Kitchen design 5 sq.m. m - practical solutions for a small

To owners of small kitchens when planning repair work, one has to ask: how to make space as rational as possible, convenient? A small area obliges you to save literally every useful centimeter, but you want so much to find everything you need and useful at your fingertips, at the same time, so that the interior turns out to be beautiful, stylish and boring. If you do not know how to optimally organize kitchen design 5 sq.m. m, distribute furniture, appliances, working surfaces for cooking and washing dishes, then you will need the information given below.

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We design a practical and convenient design

Engage in cooking should be primarily convenient, all objects and planes for cutting are located in an accessible area. Competent planning of design of a small kitchen 5 sq.m. m is done with the help of the following practical solutions:

  • It is not necessary to apply sharp, contrast transitions in finishing. This will not look comfortable and aggressive in a small area. For a floor you can choose a homogeneous monophonic material, the laying of which is best done diagonally.
  • To choose lockers in which utensils and necessary accessories are stored, follows from high models, with a plenty of shelves, boxes for economy of a useful place. The doors of the products should be opened to the side, or upwards, without occupying an easy passage at the opening. Width of cabinets is preferable narrow.

Yellow furniture in the interior of the kitchen

Pistachio-white kitchen  Oranges on kitchen furniture  Red refrigerator in the kitchen  Cabinets with illumination  Blinds on the kitchen window

How to choose the right layout option

Any hostess dreams of absolute convenience when cooking, receiving guests, in the family circle. How to achieve an optimal balance, so that every detail is appropriate, being in the zone of accessibility, and did not interfere while working with other objects. Functional arrangement of furniture implies proper zoning of the dining and working area, to prevent unnecessary cluttering of furniture. Expand as little as possible a small area of ​​five squares due to the use of the balcony, niches and depressions, adjacent premises, removal of the entrance door.

White furniture with a table top made of wood

To determine the appropriate type of furniture layout, study the shape of the room, taking into account the location of the window opening. Next, analyze the presence of all its components, because they must be compact, functionally fit into the surrounding space. You need to get a visual picture of the finished repair. This can be done with the help of examples from the Internet, or by hiring a designer, but the easiest way to do sketches on paper is with a standard pencil, with a scale commensurate with the natural. Specialists offer to your attention some of the most popular successful solutions, of which read more.

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Wall with brick decor in the kitchen

Cabinet on kitchen wall  Kitchen with white furniture  Wooden table in the kitchen  Unusual window in the kitchen  Wall with brick decor in the kitchen

The main features of the layout of the corner 5-meter kitchen

Do not know where to start the long-awaited repair? Initially, get rid of all the superfluous, unwieldy, trifles use at a minimum. Give up the products that do not perform practical functions, because your task is to achieve optimization, concreteness.

The existing window sill should be improved by expanding the table top, constructing a bar counter. It organizes a free surface for work, a dining table, an additional practical area. Place under it you can exploit by building a few shelves, lockers for storing accessories, dishes, various utensils. Under the sill, you can even mount a washing machine or other household appliances to save each corner.

Yellow refrigerator in the kitchen

Hinged cases use the vertical well. In the highest places you can store items that you rarely need to use. Lower pedestals are best to purchase shallow, smaller than standard ones.

Special attention should be paid to functional fittings, various modern devices equipped on the headset: revolving corner cabinet designs, retractable panels, folding cutting boards. For a large family, the transforming dining table will become the ideal solution, beyond which the whole family will fit, but in the folded state it will not interfere with the movement along the passage with its dimensions.

Kitchen with white furniture

From the technology it is advisable to choose narrow long models, a compact refrigerator, built-in household appliances.

The interior color of metallic, it is fundamental. Complementary colors are his companions: yellow, black and white, brown, notes of red.

Interesting kitchen decor

Original tiles in the kitchen  Kitchen furniture with wood decoration  Colored vases on the table  Bright tiles in the kitchen  White and brown kitchen furniture

What is the n-shaped arrangement of furniture

In this layout, the suite, storage system, various appliances are placed around three adjacent walls. Suitable for square and rectangular shape. Symmetrical layout looks traditional, it will fit into the classic style of the interior. The cooking surface, preferably a refrigerator, is also arranged side by side to provide convenience and save time during the working process. High cabinets-pencil cases should be located in remote corners, this visually will make them not intrusive. Refrigerator, cabinets with built-in oven are located at the window, or at the entrance. In the latter case, the equipment increases the length of the corridor, forming corners, reducing useful centimeters.

Blue kitchen interior

Council. With the role of the center of the composition, an effectively designed hood, with modern or classical decoration, will perfectly cope. She will focus on herself, making small shortcomings of a small room in 5 square meters. m invisible.

Kitchen with wooden furniture

In the n-shaped planning, angular storage systems can be equipped at angles between parallels, in the form of boxes, thus using all the hard-to-reach parts. As a result, an excellent work triangle will be created with the competent application of all components. In the adjacent living room, you can organize a through dispensing opening, which will simplify the table setting for guests.

Do not forget about the correct lighting in this kind of layout. A full light should include not only a ceiling light, but also placed above the countertop, a sink in the form of point devices, or hanging elements.

White and green kitchen furniture

Black and white kitchen interior  Interesting kitchen design from wood  The combination of white furniture and wood in the kitchen  Kitchen with modern furniture  Brown-white furniture in the kitchen

Angle washer: important nuances

A good solution will be the arrangement of a corner type wash. Pros for saving space is undeniable, and you will appreciate the comfort. The dimensions of the product are determined individually, taking into account the free area in the corner. By design, this can be a variety of models - straight, oval, round, modern design, consisting of two bowls of different depths, but it is important that the product is made of durable, wear-resistant material and combined with a common interior. When selecting and installing a sink, the following is taken into account:

  • You need to know how many dishes on average you plan to wash at the same time to guess with the size of the product. If the choice is made for a large family, then it is better to stop it on models deeper, otherwise you will not be able to avoid inconveniences.
  • Pay attention to the temperature conditions specified in the instructions. The product is subjected to certain loads, including thawing of products. To extend the service life, do not neglect the technical characteristics of the product.
  • When mounting the washbasin in a corner, it is necessary to provide for its strong protection against impacts, in order to avoid mechanical damage.

Light furniture in the kitchen

Attention. The round shape of the sink may not be a very good choice, because it is difficult to fit pans with long handles. Better give preference to popular rectangular models.

Locate this product with a straight or oblique internal angle. In the direct version, there may be difficulties in opening the doors, so the design of the modules choose a folding one, connecting the two facades with loops. Questions with elements can be solved individually.

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The beveled corner will take up more space, but will also give the hostess more roominess inside. With excessive depth, there are inconveniences, because reaching for an apron becomes heavier, which complicates cleaning, washing.

Kitchen with bright furniture

Beer-Bey-kitchen  Suspended closets in the kitchen  Semi-kitchen laminate  Kitchen with bright furniture  Light kitchen interior

Options for designing a corner layout without a refrigerator

Angular r-shaped organization is considered the most rational. On the 2-nd adjacent walls set the desired headset and equipment, ending with a window, a doorway. One of them remains free, without interfering with the movement of the residents. As an option - it is attached to the folding bar on the consoles, which is convenient to fold as a useless. Chairs also choose ergonomic - folding models.

Painting on the kitchen wall

The refrigerator is the largest item among the rest, it is often taken out into the corridor, or into the insulated balcony. This gives some inconvenience in the operation, but also gives its advantages, freeing precious centimeters for use for other purposes.

Stylish kitchen furniture

Principle of single-row organization

The most affordable, simple solution - single-row layout, in a straight line. In this case, the headset, equipment, working areas are located strictly in one line along one of the long walls. Minimalism often contains such a simple arrangement, not cluttering the atmosphere with superfluous products. The refrigerator is located on the opposite side, or completely removed from the premises, getting the maximum benefit from convenient placement of the plate, washing, necessarily separated by a table. Do not focus on the work area, it is better to make it unobtrusive, not in contrast in color. Try to divert attention from bright details and decor from the opposite side.

Important. If the refrigerator is left in a single-row arrangement of the headset, then the dimensions of the oven and the plate should not be more than 45 cm.

Table with a glass lid at the window

Fineness of a double-row kitchen

Two-row headset and equipment is organized on two parallel sides, ensuring maximum use of working surfaces. Access to the window and the location near the entrance remains free, unobstructed. Modules for storage can be high, thus not weighting the walls. On the one hand, we compactly fit the sink, the hob, separating them with the countertop. Opposite to them we can fit a narrow refrigerator. As a result, an ideal working triangle is organized, which is most comfortable for the hostesses. The dining area is best done at the window, using a window sill as a countertop. In addition, it will be nice to have dinner and watch the outdoors. Be sure to pay attention to the distance between the two parallel facades. Its size varies within 1.2-1.5 m, but not less, otherwise it will be difficult to move freely between it.

Paintings on the wall

Original chandeliers in the kitchen  Dining room and kitchen in one room  Kitchen with soft design  Red furniture in the kitchen  Pistachio kitchen


Minimalism характеризуется лаконичными, понятными формами, правильной геометрией, минимумом украшений и декоративных излишеств, поэтому он как нельзя кстати подойдет к вашим 5 квадратам комнаты. Скромные размеры потребуют грамотного зонирования с помощью цвета, материала. В минимализме должна присутствовать четкость и ясность, с первого взгляда каждый должен понимать, где расположена область для готовки, а где можно пообедать, попить кофе. Первоначально может показаться, что комната выглядит пустой, но на самом деле тщательно просчитываются все детали, по максимуму учитываются функциональность, удобство пользования.

Kitchen with white interior

Style combines modern natural and artificial materials, such as durable plastic, steel, glass with wood, ceramic tile, natural stone. Suitable for the ceiling stretch glossy options, or ordinary plaster, plasterboard plastering. Preferred light colors of coatings: white, light gray, pale sand. Unacceptable fabric ceilings with patterns, photoprints, painting.

The walls are perfectly leveled, covered with a single color from the cold palette, without drawings. In some cases, one of the walls is accented with wallpaper in the dining area.

White furniture in the kitchen

Strict design is compensated by a convenient, modern built-in home appliances. Deaf facades form a single plane of plastic, wood, without glass doors. The color of the facade of one tone, unacceptable decor, elegant carving. The cabinets look great steel, chrome handles, which make it convenient to open the structure. Extractor takes the role of an accent, it can be made original, spectacular. The design of the chairs is dominated by the office style, complemented by unusual constructive elements.

Built-in ceiling lights

Hi-tech style

Hi-tech style, пересекаясь с минимализмом, включает в себя самые современные веяния в области науки, дизайна, техники. Характеризуется максимальную практичность, четкость в линиях, яркой индивидуальностью, отличной освещенностью предметов. В таком интерьере уж точно не будет скучно, благодаря эффектным идеям. Для маленькой комнаты является оптимальным решением, четко разграничивая. В композиции преобладают прямые линии, образующие строгую геометрию без излишеств и замысловатости. Из материалов лидируют прочный пластик, тонированное и прозрачное стекло, стальные элементы.

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Kitchen with red interior

The ceiling is recommended for plasterboard, with a multi-level system. For a floor apply monochrome tile, linoleum. The walls are ennobled with panels, liquid wallpaper, painting. On the windows are suitable blinds, rarely textiles.

Of the furniture choose the most modern specimens, with a model appearance. The worktops are often glass, and the chairs are made of plastic.

Patterns on the kitchen wall

Classic style

Classics does not lose its popularity, due to its refinement, beauty, restrained luxurious atmosphere of the interior. Such a solution will fit perfectly into modest dimensions. Before the repair, take into account that the classic - the pleasure is not cheap, because here it is preferable to finish with natural expensive materials. In rare cases, plastic and metal will find their place only if they mimic the natural finish.

The walls of the classical style are covered with light tones of beige, brown, sand, cream. Often there is a white color, but it is too marquee, will have to devote more time to cleaning. It uses a paneling with wooden panels, gluing paper, textile wallpaper with plant ornament, a geometric strip, a small cell. For smooth walls you need a magnificent decoration.

Landscape on the kitchen wall

In a small room is beautiful, rich in arched form of doors, arch at the entrance. Such details visually increase the modest dimensions.

Household appliances, working panels assume a symmetrical arrangement. Corner sets are indispensable in a small area. The apron is made out combining with the countertop, or contrasting it in color, material.

Furniture should be with notes of luxury, on twisted legs, with a coating of gilding or the effect of decorative aging.

Luxury furniture in the kitchen

Secrets of choosing a color solution for a small room

To achieve success when designing a design in a small room, be sure to attract light colors, visually expanding the atmosphere, removing the ceiling upstairs and pushing the walls of the room. Highlights the glossy finish of the facades, interspersed with specular crumbs on the ceiling, glass areas on the lockers. A certain color should smoothly flow into another, more saturated, but do not use any contrasts. Bright elements are taken into use in a small amount, only to give an accent to one of the areas. Forget the large drawings on the wallpaper, choose monochrome materials with shallow texture.

Blue kitchen interior

In a room with the northern orientation of the window, use a few warm shades of yellow, sand, beige, brown to fill the atmosphere with warmth, home comfort. If the room is too hot in the summer, and the windows are facing south, the cold tones of blue, olive, turquoise, seawater, and gray will prevail. To organize a competent color design more than three colors are not recommended.

The bottom of the facade makes the headset 2-3 shades darker than the top, so that the length seems longer. But this is an optional condition, the options can be mass, how to compose the overall composition.

Yellow furniture in the kitchen

Recommendations of experts in improving the interior

Successfully perform repairs to use it later became much more convenient - the main goal of any owner. To increase functionality, you can, if you listen to several secrets, implementing them in your ideas. To expand the atmosphere, think about opening the door or completely removing it. Opening can do on the opposite side. If the door is completely removed, making an opening in the form of an arch, then an illusion of alignment will be created, which will increase the sense of spaciousness. However, for this case it will be difficult to keep smells in the apartment from the prepared dishes, so you need a powerful hood.

Painting in the kitchen above the table

If there is an adjacent balcony, you can attach its area to the project. On the additional area of ​​the loggia the hob will be successfully placed. An interesting option is the use of a window sill between the balcony and the room as an original dining place. You can arrange a mini bar, with holders for fruit, glasses, cups, which will also save space. Another trick - a large stove can be replaced by a hob with 2 burners, unless of course you cook a little and the family is small.

Take note of the existing guidance and recommendations to competently, with skill to plan repairs, received recommendations and unlimited imagination. It is then that the interior will become original, very comfortable for the whole family and pleasant for appearance.