Beautiful murals and drawings on the walls in the interior

Looking for inspiration for wall painting? We offer you a selection of 65 photos of rooms with beautiful murals and drawings on the walls! Here you will find everything: classical natural motifs, portraits, abstractions, modern painting of walls and even creative avant-garde drawings, from which just the head will go around! Not all of them are suitable for the walls of your house or apartment, as well as not all of them you like, but we tried to collect here a variety of examples of wall paintings, so you can look at it from different sides and choose the ideal option for yourself.

Drawings on the walls (65 photos)

Drawings on the walls can serve not only for inspiration and decoration of the room, but also for creating the appearance of additional space. Some types of drawings can create your own fantasy world for you, for example, like these murals with beautiful landscapes.

1. Classic frescoes and drawings on the walls

design-rooms-with-drawings-on-wallsinspirational-painting-wallspainting-wall-in-the-bathroomlight-drawing-on-the-wall-frescodrawings-on-the-wall-behind-sofadrawings-on-the-wall-naturenature-drawings-on-the-wallmonochrome-drawings-on-the-wallpainting-walls-natural-motives picture-on-all-wall classical-painted-walls fresco-on-polstenyfresco-in-the-bathroom

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Among other drawings on the walls in the classical style you might also like:

portrait-drawing-on-the-wall morskie-V-interior-motivy chic-painted-wall-in-living roombeautiful-flowers-on-walls painting-walls-with-hands romantic-fresco-for-bedrooms uchori-na-stenah garden-painting-walls italian-fresco-on-the-wall interiors-drawings-on-walls flowers-watercolor-painting-walls

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Wall painting in modern style

painting-niche-in-living room children-fresco-to-wallbright-drawings-on-the-wall embroidery-drawing-on-the-wall-with-hands bathroom-with-picture-on-the-wall modern-drawings-on-the-wall modern-avant-garde-painting-walls drawings-on-walls-with-hands drawings-on-the-wall-bedrooms simple-drawing-on-the-wall-in-the-interior a dining-comat-with-fresco-on-the-wall suite-design-art-with-hands beautiful-painted-ceiling card-on-the-wall-living room idea-for-painting-walls graphic-drawings-on-senes eye-drawing-on-the-wall

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geometric-drawings-on-the-wall-living room geometric-drawings-on-senes fresco-in-the-bedroom fantastic-drawings-on-the-wall design-bedroom-with-picture-on-the-wall wood-on-the-wall black and white-drawings-on-the-wall asian-drawings-on-the-wall watercolor-picture-on-the-wall abstract-painting-walls

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Drawings on the walls in the children's room

stylish-painted-walls fairy-painted-wall-in-the-nursery сказка-рисунки-на-стенах painting-wall-in-a-child-with-hands drawings-on-the-wall-in-a-child-girl sky-drawing-on-the-wall-children's морские рисунки-на-стенах king-lion-painting-walls two-tone-picture-on-the-wall children's drawings-on-walls wood-picture-on-the-wall decor-and-painting-wall-in-the-nursery butterfly-drawing-on-the-wall