Examples of a living room in beige tones on 50 photos

Design of living room in beige tones

Create a competent design of the living room in beige tones under the power of each owner. Such work includes many nuances, but is entertaining and interesting. To begin the alteration of the room is recommended with the choice of a suitable color: on heat, saturation. Next, you need to choose the auxiliary colors that can emphasize the style you create. It can be colorful colors that can complement the beige and prevent his "facelessness". You can also use a darker gamma: it can be present in the patterns of decoration and textiles, can be traced in established armchairs, a table and pedestals. Using simple tips and tips from designers, it's not difficult to quickly update the old style and make useful additions to it. Such an alteration will help create a special comfort and rational use of every meter of a spacious room.

The choice of finishing exclusively in the powder color should be excluded. Since in this case, the created design will adversely affect the owners: cause apathy, indifference and laziness.

Modern living room design

Advantages of beige in the interior

Assessing the possibility of using a beige in the design of an apartment, it is necessary to get acquainted with its main advantages:

  1. Versatility. Suitable for any premises of the house: hallway, kitchen. The interior of the living room in beige tone will also look original. Depending on the characteristics of the chosen color, you can emphasize the elegance of the situation or create a special comfort.
  2. Easy selection. The wide color gamut of the beige makes it easy to find the right color for the chosen style. The most popular are cream, cocoa with milk, caramel.
  3. Easy to combine with other colors (except for just such pastels). Using beige as a basis, you can complement it with colorful colors, play on the contrast of light and dark. Against the backdrop of pastel colors, it's appropriate to look gamma with any warmth.
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Classic hall decor

Variety of shades

The most popular shades of beige, which are suitable for styling housing, include:

  • lactic. Ideal for rooms located on the north side. Allows you to create an elegant room for guests and leisure.
  • gray-beige. Neutral color, which is recommended to use for combined premises (for example, for a studio with a dining room). Great for zoning space, simply combined with any colors.

Turquoise and beige in the interior of the living room

  • beige-brown. The darkened color scheme, which is more suitable for rooms decorated for classics or in the royal direction. Allows you to create a calm and measured atmosphere.
  • caramel. Warm pastel colors are ideal for creating special comfort. Emphasizes a relaxed homely atmosphere.
  • cinnamon. A warm, darkened color, which is best used for rooms located on the south side. In case of insufficient illumination, it will create a depressing situation.

Beige color in the interior of the living room Modern living room in a private house  Panoramic window in the hall  Vintage beige wallpaper  Living room furniture  Bright interior

Living Room Styles

In spacious rooms, decorated in beige colors, the following styles will be appropriate:

  • minimalism. The optimal solution for a small living room in Khrushchev with an area of ​​about 15-18 sq.m. Excludes overloading of premises, allows to rationally use all space.
  • classical. The optimal option for the arrangement of a comfortable room, where family leisure will be held. Calm and elegant direction will help create a special comfort.
  • old. Suitable for spacious rooms. It is recommended to choose natural wood for finishing. Well emphasize the selected style of flooring and furniture set of beech.
  • modern. The use of a pastel shade for urban styling fits perfectly. It will help to supplement the wooden floor covering in the color of the clarified oak.
  • high tech. It will look good and elegant in the gray-chocolate range. But it is suitable only for a spacious room.

Hall in beige color Corner Room  Beige shades in the interior of the hall  Damascus wallpapers  Beige and brown in the interior  Laminate in the hall

Combination with other colors

It's quite difficult to find the right combination for the chosen style. Auxiliary colors should be appropriate. You can correctly combine beige with other colors using the following hint:

  • chocolate. A beautiful chocolate beige combination perfectly complements the spacious room. Chocolate favorably emphasizes the pastel color or its tonal transitions.
  • white. It will look good only with a rich warm running or with a dark coffee color. With clarified colors will be inappropriate.
  • turquoise and blue. An advantageous combination of beige-blue allows you to shade the pastel colors, give it a brightness and conduct an original stylization.
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Simple interior of the hall

  • burgundy. The brownish-red will go well with any beige. It will make it more rich and deeper, emphasize the sophistication of stylization.
  • gray-beige. Neutral combination of gray-coffee must necessarily include auxiliary colors. Otherwise, the resulting stylization will be fresh.
  • beige-brown. A beneficial combination of brown and beige can create a calm stylization.

Wall decoration for brick

Bright accents in the beige living room

Using catchy accents on the background of the beige, it is easy to zoning any room intended for rest, leisure and meetings with friends, relatives. The simplest option is to use live greens and the presence of green color in the decor, textiles. It can be a small olive rug on the floor or a picture in a light green emerald color. It will be attractive to look at the background of the pastel color and orange. He emphasizes the warmth of stylization, will contribute to the dynamism of the direction being created. Turquoise - no less good option for complementing the pastel color. It will create a special harmony, exclude stylistics.

The combination of beige and brown in the interior Country in the living room décor  Spacious living room in apartment  Bright living room  East style  Gold color in the interior

For any beige, gilding will be an appropriate addition. But it should not often be used in decoration, decoration. But the minor golden blotches will help to emphasize the elegance of the created stylistics.

Beige Furniture Brown ceiling  Ceiling fixtures in the hall  Classic hall design  American style in the interior  Light room

Choosing furniture

The choice of suitable furniture for the room, where the family will rest, should be held according to the needs of each of its members. An obligatory element is a sofa. For a large room it is recommended to choose a corner model. It will allow comfortable accommodation for all guests and family members during family and friendly meetings. In a small room it is better to install a compact leather sofa. Opposite him, you can arrange a coffee table, next to arrange a pair of armchairs.

Oriental elements in the decor

When installing the TV, you can additionally put a mini-wall. It is suitable for storing books, magazines, decor. Lovers of reading can benefit from curbstones with table lights. It will perfectly complement any stylistics and a pair of racks. They may be small or large. Such products are perfect for storing magazines, placing decor and living plants.

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Rest zone

Textiles and decor elements

The color of the powder, chosen as a basis for styling spacious rooms, must necessarily be supplemented with colorful decor and textiles. This rule will eliminate the monotony of the direction being created, highlight its main advantages. For example, when choosing a light cream tulle and curtains in a saturated color (purple, yellow), you can easily identify the window area. Such a scheme allows the use of any type of curtains: from simple flat sheets to Austrian and roll models. As a decoration can be used figurines, paintings. A perfect addition to the general appearance will be stylized floor lamps. They can include various suspensions or even have the shape of any objects. Such elements will help to emphasize an unusual direction and will allow creating a correct light in a large room.

Golden wallpaper Elements of decor for the hall  Effective design of the room in beige color  Upholstered furniture for living room  Sand shades in the interior  Hall with fireplace

Design Tips

Masters recommend starting the alteration of a spacious room with the preparation of a detailed project. It must necessarily include acceptable colors, combinations of gamma. Separately it is necessary to specify the zones and elements that the owners will certainly need. For example, an electric fireplace, installed in a one-room or two-room dwelling, can be used as an additional source of heat. Therefore, it should be installed opposite the rest area.

Spacious living room in apartment

As for the finishing, it is advantageous to decorate uneven wall surfaces with decorative plaster and stylized curly plinths. They perfectly replace the usual wallpaper. But for small rooms designers recommend choosing beautiful wallpaper with views of the city, nature. They visually increase the room and become a real decoration for the created direction.

Bright textiles Wicker furniture in the living room  Living room in a private house  Corner beige sofa  Two windows in the living room  Beige living room with fireplace


Choosing as the main color for the stylization of the house beige, the owners often have to spend a lot of time on choosing the best stylistics. After all, without the allocation of different zones and the selection of colorful additions, the actual form of the finished line may not correspond to their wishes. Therefore, for correct alteration of the premises, it is recommended to use design tricks and work in stages: starting from the choice of the layout to the combination of colors. Also, do not forget about the appropriate decor, the rules for choosing textiles. The study of all the nuances will prevent the creation of a style that will be fresh and not stand out. Created according to simple recommendations, the direction will help to comfortably spend leisure time, as well as family meetings, hospitably accept all the friends of the owners.