The magic of a liberated space is the magnificent design of

Glass wall in the office

Today we will talk about the professional architect-designer Michael Roper, who managed to decorate and decorate his living space of small dimensions.

His apartment is in a building of historical importance, which was built in 1936 by the famous master of Best Overend in Melbourne (Australia). With the help of simple maneuvers, this tiny space has become a real "little paradise". We suggest that you familiarize yourself with several secrets from a professional.

While most people are eager to live in the city and in chic conditions, Roper has gone a different way, creating a high-quality and flexible interior in which the quality is higher than the number.

For him, the biggest problem was the question of how to improve the aesthetic value of this small apartment, while remaining sensual to the historical and architectural significance and maintaining a sense of spaciousness.

Vintage desk in the office

A charming chair and table were chosen in one antique store to associate them with the memorable heritage of the apartments. Michael was pleased with the high ceilings and wide windows, deciding that you need to use those parts that were originally conceived. Original paintings diluted the severity of the minimalist style.

Glass wall in the office

The architect nicknamed his apartment - The Purple Rose of Cairo, after the film with Woody Allen with the same name. The image of the theatrical curtain echoes in the interior - even a bed and a wardrobe with clothes "hide" behind the curtain.

Small studio in light colors

A large curtain perfectly emphasizes the height of the space, and also softens it visually and acoustically, which makes the room more sensual and hospitable.

Bookshelf in the office

A beautiful curtain integrates with smart storage solutions, along with a folding bed. But best of all, she transforms the bedroom into a dining room or an office.

Cabinet behind the curtain

Roper got rid of the kitchen door and turned it into a through passage, which made it possible to tie the interior with an excellent garden. When the company assembles here, the bed is folded, the table is taken out to the middle of the room, and the owner brings the chairs from the balcony. All ingenious is simple!

Wardrobe for books and clothes Cabinet with drawers Folding bed in a small studio apartment

From the loggia there is an exit to a beautiful courtyard. Not far from the residential complex are shops, restaurants, cafes and even live music from Fitzroy's Brunswick Street. Many local residents like the liveliness of this area.

Terrace of a small studio apartment External staircase between levels

To complement the modest aesthetics of this unique apartment, Michael chose a simple palette of Victorian ash, white melanin and delicate fabrics.

Products made of wood allowed you to pay attention to the width of the room, and if you remove the curtains in the other direction, then you will notice the elegant lines of the steel frame of the window.

Interior of a small studio apartment in light colors A large wardrobe behind a curtain Blind for the workplace

Bathroom and kitchen remained, practically, unchanged to cut financial costs. The architect on his own example showed how to qualitatively equip small spaces without the need for specialized construction work on the construction of premises of household importance.