Ideas for storing and demonstrating your jewelry

You do not have to be Carrie Bradshaw to need a convenient store for your ever-expanding collection of jewelry and jewelry. Are you familiar with such phenomena as hopelessly tangled beads, tight knots on chains and lone earrings, a pair that can not be found in any way? Do you want to never face this again? In this case, choose for yourself a suitable way to organize jewelry from this article!

For many of us, an ideal storage space for jewelry is a luxurious cupboard, chest of drawers or a dressing table with many offices upholstered in dark velvet. On the other hand, when decorations are stored in closed boxes, then they can be forgotten. Agree: to choose a suitable necklace under the dress is much more convenient when all the options are in front of your eyes. Do you use jewelry to decorate your body? So why not let them decorate your house, as long as you do not wear them?

There are many ways to organize the storage and display of your favorite jewelry. Below we give only some of them:

special-chest of drawers for decorations Special-box-for-jewelry album-for-decorationidea-for-storage-chainsidea-for-storage-favorite-decorationsidea-for-storage-earringsidea-for-storage-ornamentsbust-for-ornaments-with-handsdecoration-wall-with-ornaments idea-for-decoration-with-hands how-store-earrings storage-ornaments-on-hooks storage-ornaments-on-the-wall storage-ornaments-on-branch storage-ornaments-in-fruit storage-for-decoration-is-window-frame lace-pendant-for-ornaments soft-hanger-for-jewelry Organizer-for-decoration original-idea-for-earrings tray-with-ornaments stand-for-decoration-with-hands simple-and-stylish-storage-earrings horn-like-hanger-for-jewelry homemade-hanger-for-jewelry casket-for-rings-with-hands shelving-for-decoration stand-for-decorations stylish-storage-earrings stylish-hanger-for-jewelry convenient-storage-ornaments convenient-skaf-for-decorations hanger-for-neck jewelery hanger-for-jewelry hanger-for-jewelry-is-grabley hanger-for-jewelry-is-perforirovannoy-doski hanger-for-jewelry-is-vetok hanger-for-jewelry-na-dverce vintazhnaya-idea-for-storage-ornaments disguised-store-for-jewelery