To see the soul (about the blind artist tara miller)

A blind photographer - it seems, it is impossible to believe in it, but still such a person lives among us. Tara Miller is a professional photo artist who lost sight after eye disease. Now she sees only one eye only a few percent. But this does not prevent her from being a true artist. She specializes in photos for culinary companies, which makes her living. The process of photographing Tara is very laborious and scrupulous. She connects the camera to a large monitor, takes a picture, and then looks closely at the screen for what has happened. After processing photos in Photoshop, Tara remembers the program interface by heart, right up to what order in the color palette follow each other. At the same time, the ailment does not deprive Tara of creative freedom, she can easily compete with ordinary photographers at various contests, the winner of which has become more than once. It seems that her pictures are perceived by some inner vision, they are seen by the soul, as if she removes reality and her own The inner world, in which insects are circling, lightning flashes, water flows smoothly and smells of fresh grass. It's no coincidence that a blind person can dream of music, the blind feels the cold of a word and the "smell of thought" better than others. Looking at Tara Miller's photos, you understand how much vain, unnecessary passes before our eyes, realize how our focus is shot down, the lens is blurred, that blindness is not an ailment physical, and spiritual - and many of us are seriously ill. Photogallery Total | 1 photos To see the soul (about the blind artist Tara Miller)