Stylish and unusual ideas for a christmas tree

Until the New Year there was only one week, which means that it was time to decorate the New Year tree. Throughout the festive season, this evergreen beauty will serve as a central decoration of your home, so it is very important to give it a beautiful and inspiring look. In this article we have collected more than 40 ideas for decorating the New Year tree, both with the help of traditional balls, bells and garlands, and with the use of a nice and original décor made by ourselves. In addition, there are several creative ideas for creating an alternative New Year tree from twigs, paper and other widely distributed materials. Enjoy watching!

Beautiful inspiring Christmas trees:

What kind of tree do you like most: bright eclectic or with carefully selected ornaments? Is the traditional green or shining snow white? Note that to create a stylish Christmas tree does not necessarily buy expensive toys - sometimes it's a rather unusual way to hang a garland or hang toys according to the color scheme.

bright-decoration-white-tree sparkling-fir-tree-with-beautiful-hung-garlands stylish-tree-with-ribbons-and-beads stylish-tree-with-red-and-neutral-decorations color-schemes-for-fur-trees wide-ribbon-for-decoration-tree gray-fir-tree-with-red-ornaments furry-fir-tree-in-red-and-white-adornments lush-and-bright-Christmas-tree home-made-fur-tree-toys-gifts original-Christmas trees Christmas-tree-with-toy-town Christmas-tree-with-butterflies Christmas-tree-in-white-decorations Christmas-tree-with-lovely-decorations minimalist-Christmas tree small herringbone-with-white-ornaments beautiful-tree-with-beads idea-for-style-decoration-Christmas tree tree-with-tricolor ornaments Christmas-tree decorations-in-kind-sweets Contact Marketing/ Press Office: 01202 596100 Christmas tree with toy-houses glamorous-tree-with-the-rose-and-viral-ornaments tree-with-fruit-instead of-ornaments eclectic-white-fir-trees white-and-red-new-year-decor

Alternative New Year trees:

No place for a big Christmas tree? Or, maybe this year you just want to decorate the house more original? We offer several alternative options for the New Year tree:

Christmas tree-tree-branches-branches OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA board-Christmas trees-with their own hands homemade herringbone-I-macaroniwall-fir-tree-with-hands New Year's tree-is-hats beautiful-alternative-tree tree-in-the-country-style style Christmas tree with a snowflake on the window

Beautiful decor for a Christmas tree with your own hands:

inspirational-crafts-for-Christmas stylish-ornaments-for-fur-trees-with-hands decorations-for-fur-tree-not-nootnyh-sheets decoration-for-fur-tree-is-cone decoration-for-fur-tree-in-style-baroque snowflakes-beads-for-fur-trees homemade-Christmas trees-for-decoration-Christmas trees homemade-house-for-decoration-tree Proprietary-fertilizer-sa-decorum-vanootree turn-Christmas-balls-in-cakes decoration-proshralichnyh-New Year's balls crafts-for-fur-tree-is-paper unusual-but-beautiful-Christmas-tree decorations Bear-for-decoration-tree-with-hands beautiful-toy-for-fur-tree-is-paper toy-for-decoration-tree-with-your-hands toy-for-fur-tree-is-buttons

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