Cozy houses where you want to hide in the winter

We love the winter for the stunning snowy views and the long festive season, but at the same time in winter we need heat more than ever - not only physical, but also spiritual. As a rule, in winter people are especially inclined to dream, plan and implement long-deferred ideas. Why is that? Perhaps because of the beginning of the new year, or maybe this kind of white snow cover causes a desire to start living on a clean slate ... The question is much more important: where to find the source of such inspiration?

If you are among the same romantics as the author of this article, then you will definitely like this selection of 45 photos of lovely snow-covered houses and their cozy interiors. Of course, not all of us this winter will get to visit such a magical place, but these beautiful and warmth-breathing houses can raise the mood even through the monitor screen.

We wish you a nice weekend!

Cozy winter houses and interiors (photo):

animalistic-prints-in-the-interior White-living-room-with-luxurious-view White-furniture-in-a-wooden-house big-house-co-log house big-carpet-in-the-interior-is-wood rustic-style-in-the-interior wood-and-fur-in-the-interior wooden-house-on-hill wooden-lodge-with-view-to-the-mountain wood-house-in-the-wood house-with-log-house two-story-house-is-wood-and-stone purple-sofa-in-the-interior living-with-beautiful-view living room-with-high-windows living-in-a-modern-style-with-kind interior-wooden-home-in-the-mountains interier-shale interior-in-house-with-sruba-with-fireplace room-in-the-traditional-American-style leather-chair-at-window beautiful-lodge-in-the-woods beautiful-interior-chalet red-leather-chairs-in-the-interior kitchen-stone-tree small-house-in-the-wood-o-auxerre cute-house-night-in-the-forest Backlight-stone-wall-in-the-interior bed-clothes-for-new-year spacious-living-with-wooden-walls spacious-living-in-a-wooden-house luxurious-bedroom-with-view-to-the-mountain Native-interior-with-Indian accessories nourishing-interior-with-luxurious-decor family-tree-among-trees Sawing-stone-and-wood-in-the-interior modern-wooden-house a bedroom with a fireplace bedroom-with-view-to-the-mountain stylish-house-with proslarious-and-wooden-walls bright-living-with-fireplace cozy-bed-wolf-window cozy-bedroom-with-large-windows-in-the-woods cozy-interior-in-Scandinavian style cozy-cottage-in-the-mountains view-to-the-kitchen-from-second-floor winter houseDekorin в Facebook

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