17 best designs for small apartments

Each of us understands differently what a small apartment is. For someone it can be a "gostinka", which usually has a size of up to 25 square meters. m. And someone can be cramped and in a modern one-room apartment with dimensions 35-45 meters. But whatever space you have, there is always a way to make it comfortable enough and free for the whole family. Maybe you'll even get an idea for this in our article!

We present to you 17 unique designs of small apartments that deserve admiration for their thoughtful layout and original style. Lofts and studio apartments, one and two-bedroom apartments, with hidden storages or cozy alcoves, ranging in size from 17 to 50 square meters - there are a variety of ideas for increasing the comfort in your home.

We have picked up various designs of the apartment of a small footage for you and tried to cover as much as possible all possible variants of interior design in them. Such a selection will be especially useful to all those who are planning a reconstruction of the living space in the near future, it will present many ideas and motivate them with creativity.

Suppose that there is no fixed formula for the design of a small apartment, but looking at the following projects, you will be able to determine for yourself the direction in which you want to move. So, white walls definitely refresh the space, and bright accents attract attention. Hidden storage and multifunctional furniture make the interior non-standard and interesting, while subtle graphics and floral arrangements help to personalize space without overspending it.

Well, forward to viewing! Enjoy and be inspired!

1. Small apartment in red and white color

Stylish studio apartment The layout of a small apartment

2. Design a small apartment 45 square meters. m.

Design of a small apartment of 45 square meters. m. (general view) Kitchen in a small apartment 45 square meters. m. (general view) Bedroom in a small apartment 45 square meters. m.

3. Small two-storey apartment

Small two-storey apartment Design of a small loft The layout of a two-storey apartment

4. A small apartment in the style of Hi-Tech

Small apartment in Hi-Tech style

5. Small one-bedroom apartment

Small apartment with 2 rooms Small apartment view from the entrance Kitchen in a small two-room apartment

6. Design apartment 17 square. m.

Tiny flat 17 sq. M. m

Design apartment 17 square. m. The layout of a tiny apartment

7. Apartment in Scandinavian style

Studio apartment in Scandinavian style Rooms in a small apartment Apartment plan with alcove

8. Convenient layout of one-room apartment

One room apartment in 2 floors Minimalism in the interior One-room apartment layout

9. One bedroom apartment 41 sq. M. m.

Living room in a small apartment Small kitchen Beautiful design of a small apartment

10. Small apartment in vintage style

Small apartment in vintage style Kitchen in a small studio apartment

11. Little student apartment

Small flat

12. Apartment 40 sq. M. m

Small flat40 кв. м. Small apartment

13. The design of the apartment 44 square. m.

Design apartment 44 square meters. m. Design apartment 44 square meters. m. в скандинавском стиле Floor plan 44 m

14. Small studio apartment

Kitchen in the studio apartment Design of a piece-flat

15. Small apartment in loft style

Loft style apartment design Brick in the interior Layout of the apartment 42 square meters. m.

16. The design of the apartment 34 square meters. meter

Stylish little apartment of 34 meters Glass partitions in the apartment The plan of a small apartment of 34 square meters. m.

17. The design of a small apartment of 20 square meters. m.

Fresh design of a small apartment Stylish small size The layout of the neighboring one-room apartments