Convenient solution - closet in the toilet above the toilet

One of the best improvements that can be done when repairing the toilet is to install a cupboard over the toilet. Firstly, it's beautiful and makes your toilet look very stylish and at home, like any other room. Secondly, a sanitary closet in the toilet helps to close unsightly water pipes and meters. But even if you have a toilet with an installation that is built into the wall and is invisible to the eyes, you still need a convenient closet above the toilet, where you can store toilet paper, towels, a freshener and various other small items.

In this article you will find 17 models of stylish closets in the toilet, including built-in and hanging cabinets, floor cabinets and other varieties. Unlike shelves hidden behind roller blinds or blinds, they look much cozier and more elegant, and some of the models can even be made by themselves. We hope that here you will find that idea for a toilet that will make this room much more comfortable!

Choose a suitable closet in the toilet

It's just amazing how capacious the closet in the toilet behind the toilet can be. After all, the main problem of our toilets is a lack of space for storing toilet paper, napkins, detergents etc. It's pretty common to see a freshener on the toilet bowl or just standing on the floor, is not it? But do we like it? Rather annoying. As well as the need to store things needed in the toilet, in the bathroom (when the bathroom is separate). And this is when even a small locker in the toilet can accommodate a lot of things!

Happy owners of large bathrooms and piece-by-piece bathrooms also should not pass by our selection of photo cabinets in the toilet. Having installed such a cupboard over the toilet, you will free space on the stand under the washstand or shelves, which can be occupied with a beautiful decor, candles and other pleasant objects.

So which toilet cabinet do you choose?

Photo of cupboards in the toilet behind the toilet

The easiest in the installation for the toilet is the cabinet on the legs. It can also differ in large capacity (note the closet on the left on the first photo). The only thing - when choosing such a locker, it is important to pay attention to its width, so that it does not exceed the width of the tank and the cabinet does not touch you. Choose a roomy closet in the toiletLarge opened locker in the toiletCloset in the toilet - photo of bathroom furniture

Pay attention to the cabinets with open shelves. They can be used for a beautiful decor, such as a vase with flowers, a wicker basket, a jar of soap etc. This will make the toilet even more stylish and comfortable.

Next in our turn - a hanging closet in the toilet, which can hang over the toilet, be built into the wall or installed in a niche over the installation of the toilet. Hinged lockers for the toilet are presented in greatest variety.

Wooden curtain toilets A small closet in the toilet Built-in wall-mounted closet in the toilet Suspended closet in the toilet with a towel bar Stylish closet in the toilet above the toilet Cabinet above the installation in the toilet Closet in the toilet with mirrored doors

However, hanging cabinets, as a rule, are not designed for hiding pipes or installing for a toilet. If you need a sanitary closet that will perform this function, and also provide storage of some things, then you need to buy a built-in cabinet. Here's a look at the built-in closet in the toilet:

Built-in closets in the toilet Built-in closet in the toilet behind the toilet Built-in sanitary ware in the toilet Built-in locker in the toilet with a shelf

Finally, the owners of private houses, in which the bathroom is usually larger than in the apartments, can put in the toilet a separate closet next to the toilet, and not behind it.

Wardrobe in the toilet in a private house

Which option will you choose?