Bedroom design 14 sq. m. m - 45 photo examples of the

Pictures above the bed

The bedroom in our life occupies a special place: here we relax, relax, restore strength after a day's work. An indispensable condition for the organization of the interior is comfort, homeliness, tranquility. Also, any owner wants to be surrounded by a stylish, beautiful atmosphere, with modern furnishings and first-class design. To decorate the bedroom 14 square. m, you need to carefully think over all the details, get acquainted with some of the subtleties and recommendations of experts in planning and decoration, of which read more.

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TV in front of the bed

Council. If you have a rectangular shape of the room, the distance from the door to the window should not be caused by various objects. With a square shape, use a diagonal laminate.

Mirror wall in the bedroom Mirror cabinet opposite the bed  Blinds on the bedroom window  Bedroom with large windows  White and brown wardrobe near the bed  Shelves on the wall behind the bed

Useful recommendations for project design

Before starting the repair, first of all make a visual outline, or layout of the future bedroom. Analyze not only the location of all things, armchairs, bedside tables, cupboards, chest of drawers, but also mark the places for the switch, lighting devices, the approximate dimensions of the situation. You can hire a designer, as well as pick up your favorite completed project on the Internet, but in this case, you need to consider the area and the exact location of the window openings. To organize the storage of things, use the tall closet cabinet, the height to the ceiling, to get rid of the presence of excess items in the room. He must accommodate a large number of things, but take up a small place. In the presence of bedside tables, put them better close to the bed, and dressers, racks choose a high, narrow shape. Pay special attention to the arrangement of furniture, everything should be optimally arranged, harmoniously combined one with another. Preference is given to the high rack, rather than a few shelves, it is easier to store many necessary items.

Textiles are selected as closely as possible, that is, the color and patterns on the pillows, plaid, curtains, tablecloths should echo one with one, you need to try very hard for this.

Floor lamps and paintings in the bedroom

The combination of wood and blue in the interior of the bedroom  Cabinet with shelves above the bed  TV on the rooftop  Interior of the bedroom in soft colors  Original chandeliers above the bed

How to choose a color solution in a small room

The choice of colors depends on the personal preferences of the owner, like bright, flashy accents, or preferring to give calm, natural tones. As an option - study the orientation of your windows. With constant shading of the north side of the orientation, choose warmer shades, and in the constant southern lighting, add a cool tone to balance the percentage of the heat balance of light.

Vases and figurines on the shelves in the bedroom

Shelves with illumination in the bedroom  Alarm clock on the bedside table near the bed  Bright curtains and plaid on the bed  White furniture in the bedroom  Chandelier and lamps with the same design

We arrange the bed correctly

The bed occupies a key moment in the interior, its location should be carefully thought over from the very beginning. The bedroom has an area of ​​14 square meters. There is enough space for a full-sized family size euro bed. You can certainly replace it with a folding sofa, but more appropriate, it will be more comfortable to look at the bed. Most often the place for it is defined in the middle of the room, perpendicular to one of the side walls, if the shape is close to a square one. This is the most organic option, convenient for most families. If the shape of the room is oblong, you can experiment by placing the product directly near the window at one of the walls. On the contrary, in this case, a cabinet is fixed, or a night table, a table, a small soft armchair. If you are planning repairs for a girl, there is no way to do without a dressing table with a large mirror, where you can put yourself in order.

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Floor lamp and TV in the bedroom

There are many models of furniture on the construction market: they can be with a back from soft material, or forged solutions, on twisted legs or stands, with boxes for storing things, linen, which is very convenient in terms of saving usable space. In a small room are suitable light options, on the legs of metal, slightly raised above the floor. Under it you can lay a fluffy carpet of light tone, suitable for the coloring of the walls and ceiling.

Palace in the form of a skin on the bedroom floor

Cozy bedroom interior  Bedroom with chic furniture  Unusual pictures on the bed  Lamps in the form of spotlights in the bedroom  Decor on the shelf behind the bed

Organization of complex lighting

When planning the lighting, we take into account the overall illumination, this light can be dissipated, for example, from suspended built-in devices. Massive plafonds, chandeliers should be excluded, so that the composition does not become over-saturated. If you need to add light for work, reading, preparing for sleep, then table lamps, sconces, low floor lamps are used. Incandescent lamps, LEDs, fluorescent options - you can choose for any taste preference. You can make a niche in the wall by placing decorative candles and other accessories in it. It will be beautiful to look under the frames of pictures, photos, panels on the walls, but it is important to take into account the overall style of the interior, because the design of the nightclubs is chosen to be the most suitable for the main classical, modern design solution. It is necessary to achieve coziness, comfort when visiting the premises.

Original paintings above the bed

Landscape safari on the bedroom wall  Original floor lamps in the bedroom  Chandelier in the form of a flower in the bedroom  Painting in the interior of the bedroom  House flower by the bed

The design of the room is 14 square meters. m: living room and bedroom in one room

Often, the sleeping room is combined with the living room where guests and friends should be received. It can perform many functions - a library, a study room, a zone for table games. All zones need to be carefully thought out, to differentiate between each other with furniture, wooden shelving, beautiful decor elements.

For a combined room choose a transforming bed mechanism, or a sofa with a folding option. Forms should be characterized by clear geometric outlines, minimal set of tone, lack of volumetric decor.

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A picture with a city landscape over a sofa

The atmosphere will be brightened with bright accents on the wallpaper in the form of a modern photoprint, an unusual coloring of curtains on the window, a stylish coverlet, original bedside rugs.

Attention. The number of paintings on the walls is limited to one image above the head of the bed, otherwise there will be complete bad taste.

It is desirable to choose a pattern with a perspective that extends into the distance to visually expand a small bedroom. Popular 3-D wallpaper with city sketches, skyscrapers, park and garden alleys.

Interior in black and white

The picture above the sofa in the living room  Built-in lamps in a circle on the ceiling  Ottomans in the form of stones in the living room  TV on the headboard  Original bedroom and living room interior

Zoning of the bedroom-living room

This multifunctional premise will require special attention in order to correctly delimit the space in it. The main task is to distinguish three main zones, namely the sleeping area, for guests, where it is necessary to organize seats for rest and rest, as well as a zone for storing the wardrobe in the form of a chest of drawers, a cabinet, bedside tables. Most often, the distinction is made using furniture, but you can also do it in the form of wall decoration with different materials or color contrast. You can dream up and with a floor covering, having laid carpet, and in a drawing room - a parquet or a laminate.

Wall with shelves behind the couch

Patterns with stars on the ceiling  Bright interior of the room  Modular picture above the sofa in the living room  The partition with shelves in the living room  Interesting design of the ceiling in the living room

Zoning is done by lighting. For this purpose, a soft, muffled diffused light is used in the sleeping area. An average level of illumination is suitable for guests, for example, from installed floor lamps, fluorescent lamps. The greatest power is needed in the work area, which means places for reading books, table games, and a study. Here you need to install instruments with a clearly directed light flux.

Organization of the bedroom 14 sq.m. m own efforts - not such a difficult task, the main thing is to follow the tips and tricks of the designers and do not forget to show creativity at the design stage.