like to furnish their home with a lot of small things, they include:

  • Figurines;
  • Caskets;
  • Beads;
  • Bright pillows;
  • Flowers;
  • Original lamps;
  • Embroidery;
  • Motley curtains, a lot of other amazing things.

Lamps with multicolored lampshades against the background of red walls

Who does not like it?

Boho chic style in the interior does not like pedantic people, which irritates the mess, the heap of mass of details. Also it will be uncomfortable if you like quiet colors, standard, classic furniture.

Old photos on the wall above the armchair

As for creative personalities from the circle of writers, musicians or actors, the Boho style will introduce a chic in the interior, as it completely coincides with their worldview. Quite often, brave people think about such a decision, they value their opinion and are always ready for significant changes in their lives. They do not want to live in a standard apartment with a normal interior, because it's not so interesting, boring.

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It is undesirable to choose it if the person is sloppy in life, for it is simply impossible to hide the mess behind curtains, paintings and a rug. As a result, the design of the room will lose its uniqueness, it will look like a mess.

Pictures above the sofa in the interior

Some features

What is typical for an interior in the style of a boho? There are people who do not have enough knowledge on the topic of finishing living space, believe that this style is inherent in cluttering rooms with meaningless objects or things of decor. But this is not so. After all, during the decoration of the house with the help of designers there is a creative solution, since professionals know the sense of taste, measure. However, if you want, you can decorate the interior in the style of the Bohos with your own hands.

Room with paintings on the walls

Here you do not need to adhere to any rules, laws, requirements, you do not need education from the field of art, architecture. It is enough to choose the most favorite items that are dear to you, and then arrange their room, decorating with any colorful outfits. For example, if you choose furniture, then bright, interesting upholstery with ornament, and for a pillow the ideal option - embroidery with flowers, complex patterns. The most important thing is that each part is located in its place.

Tent above the bed

Signs of style that allow for

In order to understand what this direction means, it is possible to single out a few of the most important points, based on them you will be able to create a real interior booth without having special knowledge of design. Here are the main aspects, they should be noted:

  1. Main stream. Despite the fact that he has an individuality, he has some similarities with other areas. Therefore, before you have to equip your bedroom, living room, kitchen yourself, you need to choose the main motif of the room design. After all, it can be modern, European, eastern. Thanks to this, it is possible to determine the accent, what color scale will appear in the room. After all, the filling of the room should merge into one, creating a style, and not a storehouse for the mass of the most diverse but meaningless things.
  2. The presence of textiles. Choosing the elements of Boho style design, you need to remember that there are quite a few items of textiles. It can be lamps with lampshades, various decor items, any things you like are very expensive.
  3. Holiday, bright details. Choosing such an extraordinary interior, you get a holiday, bright details, rich color filling.

Decor in the form of a deer's head on the wall

What colors are suitable?

In the modern style of the Boho there are no criteria, no special restrictions. Here you can choose any color that the soul likes. And it does not matter, will blend the shades of the interior or not, most importantly, that you like the chosen tone. Listen to the heart, follow your taste, because the understanding of comfort is different for everyone. It is important to create something of your own, unique, unusual, which is not the case with others. The living space should be individual, but comfortable to the eyes, the body.

The only condition for the design of residential space - the presence of saturated, bright colors. Quite often for this use elements of the decor of orange, red, lemon, blue, green. If you want a little to smooth the saturation of colors, then you should try white color.

Pendant armchair in the room

Choice of colors

Choosing colors to create a unique appearance of the house does not need to adhere to some rules, fashion trends, standards, as here everyone chooses his own. However, it is necessary to take into account some features. To equip the bedroom it is desirable to choose more calm colors, for example, a combination of beige with pink, blue and green. For the children's room more cheerful colors are chosen. Here the combination of shades is very different, the main thing is that they are liked by the household, and also be as natural as possible, saturated. The main colors of this direction were red, orange, yellow, blue, blue. But if you want to allocate a certain part of the room, then white color will be an assistant to solve the problem, against its background other shades become brighter and more interesting.

Original composition with a fireplace in the interior

Suitable furniture

Furniture style Bohho is selected individually, but its mandatory attribute are: sofa, bed, ottoman, armchairs. And it is not necessary that the pieces of furniture were of a common headset, and also had the same color of upholstery. There can be a variety of design options, which perfectly fit the leather sofa, ordinary chairs with fabric upholstery, wooden chairs, tables of different colors, soft pouf, large frameless armchair. Each thing will find its use, complementing the interior.

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An unusual picture over the sofa

The standard version of furniture style boho is vintage. The most ideal solution will be old furniture, which can be found in every old woman. It's enough to restore such a thing as it becomes a real decoration of the room. Usually, to improve its appearance, it is enough to remove chips and cracks, and then to refresh the wooden parts with a colorless varnish. Each thing should look to its age, so do not radically change it during the restoration.

Lamps in the form of glass vessels near the bed

Features of the choice of furniture

An excellent option for the boho will be artificially aged furniture, but not necessarily in the room to place only vintage furniture. The most suitable option - one or two main subjects, they will be the main focus, the remaining details will only complement the interior. For example, the main accent can be made on an old chest of drawers, wooden chairs, a sofa, armchairs with variegated fabric upholstery, a polished cupboard, a large wooden table of round shape. Almost every, even the most extraordinary things that many prefer to just throw out, are able to transform the interior. For example, it's enough to throw a bright plaid with ornament on a soft sofa, lay out a few colorful pillows, how everything will change dramatically. In winter, a fluffy fur blanket will be appropriate, and in the summer a silk coverlet with drawings, patterns from the Chinese style are possible.

Original bedside table near the bed

On a note! If you have a small apartment, it is better to give up fluffy sofas and wicker furniture, as these objects clutter the room space, overload its situation. We decorate the floor, ceiling and walls

If you compare the boho with the famous styles, then in the finish of the ceiling, walls, floor, it is considered the most budgetary. When it is designed perfectly coexist with white painted walls, parquet floor, old grandmother's carpet, stucco molding, modest frayed chairs, crystal chandelier. The main rule - to create an interior, you need to select the finishing of natural materials, that is, no synthetics, especially plastics. All that relates to high-flow, namely: blinds on windows, metal tables, linoleum, plastic elements - everything here is simply inappropriate.

Multicolored carpet in front of a sofa

Internal arrangement

  1. Floor. The most suitable materials for finishing floors is ceramic tile, stone, parquet board, but in extreme cases - laminate. Its appearance is similar to a natural board in color, structure.
  2. Ceiling. Suitable is the most usual finishing material, for example, stucco, whitewash, stretch cloth of calm, natural shades. Sometimes bulky wooden beams or communications pass through the ceiling, they do not need to be hidden, because everything should be natural.
  3. Walls. Usually for their finishing use the same tones as for the general interior. For example, a unique example will be a monochrome bright shade of the wall, which is adorned with a stenciled painting, carpets, a beautiful panel with drawings from the oriental style. If desired, the walls are pasted with wallpaper with an ornament having a characteristic pattern. It is advisable to make the main accent on any of the walls, for this purpose the wall-papers are suitable, also they choose modern, exclusive photo printing. Such elements will decorate the interior even with the most extraordinary furniture.

Rocking chair with white pillows in the room

Lighting in the interior

When it comes to bogo, then there are chandeliers, as well as any lighting equipment of the classical style, also welcome hand maid, for example, lampshades from textile, decoration with flowers from ribbons, decorating with any improvised means of bright colors. Room lighting should be natural, soft. The most ideal variant of the room is the presence of large, spacious windows that will give the room enough sunlight.

Ceiling with wooden beams in the interior

Electric lighting should be warm, soft, so as not to cut eyes. For example, to decorate a lamp, rice paper or cloth is often used, lampshades with oriental accent are made of it. The height of the lighting fixture can be different, given the interior and personal preferences. For example, the lamp is lowered directly above the dining table, or under the ceiling, decorated with a multicolored grid, wire, painted glass. To get inward enough of daylight, use light, transparent curtains.

On a note! Choosing curtains for the interior in the style of Boho needs light colors, so that the decor does not turn out dark, gloomy.

Chandelier with fan in the bedroom

Use of textiles and decoration

Textiles in boho - this is the main attribute, but to his choice fit very carefully. After all, it plays the most important role, as it is used on windows, walls, on the floor and even for furnishing furniture.

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Choice of fabric

For example, curtains are sewed from textiles, special partitions to separate the zones of the room. And on the sofas and chairs there are cloaks of fabric with a unique ornament. Of this fabric are also made chairs-bags, pillows. Even decorating the room, use lacy napkins, tablecloths, blankets, bedspreads from a variety of fabrics. Very often they are decorated with fur, embroidery, ribbons, beads, rhinestones. Carpets on the floor, the walls are part of the classic boho. For interior design, it is advisable to choose massive, heavy fabrics that will have rich colors. An example is the brocade, velvet, tapestry, satin, silk, and the texture of the fabric, color, pattern depend only on the wishes of the owner of the house.

Multicolored pillows on the bed

Choosing a decor

Choosing the decor elements for the boho, there are no restrictions, for example, you can use:

  • Lamps, statuettes;
  • Multicolored photo frames, paintings;
  • Antiquarian objects, handicrafts;
  • Herbarium, fresh flowers in flowerpots, plastic bouquets;
  • The most favorite subjects;
  • Magazines, books.

These items can be placed on window sills, shelves, chairs, or tables. They are always in sight. Beautiful, colorful and original look the owner's favorite things, for example, if he is a traveler, then his souvenirs will adequately take place on the shelves of the room. If the owner is engaged in needlework, then her paintings, napkins, crafts made of wood or jewelry will find its application.

Armchair by the fireplace in the room

Varieties of style

Boho in the interior is very often, despite the fact that many people it seems chaotic, even messy. In addition, it has several varieties, each of them differs by its rules, limitations, here are the main ones:

  1. Ecological. The most natural, popular style, where there is no artificial material, including the smallest elements of decor. The main ones are: stone, wood, flax, cotton, leather, silk, ceramics. All these materials together look very stylish, expensive, exquisite.
  2. Luxurious. This direction remains the most modern, because it gives the households an excellent mood, joy of life, the most intense colors, naturalness with the use of finishing materials.
  3. Glamorous. He speaks to himself, as it includes a lot of glamorous things, all kinds of figurines, decorations, photographs, hand-made articles, and so on. However, all these things should not be stored in the shelves of cabinets, but are on open shelves, tables, windows. This direction combines chic with coquetry, glamor with maximum naturalness, taste with sophistication, refinement with beauty.
  4. Classic Boho. Here there are strict lines, plus heavy fabrics - satin, velvet, tapestry. Typical shades of this direction are gold, beige, brown, marble. To add a twist add elements of ethno style.
  5. Boho hippies. This direction of Boho style is more relevant to his classic version. It is also free, bright, a bit fairy, most comfortable, chic. It is impossible to imagine a bohohi without using bright ornaments, hookah, aromatic lamps, extravagant decor elements or musical instruments that create a unique atmosphere of freedom, coziness and comfort.

Coffee table in front of a decorative fireplace


Regardless of the style of the Boho, each of them is a memorable, unusual, very bright design. Creating your own design of the house yourself, do not be afraid to bring something new, boldly experiment, manifest your individuality. After all, if you take the matter to heart, the result will amaze not only you, but also friends, relatives.

Indoor plants on the wall

Housing "bohemia" is a choice of brave people who are not accustomed to obey the precise framework, strict rules of life. They live their rhythm of life, which is different from the generally accepted standards. Some boho can shock or cause a smile on his face, but he will not leave anyone indifferent. This style of interior is not suitable for people who do not feel the color, eccentricity, proportions. Therefore, older relatives are unlikely to like this fashion trend. They are accustomed to have in the apartment a clear distinction, calm colors, functional household items, standard, classic furniture. And he will not like those who are allergic to dust, because the presence of a mass of small parts in the interior is fraught with accumulation of a large amount of dust. That is why it is the choice of young, energetic people who will gladly take their apartment away, placing small objects of decor in their places.

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