Scrupulous organization of living space at 18.5 square

Dining room and bedroom of a small studio apartment

The situation when you own a small and compact apartment at 18.5 square meters. m., many are familiar not by hearsay. Perhaps you are renting this apartment or it is in your property, that's not the point.

Milena Georgieva, who emigrated from Bulgaria to the United States of America about 15 years ago, worked closely with such tiny apartments for a long time, so her knowledge and experience in decorating the premises helped her efficiently and rationally equip her apartment with Manhattan.

In one room she arranged a kitchen area, a dining area for four people, a sleeping bed, a small work surface and two high chairs with a coffee table.

Kitchen and living room of a small studio apartment

It can be noted that the gaze of many guests is attracted by the delightful and fragrant orchid flowers. But some solutions are so original that they should be considered in detail in order to use in their apartment.

For example, the mirror surface above the table is quite unusual and attractively located in the corner of the room.

Orchids on the walls in the bedroom

Framing for a mirror at the entrance, the architect Milena decorated herself, stuck on her cheap jewelry, and then painted in a calm and unpretentious snow-white shade.

Mirror in the hallway and the author of the project