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Red kitchen in the interior

Noble shades of red - an ideal palette for creating both a luxurious and minimalistic design of the kitchen interior. Combination of different materials, original wall decoration, elegant furniture set and bright accents in the form of decor and dishes help to create a unique style, making everyday stay near the stove a real pleasure. Red kitchen in the interior - not kitsch: properly designed design only confirms the exquisite taste of the owners of the apartment.

For quiet, modest and indecisive individuals red becomes a kind of medicine. Color therapy helps shy people liberate their inner self, get rid of complexes and prejudices, revealing their true potential. The interior details beaten in red stimulate attention and ability to concentrate.

Bright and exciting, red color can become that key to the secret rooms of the soul, in which lie both positive and negative qualities of the person. That's why this shade is not worth using when decorating the bedroom, living room and other rooms where a person spends too much time. The kitchen turns out to be the place where you can safely use all the inspiring shades of red without fear of the negative impact of color on the psyche.

Chandeliers-flowers in the interior  Black tiles on the kitchen floor  Original table and chairs in the kitchen  The floor with a rose  The combination of a white ceiling and a black floor

What shades of red can be used in the interior of the kitchen

Red, like any other color, is fraught with many shades that have both a cold and a warm spectrum. Tones of different heats are born from the addition of a yellow or blue subtle.

To the warm red shades, which look great in the kitchen, are:

  • тициановый;
  • coral;
  • scarlet;
  • carrot;
  • cinnabar and others.

Light interior with red kitchen

Cold shades of red, obtained through the blue podtonu, include:

  • carmine;
  • alizarinic;
  • crimson;
  • cardinal, etc.

Red cuisine, in the interior of which the deep noble shades of purple, Burgundy and exquisite Bordeaux predominate, often looks more advantageous than a room whose design is designed in more delicate but fresh tones. To reduce the color saturation, when decorating the kitchen, it is appropriate to use matte surfaces or visually divide space into zones using furniture or other colors.

Vase in the corner on the floor  Kitchen with large window  Furniture with built-in microwave oven  Brick columns in the interior  Decorative plates on the wall

All the edges of red in the interior of the kitchen: the pros and cons

Planning a kitchen interior in red has both undeniable advantages and some pitfalls. The disadvantages of such a color solution are often concealed in the illiterate approach of the designer himself, who ineptly develops the concept of the future project. Also, red color can become an insidious enemy for someone to whom this shade does not fit in terms of psychology.

Red chandelier above the table

Advantages of effective colors in the design of the kitchen often cross out the possible shortcomings:

  1. Red - a fairly practical color, which is especially important in a room in which the occurrence of pollution is almost inevitable.
  2. Interior in bright colors can not quickly get bored. Periodic renovation of the decor, the search for new items and a variety of dishes can easily refresh the design, adding new colors to it.
  3. Red salutarily affects the human body and psyche. A cozy bright interior can make morning coffee even more invigorating and prolong the good mood for the whole day.

Kitchen with white interior and red furniture  Hood above the stove  Transparent chairs by the table  Tile under the stone on the walls  Clock on the red wall

Which style is suitable for the kitchen in burgundy and other shades of red

Use this bright color in the kitchen decoration allows many popular trends. But still the most in-demand deep red remains in the oriental style and adapted to it trends, based on the philosophy of Feng Shui.

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To recreate the Asian color, you can use not only the monumental decoration of the walls. Interesting dishes for sushi, light curtains with a print in the form of hieroglyphs, funny figurines or decor of bamboo will dip dwellers in a real eastern fairy tale.

Red kitchen in minimalism style

Pin-up is another style that can not be imagined without red. The interior of the kitchen will be bright and colorful, bright furniture, wall and floor tiles of contrasting colors, laid out in staggered order, kitchen textiles with a pea print and pictures with charming girls-symbols of beauty of those distant years.

Lovers of more discreet interiors will appreciate the Victorian style, which is also supportive of red.

Strict furniture in the interior  Bronze chandeliers above the table  Cabinet with red doors  Parallel kitchen layout  Semi-laminate

Kitchen in red colors: what to focus on

Even the smallest kitchen can compete with a large studio room, if in its interior harmoniously weave elements of decor of red shades.


Wall decoration - the most simple and relatively inexpensive way to create a basic kitchen interior concept in red. For this repair phase, you can use different materials, each of which is interesting in its own way from the point of view of design:

  1. Painting the wall with paint with the addition of pigment allows you to independently adjust the saturation and depth of the shade. You can also apply an additional top coat of paint with a roller with a pattern.
  2. Venetian plaster advantageously hides surface irregularities and allows you to combine red with other interesting colors.
  3. Liquid wallpaper has an interesting texture, characterized by increased noise insulation and resistance to moisture. Thanks to glitters in their composition, you can achieve an interesting flicker in red tones.
  4. Familiar wallpaper with a tonal pattern like fans of classical finish. And thanks to modern wall-paper, an ordinary-looking wall will turn into a spectacular panel.

Kitchen with red walls  Window wash  Metallic apron near the plate  Disposition of the interior with a kitchen and a dining room  Lockers with illumination  Red chandeliers in the interior


Laying tiles is appropriate not only on the bathroom floor. Ease of operation and ease of cleaning make this kind of finishing material relevant for kitchen areas. Red is perfectly combined with white and black. Use this combination during installation, placing a tile of contrasting colors in chaotic or staggered order.

Gray floor in the kitchen with red furniture

Wooden floors are not the most practical for use in the kitchen. However, the variety of wear-resistant tinted varnish for wood opens a wide range of noble and deep tones, which can be profitable to beat in a modern interior.

Also in a different color range, you can choose a quality linoleum, laminate or granite. Based on a harmonious combination of colors, find the right shade that will not conflict with the red walls, apron, furniture and other elements of the kitchen interior.

Mosaic on the walls


Stretch or French ceilings are optimal for kitchens with a large drop in the ceiling plane. A rich color range of the material, spectacular mirror gloss or, conversely, an elegant matte muffle gives the opportunity to both focus on the ceiling and make it less flashy.

Гипсокартон – еще одна панацея для неровных поверхностей. Быстрота монтажа делает этот материал незаменимым для объектов, ремонт которых необходимо провести в кратчайшие сроки. Ceiling из гипсокартона можно дополнительно окрасить, выбрав любой оттенок красного.

Multi-level ceiling in the kitchen with red furniture

Also for the decoration of the ceiling of the red kitchen it is permissible to use plastic or rack systems.

Ceilings in the kitchen can remain white, which will allow you to play in contrast when creating a design. The white-and-red tandem of flowers remains one of the classic combinations of tones.

Design with classical furniture

Apron and table top

The table top and apron, made in one color, often look very harmonious and presentable. However, in the case of red color, such a duet risks to look like a bright, but inexpressive spot that will draw attention, shifting the accent of the entire design idea to itself.

Red apron in the kitchen

Therefore, more original decisions are with the combination of a red apron with a darker or light top and vice versa. When combining several colors, it is important to take into account the shade of the floor, which also must match the chosen palette and do not merge with the facades of the kitchen set.

Aesthetically advantageous combination is the duplication of the color of the apron with a touch of facades and a harmonious combination of the color scheme of the tabletop with the tone of the floor. Such an alternation of similar shades allows to make the interior unusual, thought out and not screaming.

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The combination of gray furniture and a red apron  Tile apron under brick  Kitchen furniture with lighting  Paintings in the interior of the kitchen  White stand in red interior


Elegant glossy facades are one of the most noticeable details of the interior. The only drawback of gloss is the need for constant cleaning: on the mirror surface of the furniture there are often stains from water and fingerprints. Matte facades of red color are less demanding to care and allow you to spend less time maintaining a neat appearance.

Kitchen furniture with a red facade

The bright facade of the kitchen furniture set can be supplemented with silver fittings. Metallic needs to be combined with cold red: carmine shades or cardinal. Unusually look and facades without handles, equipped with a mechanical opening system from pressing.

You can also focus on the facade of the kitchen using a tone pattern. Monograms, floral or geometric report can be either a contrasting color, or a similar hue, but with a different saturation.

Bar counter with illumination in the interior  Lamp on the table  Roses on the facade  Furniture with marble top  Corner wash in the interior

Principles of combining colors

Red does not tolerate a thoughtless neighborhood. It is important to remember about the most optimal combinations of colors that will not only please the look, but also will positively influence the peace of mind. Restrained gray, calm green, mysterious black, cheerful yellow, cold turquoise and dazzling purity of white - with red surprisingly well combined and the most sought-after, and completely unaccustomed colors.

The combination of light interior and red furniture

Red and white kitchen

The white top, apron or facade gently levels out the possible aggressive attack of red, diluting each meter of a saturated screaming hue of walls or floor with a neutral base tone. A winning combination of white and red is relevant in almost all styles.

An important design value can also be carried by a light bar stand, equipped with hanging beakers with red illumination. Bright diode lamps will serve as an additional source of lighting and interior detail. Complement the decoration of the kitchen and white chairs, light textiles and curtains. Elegantly look and snow-white flowerpots, placed on the windowsill.

Red and white kitchen

Red and white colors are suitable for small rooms and so-called "Khrushchev". Light tones visually expand the limited space, visually increasing a small kitchen per square meter or more.

Floorки с чашками над мойкой  White furniture and a red apron in the interior of the kitchen  Apron of red and white mosaic  Suspended chandeliers in the work area  Kitchen on the podium

Black and red palette in the kitchen interior

Black and red is considered to be more aggressive. But this combination of colors remains quite spectacular, so it increasingly finds application in modern kitchens.

The combination of black and red parts can visually reduce the room, so when choosing the arrangement of colors, it is better to abandon the zoning of the kitchen and use contrasting transitions from dark to alom.

Red and black kitchen

The main accent in the interior of the red-black kitchen can be a black sink made of artificial stone. A matched dark mixer will complement the original plumbing solution.

In addition to plumbing, in black you can choose a stove or hob, oven and hood. In such rooms it is interesting to look at the chairs of the chairs with lining of leatherette, complementing the bar counter or a dining table with a glass top.

Working area with a black table top  Flowers on the cabinet doors  Refrigerator under the color of furniture  Black squares on white floor  Two-color kitchen furniture

Gray-red kitchen

Replace the saturated coal black with a deep gray color, based on a purple sub-trough. In order not to get a conflict of the spectrum of colors, the shade of red should also be cold.

Gray-red kitchen

The gray-red interior is suitable for rooms of any size. The soft gray color is beautiful and as a tile on the apron, and as the dominant shade of the facades of the kitchen set, and as the main working surface of the hostess.

The center of the composition can be a refrigerator in metallic color, a magnetic board for knives built into the wall, a large deep sink and a cozy gray carpet with a long nap.

Niches with illumination in the wall  Wall for concrete in the interior  White chandelier above the black table  Ficus in the kitchen  Bamboo floor mat

Red-green range

Juicy pistachio and rich olive colors are excellent candidates for combining with red in a modern kitchen. All shades of green, like scarlet, symbolize life itself. But the emerald palette is soothing, so it perfectly complements the excessively exciting red.

Dark green walls emphasize the red soft corner. It is desirable to decorate comfortable furniture with pillows in tone of furnish of walls.

Red and green kitchen

Live flowers - an invariable attribute of red-green cuisine. Mistresses should pay attention to varieties of indoor flowers with a saturated green tops and interesting blotches of red. On the windowsills, the anthuriums, poinsettia, koleus, croton or columbine will feel great.

Apron with lemons

Red-brown kitchen

Fans of loft styles and Provence will appreciate the softness of the combination of brown and red colors in the kitchen space. A soft transition from one warm shade to another, a fine line between related colors makes it possible to create a cozy and tranquil interior.

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Brown finds a place on the facades of furniture made of natural wood, towels and sticks, ceramic decor: pots for flowers, a variety of vintage wall plates in ethnic style.

To emphasize the simplicity and delicacy of the design intent, it is worth using matte surfaces and completely abandon glossy glare.

Red-brown kitchen

Turquoise-red combination in the kitchen interior

The game of warm and cold colors finds an original embodiment in the kitchens in a turquoise-red color scheme. All shades of turquoise, from pale translucent to screaming, emphasize the richness of scarlet and titian, turning the kitchen into a truly nontrivial room.

Add a turquoise color to the interior is better point:

  • pick up bright decorative cushions for a soft corner;
  • to acquire weightless tulle for the allocation of the window zone;
  • find the original set of ceramic dishes in an acidic turquoise hue;
  • spread a long carpet.

Warm red and cold turquoise refresh the room. Such an interior always looks positive and youthful even if it contains the echoes of a vintage decor.

Turquoise-red combination in the interior of the kitchen

Beige and red kitchen

The interlacing of bright red and delicate beige or golden is inherent in the Victorian style. Kitchens in such a color range are rare, while the beige remains very light, almost pastel and absolutely does not compete with scarlet.

For red and beige kitchens, choose red from the warm spectrum, as carmine and raspberry will look foreign on a background of soft creamy beige.

In beige color it is necessary to execute a floor, a tension ceiling and a table-top. Decorative stone in this soft shade filigree will complement the light-colored walls.

Beige and red kitchen

Yellow-red kitchen interior

The red-yellow kitchen palette is just as fresh and non-trivial solution as the combination of red and azure turquoise. Yellow actively competes with all shades of red and, approaching orange, deepens the spectrum of red tone.

Pale and unsaturated yellow on the background of red seems cold and enhances the warmth of the latter.

In general, the combination of yellow and red in the interior of the kitchen can negatively affect the psyche, unnecessarily stimulating the work of the brain. Although the premise in such a color scheme initially creates a rather positive and positive impression. But behind the sunny and optimistic side of this design can hide unpleasant consequences for home owners.

Red and yellow kitchen

Blue and red cuisine

Tandem of red and blue is rightfully considered one of the most difficult, unpleasant and oppressive combinations in the interior of not only the kitchen, but also any living space. Choosing the colors for finishing the future kitchen, it is better to immediately abandon this combination. If the choice of such a specific palette is critical and inevitable, beat it with the help of other colors. For example, divide the red apron and the blue facades of the kitchen set using a snow-white countertop.

If possible, avoid the blue-red scale altogether and do not use it in large areas. With a great desire, the interior of the red kitchen can be dottedly add small blue details: vases, lamps, small paintings. But this will negatively affect the perception of the whole design of the apartment, and the psychological component of the influence of different shades.

Blue and red cuisine

Ageless tricolor: black, white and red

Three strong and in-demand colors in the interior together create a color solution that is always topical for kitchens. Red, softened by the purity of white and shaded by the pressure of black, plays a completely new depth of color.

The combination of black, white and red flowers in the kitchen

In three-color interior, the floor with the staggered black-and-white tile, which unobtrusively emphasizes the bright glossy facades of the headset, is appropriate. In this interior, the table top can be both dark and light. The reference point in the choice of the base color is the area of ​​the room. The smaller the kitchen, the more light areas need to be highlighted with contrasting transitions from one color to another.

Black table in the kitchen

Snow white tulle will make the kitchen room lighter, visually increasing the window opening. Due to more daylight and the kitchen itself will look more spacious.

Brick Wall with Clock

Designing a kitchen is a time-consuming process that requires certain knowledge and a sense of beauty. Scarlet and all its shades are quite a complex color, and the red kitchen in the interior needs special attention when forming a design idea. But the identity of the multifaceted and motivating to the action of the shade compensates for all the disadvantages, which, because of inexperience, can dream of an effective kitchen in a rich life-affirming color.