Was it worth replacing wooden windows on pvc

Became familiar plastic windows came up in the middle of the last century, Americans, and the idea was put into practice - the Germans. Not immediately polyvinylchloride (PVC) conquered the hearts of homeowners - unusual then plastics many aroused suspicions about longevity and environmental friendliness. But plastic windows have proved their viability, because they possess many valuable qualities:

  • do not swell from moisture;
  • environmentally friendly - modern technologies exclude the release of harmful substances by the finished product;
  • fireproof - do not support burning;
  • are not damaged by the sun's rays and therefore the white frames do not turn yellow with time;
  • do not rot and are not damaged by bugs-grinders;
  • can withstand a temperature range from -50 to +60 degrees;
  • give the opportunity to save on heating, because they reduce the heat loss of the dwelling;
  • are an excellent soundproof, protect from street noise;
  • convenient in operation;
  • Durable (manufacturers indicate a service life of up to 50 years).

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  • 2 Quality control
  • 3 How to choose windows
  • 4 Plastic or wooden windows, which is better. Video
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Design Features

Apparent simple, PVC windows are in fact complex structural elements, including a multi-chamber profile and a mechanism for opening the doors. The design of the profile includes 3-5 air chambers, inside which passes the reinforcement, which gives the structure rigidity. Multichamber affects the degree of thermal insulation - the more the cameras are, the warmer the room will be. But not only the profile allows you to keep warm. In its preservation, glass units with special glass are also involved.

Open the plastic windows with a swing-out mechanism or by sliding the doors. The latter method is suitable for balconies and loggias - their tightness is insufficient for severe Russian conditions and does not allow them to be used for room glazing, but for a balcony this design is very convenient, because even a completely open window does not occupy any extra centimeter of the area.

Warming windows

For major repairs and restoration of the old window, you need to remove the paint from the window and the box, change the glass and insulate it with a sealant and a new decorative strip, putty the withered joints, adjust the size of the sash of the window and box, and change the fittings.

Plastic window

The plastic window does not require annual warming for the winter, with the years does not lose shape and color.

Windows made of laminated veneer lumber

Quality glued timber windows are kind, look better than laminated plastic, better characteristics for thermal insulation, but expensive.

Quality control

The production process, including the manufacture and installation of windows, is documented step by step, and pioneers in this matter were pedantic Germans who developed documents regulating all processes, after which the number of complaints sharply decreased. Our manufacturers of plastic windows are also disciplined by various GOST, which prescribe the rules of manufacture and installation:

  • a contract must be drawn up;
  • the organization providing services should conduct preparation of window openings before installation, having closed significant defects;
  • assembly seams must be three-layered, using mounting tapes and foam appropriate to the region's climate, GOST allows the use of sealants for the inner layer;
  • at the final stage, the flaps are adjusted, the work of the fittings is checked, the protective film is removed, the garbage is collected and taken out;
  • After completion of the installation, the customer must receive a mounting certificate on hand.

Safety and duration of operation provides only installation in accordance with GOST.

Color palette lamination of plastic windows.

Color palette lamination of plastic windows.

Laminated window

Plastic window laminated for dark oak.

How to choose windows

In an effort to choose good windows and do not lose, you have to rack your brains for a long time. There are many proposals, but one should not respond to the first one that comes across.

It is believed that the best profiles are produced in Germany, only it is necessary to understand - no matter what profile is used, direct production of windows is handled by domestic enterprises located nearby.

They use the imported profile of well-established firms and collect the window according to the given sizes. Therefore, in the choice, it will be superfluous to rely on the feedback of relatives and friends who can become a guarantee of the reliability of the performer and the quality of the work. Particular attention should be given to the choice of double-glazed windows, focusing on the requirements of the premises in which it will be installed. The choice of glasses is great:

  • sunscreens - reduce the intensity of solar radiation, suitable for windows facing south;
  • energy-saving - reflect heat inside the room;
  • hardened - seismic resistant version, arranged on the principle of automotive glass, when broken down break up into small pieces;
  • armored - shockproof, able to protect even from bullets, used mainly in institutions;
  • self-cleaning - dream lazy, do not require frequent washing.

All these options increase the cost of the window, so before the final choice it does not hurt to know the testimonials of those who have already put themselves sunscreen or energy-saving glasses - as far as it is appropriate, whether it is worth overpaying.

Structurally, PVC windows can be any - round, square, rectangular, arched, triangular. Here you can not rely on anyone's testimonials and make a choice yourself, depending on your preferences, but with the recommendations of the installer. Traditionally, plastic windows are made in white, although the catalog offers a variety of colors. The problem is that painting the window increases its cost.

Having decided to replace traditional wooden windows with plastic ones, it is better to contact a company that has been working on the market for a long time. To secure, it would be good to collect information to make sure that the work of specialists does not cause censure. It is also necessary to determine how important noise and heat insulation, what color the window and window sill will be, and otherwise rely on the professionalism of the staff.

Plastic or wooden windows, which is better. Video

Old wooden windows on new