Corner fireplace in the interior +70 photo

Corner fireplace in the interior

The fireplace today rarely acts as a heating element, as it was done in the old days. Of course, it can be warmer and more comfortable, but its main goal in a private house or a city apartment is decorative. The living room immediately acquires the features of luxury and nobility. Sitting at a heat source with a cup of coffee on winter evenings, and just after a busy day, you can relax and not think about anything, or just watch TV.

Interior with corner fireplace

Embedded options take up little space, but the place for them should be taken into account in the design of the interior in advance so as not to disturb the construction of the walls. If you decide to install the equipment after repair, the best option is a wall fireplace. As for the exterior finish, it can be made of stone, bricks, other materials.

In addition to the above, the island and corner fireplaces are very popular - they fit organically into the interior, becoming an integral part of it.

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Design and advantages

The advantages of angular models are undeniable. The main one is considerable saving of free space. Being in the corner, the fireplace does not bother anyone, and at the same time performs all its practical and decorative functions in full. The chimney in this construction is located in any of the walls.

Blue interior with white corner fireplace

By design, corner fireplaces are very compact, they can be installed not only in a large living room, but also in premises with a small area - for example, in the bedroom or in the office. Due to the location between the two walls, this design also heats the neighboring rooms, which is also very convenient and practical. Angular models can be symmetric and asymmetric.

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Unbalanced fireplaces

These models have a clearly rectangular shape and are mounted directly into the corner. Thus, the space is saved and the fireplace fits into the interior even where such equipment is not provided. The chimney can also be easily installed in the adjacent wall.

An asymmetric corner fireplace in the interior

An asymmetrical fireplace is often used as a kind of element for zoning a room. Much in the perception of the overall interior depends on the cladding and exterior decoration of the fireplace, but these are questions for professional designers. If you want you can see the photo, choose the best option.

Firewood in a niche by the fireplace  Pots with flowers on the floor  Original floor lamp in the interior  Shelves with lighting at the fireplace  Light decoration of the hearth with a black shelf

Symmetrical fireplaces

Symmetrical models are recommended to be installed in rooms where there is no question of saving space. This option is mounted across the corner. From the design point of view, the angular symmetrical fireplace is better perceived visually, since the fire can be seen from anywhere in the room. On the practical side, this option is also more acceptable, since with a heating function the symmetrical fireplace does a little better, unlike other models.

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Symmetrical corner fireplace in the interior

The corner fireplace can be both natural and purely decorative, that is not to heat the dwelling, but simply to give it a noble look. In this case, the owner of the house gets rid of the problem of installing the chimney, which saves considerable time and money.

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The main function of the stove-fireplace is to heat the room. Such models are stone, metal. If you plan to use the structure for cooking, you should install a stove-fireplace with a stove, when a special hob is built into the equipment. In addition, there are options with an oven, or combined models. Of course, in the living room, such furnaces are not recommended to be installed, even if there is a powerful hood, but for a large kitchen-dining room this option is quite suitable. Most of the modern fireplace stoves are small-sized metal fireplaces. They have high heat dissipation and are capable of heating a room of up to 80-90 sq.m.

Corner stove-fireplace in the interior

Where to install

The future owners of fireplaces often wonder: where is it best to install a corner fireplace so that it's beautiful and practical? The fireplace is mounted on the inner or outer wall. If you choose the first option, it may be difficult to install due to the elevation of the chimney. In the second case, the installation is less problematic, but requires preliminary coordination with the relevant authorities.

Portal of a corner fireplace made of stone and wood

Whichever version of the fireplace you choose (except for the electric fireplace), everything related to the presence of fire must be installed in accordance with the requirements of fire safety. All the rest is at the master's discretion. Only, it is not recommended to install a fireplace in front of windows and entrance doors, to avoid drafts.

Corner fireplace in the bedroom

If the fireplace fits snugly against the wall, take care of laying the heat-resistant layer with a thickness of at least 20 mm. Installation on a wooden floor also requires additional protection in the form of a metal sheet, laid along the perimeter of the fireplace.

Letters in the interior  Decor decor  Niche with books in the interior  Ceiling of wood in the living room  Lamps on the wall

Which corner fireplace to choose for the living room

In the living room, where there is usually enough space, it is recommended to install a luxurious symmetrical fireplace, next to which you can put a pair of beautiful chairs, a table for tea - what's not a good idea? However, it is necessary to provide for temperature regimes, since there is nothing pleasant in that, sitting at the fireplace feel the heat, and not pleasant warmth.

Living room with corner fireplace

Installing a fireplace in the living room, you should consider the overall style of the room. Classics ridiculously looks in combination with high-tech, just as the Provence is not friends with pop art.

Antique lantern on the fireplace  Gray, white and bard colors in the interior of the living room  Living room with furniture  Panel of gypsum on the wall  Porcelain dog on the floor in the living room

Brick Burner

In a country house, brick is used most often for making firebox. This is the safest and most durable material with good heating and high heat dissipation. Even if the windows are freezing cold, the brick furnace quickly heats up and retains heat for a long time in the house.

Brick corner fireplace in the interior

The brick is quite resistant to external influences and temperature extremes, therefore brick furnaces are considered reliable and durable. It is not required to clean it as often as, for example, cast iron. Qualitative heat-resistant (fireclay) material does not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere. Installation of a brick furnace requires a good separate foundation, since such a fireplace is quite heavy. The average weight is 450-500 kg, and not every base can withstand such a weight. The base is decorated with special refractory materials - for example, marble tiles. Independently, without special knowledge, it is unlikely to lay a brick furnace, so it is recommended to order the service to a qualified stoveman who will make the fireplace in accordance with all safety rules.

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Fireplace with a brick furnace  Tree in the interior  Fireplace made of bricks  No wounds  Firewood near the hearth

Metal furnace

Many prefer solid cast-iron furnaces that are capable of withstanding ultrahigh temperatures. Such a fireplace does not darken, does not fade with time, holds heat for a very long time, is able to heat large areas, which saves considerable expenses for its maintenance.

Metal corner fireplace in the interior

A metal furnace can be bought already ready-made, or assembled with its own hands, with the involvement of specialists. Cast-iron fireplace is distinguished by a lower price, in comparison with stone or brick, which is also its advantage.

Cast iron furnace can not be cooled dramatically. If you need to quickly cool such a fireplace, do not pour ice water into it.

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With your own hands

If you have sufficient skills in construction and understand the principle of the operation of furnaces and other heating equipment, you can build a corner fireplace with your own hands. It's hard to say how much you will save on the materials, but the work will definitely be free, unless, of course, you have to redo anything with the involvement of qualified specialists.

Corner fireplace with your own hands

Before proceeding with the installation of the fireplace, it is important to draw up a preliminary design in all details and carefully plan out all the stages of the work. Do not forget to provide good traction, the right place for the chimney, the right location of the fireplace. After installing the entire structure it will be difficult to remodel anything, especially if the fireplace is built-in type.

Elephant of wood on the fireplace  Birds on the shelf by the window  Beams on the ceiling of the bedroom  Panel on the wall в столовой  Bedroom in oriental style


Regardless of what kind of fireplace you decide to stop, it will take a lot of materials to make it. First of all, you should take care of a thorough waterproofing, as what can serve ruberoid, polyethylene. It is also necessary to stock up with a sufficient amount of sand, gravel, cement, clay, which will be useful for making mortar and other construction purposes. In the process of making a fireplace, you need boards or metal sheets for formwork, a grid, rods for reinforcing concrete.

For the direct manufacture of a fireplace and chimney, materials are used, depending on the type of heating equipment. This can be a brick (simple and fireproof), metal parts, etc.

Corner stone fireplace  Paintings on the wall  Armchair by the hearth  Фото на камине  Decorative hearth in the interior

Preparation and first rows

First of all, you should take care of the foundation, which should be more than the base of the fireplace. To create a foundation, you must excavate the foundation pit, then well tamper the pit and fill it with damp sand. Above, gravel is filled, a wire net is installed.

White corner fireplace in the mustard interior

The next stage is to protect the walls from overheating with the help of special asbestos strips. After this, you must install the formwork and perform all other procedures for pouring the foundation. After manufacturing the base, a technological break of 18-20 days should be made.

As for the order for the installation of the fireplace, in the angular version there are two, with one model easier to install, the other is more complicated. From stacking the first row, very much depends, since any error can be negatively reflected in all other stages of the work. The first row sets the overall dimensions of the entire fireplace, so the thickness of the seams should be observed with maximum accuracy.

Musical instrument in the interior


To the fireplace not only served as a decoration of the room, but also gave the maximum heat, you need to properly put the furnace. Its walls should be located at a certain angle to each other - lateral ones are slightly turned outwards, and the back is inclined forward.

Corner fireplace on the terrace

Ball камина по своему объему должна составлять 1/50 часть от общего размера помещения. Важно также учитывать глубину, которая должна быть правильной. Если топка слишком глубокая, камин будет недостаточно нагреваться и в комнате будет холодно. Если же, наоборот, глубина мала, может возникнуть задымление.

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Ball бывает закрытого и открытого типа, может быть цельной либо комбинированной. Чтобы вычислить правильные размеры топочного окна, следует площадь помещения разделить на 50.

Design of the hearth project


Для того, чтобы искры не вылетали из трубы и не происходило воздушных перепадов, устанавливается специальный порог между топкой и дымовой камерой, или перевал. Он может быть, как лоткообразным, так и ровным. Pass не должен делать трубу более узкой.

Decorative plates on the fireplace

Arch and chimney outlet

Arch is a portal overlap, it is semicircular, arched, straight. The chimney can be bought ready-made, but such options are usually expensive, so it's easier to make it with your own hands made of metal or brick. The walls through which the chimney leads out must be as insulated with asbestos material, and inter-floor ceilings should also be protected.

Tile under the stone on the fireplace

Do not use the same chimney for various heating installations, for a fireplace it must be completely autonomous. The correct height of the chimney is at least 5 m, if not more. It all depends on the height of the floors of the room. The chimney is made of refractory material. The brick variant can be used with a steel pipe. The optimum shape for a chimney is a cylinder. The fewer obstacles exist for the passage of smoke, the less soot will form on the walls.

Armchair by the window


Завершающим этапом в сложном процессе установки камина является процесс отделки. Здесь многое зависит от имеющегося стиля, а также личных вкусов хозяев. Finish выполняется из декоративных материалов, керамики, камня, мрамора. Например, сам камин и дымоход можно отделать камнем, верхнюю каминную часть — покрыть декоративной штукатуркой.

Before you begin to decorate, you should cover the surface of the fireplace with a strengthening primer. To the brick planes to be finished with a stone, it is necessary to attach a welded wire mesh with 10x10 mm cells using self-tapping screws. If necessary, the upper part of the fireplace is leveled with gypsum plaster. To strengthen the surface, a fiberglass mesh with a mesh size of 5x5 mm is used.

Mirror in the interior

Budgetary decoration involves the production of a special box of plasterboard with subsequent lining.

The outer lining can be the most diverse, both in texture and color. On the previously prepared samples of decorative materials, plaster is applied, after which the tiling is laid on the floor area around the fireplace. The following works for finishing the fireplace are made not earlier than two days later.

Modern design living room with corner fireplace


The fireplace is a wonderful invention, bringing warmth and comfort to the house in which it is installed. To ensure that it has served you for a long time, you should adhere to the basic safety rules when designing and installing it, and also do not forget to clean it from soot and ash in time.

For firebox use only specially designed fuel for these purposes. The capacity of modern fireplaces is enough to heat a room of up to 200 sq.m. In such a house there will never be dampness and musty smell, which is important for maintaining warmth and comfort. Having installed a fireplace in the hall, you can enjoy comfort every day, spend a wonderful time with your family, invite friends to sit around for tea and party.