Summer verandah photo 38 examples and ideas - the perfect

Today every owner wants to create a real paradise for his fence. Indeed, the summer verandah is a photo of 38 examples in the article, the perfect place in your home where you can relax and unwind. Just see what beautiful and varied options exist. Such summer verandas can become a real decoration for your home or villa.

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Summer veranda photos and projects in the country

It is best if you think over the design of the summer veranda even at the stage of building a house, but if you wish, you can attach a veranda later. The most important thing is to choose the right place. Think, perhaps it will be the main entrance or the same place in the backyard: in any case, be guided by where the view is most beautiful. Decide on what kind of furniture you want to see on the veranda, as well as select objects of decor for this room. Considering the project of the veranda, decide what type it will be (open or closed). It is always worth taking into account your climate.

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Which materials should I choose?

It should take care that this room is in harmony with the style of the house. The verandah should be a logical continuation of the whole house. Of course, in the first place are wooden verandas, because it's beautiful and natural. If you build a summer veranda with your own hands, then give preference to the beam. This material is the easiest for construction and it is easy to take care of in the future. Inside the room it is desirable to decorate in the same style as other rooms: thus the verandah will seem to be part of the house.

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Summer terrace at the cottage: photos and tips on decorating

There are no strict rules for the design of the summer veranda. It is only necessary to rely on your taste and your preferences, so that this room always pleased the eye.

A good idea is to install a large number of wicker furniture. It itself decorates the verandah and makes it truly summer and natural.

It is recommended to hang curtains, which will protect from the hot summer sun.

As bright accents, you can use multi-colored pillows. All only in your hands! Everyone can create an ideal summer terrace for themselves. And the following photos, selected by Dekorin, will help.

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Summer terrace photo and device in the country

The most common option is to arrange a summer veranda for a cozy living room. In other words, you will have another living room with comfortable upholstered furniture, coffee tables, and sometimes even a fireplace. Since the veranda is summer, it makes sense to use wooden garden furniture (or metal or wicker from the vine). The veranda should be really cozy and comfortable for rest, which means it will be appropriate to put a large number of pillows and comfortable seats for chairs and chairs.

A good idea will also be to equip the recreation area with a swing on the summer open veranda. Such swings are so comfortable that they can even be called hanging sofas. Just imagine how pleasant it is to have a rest in the fresh air, swaying on such a comfortable swing. If desired, you can even lie down and sleep on it.

Next to this design, you should put a small table for magazines or a cup of tea.

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Decoration of a summer verandah

To give special coziness and colors to the veranda will help competent decoration. Of course, everyone has their own ideas about how best to decorate the veranda.

A practical solution will be the installation of lighting devices that can serve not only as a source of light, but also as a decorative element. There are lots of options: beautiful forged elements of lanterns, unusual hanging lamps with shades etc. In any case, the lighting should be soft and unobtrusive, so that in the evening it was comfortable on the veranda.

Often a fireplace is used as an element of decor. This is also a functional solution for decorating the veranda, which can not but rejoice. Of course, in the case of installing a fireplace, it is good to put a comfortable chair in front of it and enjoy a fiery flame.

The universal option for decorating the veranda is the use of a variety of plants. Such a reception will brighten up the room and add a feeling of even greater unity with nature. Remember: there are many colors on the veranda. So bravely dare!

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