10 rooms will prove, to increase the space you do not need

Do you dream of moving to a larger dwelling to increase space, but are not sure that it will be appropriate now? Then think about the alternative.

Increased space in the living room

The increase in space is simple and stylish

Some of us can not afford to move into a new home and start a new life. But, probably, it is not worth doing in a hurry. Here are 10 examples for inspiration.

Ruthless disorder

Increased space in the living room комнате

Decorate shelves, but do not overdo it.

Getting rid of the mess you will see that the room has become twice as large. But this does not mean throwing away all things, but simply reviewing what is needed. What photos to remove, and what to leave on shelves, for example. This way your room will become freer.

Use all niches

A spacious study in the niche of the dining room

Add furniture, but do not forget that everything is good in moderation

Many of us would like to have a separate office, but there is no such possibility. If you live in the house temporarily, then the obvious solution is to use a niche in the dining room or living room for a desk.

Prepare to use every centimeter

Shelves under the ceiling to increase the space

Try to clean the shelves from under your feet upstairs to the ceiling

In order not to have a feeling that the room limits you, the first thing you need to learn is to use space intelligently. Will you be able to cram the shelves or just a couple of hooks? And do not forget about the top. For example, such a shelf at the ceiling helps to store a lot of books and do not clutter the room.

Do not be afraid to clean the walls

Increase the space in the studio apartment

One wide room impresses more than a few small

This apartment in Paris shows how stylish and spacious it can look like a house without internal walls, unlike an apartment with several small rooms. But before making striking changes in the layout, you need to find out if the wall is a carrier.

Love the functionality in the kitchen

Increase the space of cuisine in the style of minimalism

If the kitchen is white, the main thing is that the surfaces are easy to wash

You do not have to make the kitchen a bunch of furniture, it's enough to have stoves, a refrigerator, sinks and a table for cooking. You just need everything to be functional and convenient to use. For example, this kitchen looks tiny, but modern and comfortable.

Spot a place for a dining table

Increase space with white color

The lighter the room, the more it looks

You do not need a table for 12 people, because for purity most of the time you have dinner with a cat. Too large a table will make the room even smaller. In turn, even the smallest dining table can look great if you put your favorite chairs to it and hang beautiful pictures next to it.

Use the place professionally

Increase space with compact furniture

A lot of furniture does not matter, if it does not interfere with moving around the room

In a small space it is extremely important to use the room effectively. Even if the kitchen, dining room and living room are close, they should not interfere with each other. It is necessary to clearly distinguish each zone. The kitchen counter can become a good disperser, and the sofa at the table and the shelves under the TV together with the oven can keep the room neat and tidy.

The couch sofa

Corner sofa increases the living room area

Angular sofa will save space, but not reduce convenience

If you can squeeze it, then everything else will be fine for you. This competently designed living room shows that a small room can also be cozy and help to relax. The sofa in the shape of the letter L looks comfortable, but not bulky, and two large paintings and a floor lamp add to it the charm.

Think more about style, not about size

Increased space in the attic bedroom

Rooms with semi-darkness can also look cozy

Many hotel rooms are rather small, but you can still like it there. This proves that when it comes to the bedroom, style and comfort always go ahead of the space.

If you have a room in which you store everything you need (bed, place for things, and a small table for small things), then nothing more is needed. If you can squeeze more and a chair with a TV, as in the picture, it's even better.

Let the studio be simple, but with elements of chic

Increase of space in the dining room combined with the living room

It's more pleasant to spend time in the studio with a homely atmosphere

Most often, studio apartments are most difficult to arrange. And the kitchen, dining room and living room are combined into one room, but it is bright and bright, using vintage shades: mustard, lime and orange, which gives charm and charisma. A white paint on the walls, although a standard option, but it always helps to expand a small space.

So let's remember the basic rules of expanding the space in the room of an apartment or a house: a lot of light, functional furniture, 100% use of space and your own sense of freedom in the room. This will help you to feel that you are at ease even in the smallest room.