Letters from foam - a simple instruction for the production

For any celebration, whether it's birthday, wedding or just a memorable event, you want to create not just a festive atmosphere, but also a pleasant and unusual accent that will be remembered not only by the originator of the celebration, but also by all present guests. To create such a decor, an inscription from voluminous letters is perfect. It remains only to find out how to create such a masterpiece with your own hands.


Table of contents of the article:

  • Volumetric letters are simply
  • Volumetric letters from polystyrene with illumination
  • Fixing volumetric letters of foam
  • How to order volumetric letters in the absence of desire to make them yourself?
  • Photo of ready volumetric letters from foam plastic

Volumetric letters are simply

How to make letters from polystyrene without their own experience? For the manufacture of letters will need the simplest materials, but about everything in order.


The first thing to do is to mark out the necessary templates using a ruler and a marker on a pre-prepared foam, after which the letters are cut with a sharp knife so that the edges are even.

As a foam base material suitable for packing equipment in the store, which for many years can lie in the attic. If you buy polystyrene, then its width should correspond to the expected width of the letter, because it will in many respects make the finish easier.

Next, cut the workpiece must be carefully cleaned, using first a large sandpaper, and then a chalk. This will make the surface of our letters as smooth as possible.


The final stage will be the coloring of the elements in the required color, after which they must dry thoroughly. For coloring, you can use paints or varnish, as an option, and a film that can be pasted up with letters, while it can be as a single color, and with the presence of a pattern.

letters-of-foam plastic1

In this simple process, the entire process of creating volumetric letters of foam is contained.


Volumetric letters from polystyrene with illumination

To achieve a stunning effect, you can make three-dimensional letters of foam plastic with your own hands and highlight them.


To do this, it is necessary to make a fringing with the help of an ordinary New Year's garland. It is easy enough to paste small pieces of scotch, but consider that you may need them a little more than one or two, it all depends on the size of the highlighted parts.


It is not necessary to connect all the garlands into one, because at the time of a single bulb burn out, the whole illumination will go out, and eliminating the trouble on a pair of letters will be much easier.


As an option, you can use a pre-purchased LED strip of the required length. This will help make the process simple and fast.


This option is shown in the photo of the letters of foam.


Bulk letters of foam and other materials using foam


The initial stage of creating elements can consist of several options:

  • from the usual cardboard box it is necessary to make so-called molds, which will be filled with foam, after which we give it time to freeze, and then take it out. With a slow filling of possible irregularities will be much less, and, therefore, only one side will remain aligned;
  • the letters themselves draw on the sheet of paper foam, pre-laying under them cellophane. After drying, it is necessary to process all sides of the product.


All other actions are similar to those described earlier. Please note, if your product is obtained with gaps, then to eliminate them you will need the simplest mixture for wall filling.


Instead of the above-mentioned molds, you can use silicone figures, after painting they need to be varnished, and this figure will be an excellent gift for guests at your celebration.


Fixing volumetric letters of foam

These kinds of elements are very light and easy to use, respectively, and fix them will not be difficult. You will need a mounting glue or a double-sided adhesive tape. Take into account the fact that some types of such tape are able to stick exclusively to the surface without roughness, therefore, before use, you should always practice.

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How to order volumetric letters in the absence of desire to make them yourself?

There is a huge number of organizations dealing with this issue, this is due to the great demand for such an accessory, and not only for a wedding celebration as the main element for a photo shoot. In this case, this work is carried out much more quickly due to a special device - a thermal plotter, which is able to cut the necessary figures of a predetermined value and thickness.


Also, specialists can choose the necessary option for registration or make it according to your individual order. The question related to the installation of the product can be solved in the same place.


Photo of ready volumetric letters from foam plastic

Foam letters_fen





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women-of-foam plastic

Foam letters_fen

Foam letters_fen

Foam letters_fen

Foam letters_fen

Foam letters_fen