30 new applications for old furniture

The latest trends in interior decoration literally scream that throwing out old furniture today is unfashionable! It turns out that an old chest of drawers or a buffet can give any interior a cosiness and a chic "antique", it is only necessary to spend a little effort and spare time on its restoration and painting. Not even mentioning the restoration of old products, there are many interesting ways of applying old things in the house - not just furniture, but also doors, window frames, appliances and other elements.

The basic rule of "redevelopment" of old furniture and other things sounds like this: you need to dream about what the house lacks, then look at the old trash that you are going to throw out, and imagine: how could he act as necessary? Your needs, fantasy and creativity play a key role here, and we only present to you a few already proven ideas!

Old furniture in a new role (photo selection):

Old chest of drawers in the role of a banquet New application for the old door Plates in the role of interior decor Beautiful homemade furniture Suitcase as a coffee table Decoration wallpaper with wallpaper Bar from the old table Stylish decor on the shelf Ideas for a washbasin in the bathroom The idea for a hallway from the head of the bed Swing from an old chair Chest of drawers in the role of kitchen island Unusual wall decoration House for cats with their own hands Old chairs like furniture for animals The original ladder shelf Shelves for jewelry The use of old shutters Metal bunk in interior design Window frames as decor Console for the interior with your own hands Home bar under the olden times Old things like beautiful decor Remaking an old chest of drawers for children's furniture Interior decoration with old things New application for piano How to use an old baby cot Coffee table by own hands A chair from old books Hangers from old skis The use of old boxes in the hallway