Wall lights - 40+ photos of beautiful lighting examples of

For each house a cozy atmosphere and comfort above all else. Wall lamps (in the following photos) will serve not only as a source of lighting in the room, but also as a beautiful decorative element. However, it is important to know how to properly choose such an object of the interior, so that it corresponds to the furniture and decoration of the home. To do this, read our new publication. Dekorin will tell you the right solution!

Wall sconces: photo and selection rules

Before you decide on any model of the luminaire, you need to understand what exactly you want to highlight with it. So, often sconces are used to illuminate the bedroom in the evening, highlighting mirrors, paintings, as well as chairs for comfortable reading of books.

It is necessary to analyze the style in which the room is made in order to choose the most harmonious option. It is important to determine whether the wall lamps in the interior will be the only source of lighting, or if there is a chandelier in the room. It is worth paying attention to such "trivia" as the temperature and humidity percentage in the room (concerns the bathroom and kitchen). Proceeding from this, it is necessary to choose the material from which the wall lamp will be made.

Wall light: varieties

All types of sconces are beautiful in their own way, but it is important to find the most suitable option for a particular interior. Thus, all wall lamps can be divided into the following categories:

  1. The most common type is a plafond, pressed against the wall, and fastened to a small bar. This, perhaps, the most versatile sconces, because they are suitable for every interior. The appearance of such a lamp is quite simple and in some cases even minimalistic. Care for such a piece of interior is very easy, which can not but rejoice. The shape can be chosen for any taste (there are round, oval, rectangular and semicircular sconces). This version of the wall lamp is ideal for the corridor, and you can verify this with the following photo.
  2. An interesting option - a lamp with a shade, fixed with a bracket. Such lamps give a soft and diffused light and perfectly decorate the room. Similar sconces are appropriate in any room and any interior (from classic to modern). Often such a lamp with a shade is made in the form of two lamps that have a common base. Such sconces can be placed symmetrically near the mirror or favorite picture.
  3. Wall lamps with a hanging lampshade. Here the name itself narrates about the construction of such a sconce. Sometimes such constructions do not have a plafond, which is a simple light bulb without registration. Often, these sconces go one by one, creating a real composition. In addition, the illumination of the room in this case only increases.

Wall light, photo 1

Wall light, photo 2

Wall light, photo 3

Wall light, photo 4

Wall light, photo 5

Wall light, photo 6

Wall light, photo 7

Wall light, photo 8

Wall light, photo 9

Wall light, photo 10

Wall light, photo 11

 Wall light, photo 12

Wall light, photo 13

Wall light, photo 14

Wall light, photo 15

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Wall light, photo 19

Wall light, photo 20

Wall light, photo 21

Wall lamp for bedroom: our recommendations

Wall sconces: photos and options

  • The European approach is an additional source of coverage. Used more to create an atmosphere of relaxation in the bedroom. Lighting is quite soft and does not interfere with the subsequent sleep and rest of a person.
  • The American approach - one lamp illuminates only part of the room, however, including the entire wall, there is no need for general lighting of the bedroom.

Often in the bedroom, set the sconce near the bed on either side or near the dressing table. If you have wall lights at the head of the bed, then pay attention to models with the function of controlling the brightness of light. There are even sconces with a remote control, which is very convenient.

Lighting the area of ​​the dressing table with a mirror, try to install as much light as possible from different sides. This will not look at the mirror when trying to make up or remove makeup.

Wall light for bedroom, photo 1

Wall light for bedroom, photo 2

Wall light for bedroom, photo 3

Wall light for bedroom, photo 4

Wall light for bedroom, photo 5

Wall light for bedroom, photo 6

Wall light for bedroom, photo 7

Wall light for bedroom, photo 8

Wall light for bedroom, photo 9

Wall light for bedroom, photo 10

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Wall light in the bathroom: interesting photos

The main function of the sconce in the bathroom is to mirror the mirror. Thus, it will be much more convenient to perform hygiene procedures. It is worth choosing the most suitable for yourself the option of placing wall lights in the bathroom: above the mirror or on the sides.

Remember that the sconces in the bathroom should not be so much aesthetic as functional. In addition, if your bathroom is small, then the pair of sconces will easily take on the role of the main lighting. Correctly selected wall fixtures in a bath can not only illuminate it, but also add heat to a seemingly sterile and cold room.

Wall light in the bathroom, photo 1

Wall light in the bathroom, photo 2

Wall light in the bathroom, photo 3

Wall light in the bathroom, photo 4

Wall light in the bathroom, photo 5

Wall light in the bathroom, photo 6

Wall light in the bathroom, photo 7

Wall light in the bathroom, photo 8

Wall light in the bathroom, photo 9

Wall light in the bathroom, photo 10

Wall light in the bathroom, photo 11