Dark wallpaper for the walls - 37 photos in the interior

Often people do not even consider the idea of ​​making a room beautiful and elegant with the help of dark walls. Suddenly they make the room seem stuffy and gloomy? At the same time, dark colors can give any home a chic and exquisite look. Today Dekorin will tell you how to use dark wallpaper for walls in the interior and with what to combine them better, and also lead ideas for inspiration in 37 photos.

Dark walls in the interior: choose the color

Want to know how you can beat the interior design of dark wallpaper? Then you should consider not only black wall coverings, but also wallpaper made in dark shades of blue, gray, green and brown tones. Below you can evaluate their view of 25 photos of beautiful small and spacious rooms.

Interiors with black wallpaper - 8 photos

Black is an excellent background color that can emphasize every detail of the situation. However, in small rooms it is recommended to use it only on one of the walls or to "break" black wallpapers with paintings, mirrors, light window frames, wall lamps, white cornices and skirting boards. Fill the interior with black walls preferably light or bright furniture, as well as green plants that bring in it the natural freshness, youth and tranquility. In addition, on a black background will look great parquet, wooden furniture and other products of wood.

Black wallpaper with a picture in the interior of the living room How to decorate the black walls in the interior Black wallpapers and dark furniture in the living room Black wallpapers in white polka dots in the hallway - photo interiorChic black wallpaper iridescent patternBlack walls in the design of the toilet Black wall wallpaper in the bedroom with white furnitureBeautiful interiors with black wallpaper on the walls

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With what are combined dark blue wallpaper in the interior

Dark blue wallpaper is best combined with brown, orange and yellow colors, as well as various wooden elements and metallic shades (bronze, brass, gilding and copper). A similar combination between cool and warm tones will give the interior a bold and chic look. An interesting note in the design of the room with dark blue walls will bring details of white, light blue, beige and wine red tones.

Dark blue wallpaper and wooden floorDark wallpaper in the interior of a beautiful blue hue Dark walls in the interior - photos of beautiful design Dark blue walls in the living room designDark walls and a light floor in the interiorAlso read: Liquid wallpaper for walls - photo finishing in the interiorInterior design in oriental style with dark blue wallpaper Dark wallpaper - photo with a picture on a blue background in different roomsDark wall wallpaper for Grasscloth in the hall

Fashion trend - dark gray wall wallpaper

Dark gray wallpapers are most likely to look at the contrast with a light ceiling or floor, as well as white curtains and furniture. With the help of brown and beige decor elements, you can add to the interior with dark gray wallpaper a certain dose of elegance, coziness and warmth. Also read: The combination of beige and gray tones in the design of different rooms.

Dark walls in the interior - a photo with white elements Dark gray wallpapers - what to combine in the hall Modern interior with dark gray wallpaper on the walls Dark walls in the interior of the bedroom - a photo with gray wallpaper Dark walls and a light floor in the interiorванной комнаты Dark walls in gray tones on the photo of the room Dark wallpapers in the interior - photos of gray in the bedroom The dark gray wall in the bedroom behind the headboard

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Dark brown wallpaper for walls in the interior

Dark brown is the color of prosperity, elegance and chic. At the same time, it is neutral, which means that the interior with dark brown walls will well absorb the furniture and decor of almost any tones: white, beige, cream, blue, red, green, gray, black etc. You can say that it's hard to spoil anything. Note that light brown and wooden pieces of furniture can only emphasize the stylish chocolate shade of the walls.

Dark wallpaper - photo of different combinations in brown color Dark brown walls in the design of the living room with a white sofa Dark walls in the interior - photos in brown colorDark brown wallpaper in the bedroom designDark walls in the interior - brown wallpaper in the hall Also read: Which wallpaper is in fashion today (photo 2016-2017)Dark walls and curtains in brown tonesBeautiful dark brown wallpaper with a picture - interior photo

Dark green wallpaper - 6 photos

Various warm shades of brown and yellow will perfectly fit into the interior with dark green wallpaper, as you can see by looking at the photo below. Supplement them with details of a snow-white color to create a fresh natural atmosphere.

Dark wallpapers in the interior - photos in green tones Dark green walls in the interior of a private houseDark wallpapers for walls and ceiling in greenAlso read: To which wallpaper what curtains will suitDark green wallpaper for walls and a light sofa Dark wallpaper for the walls in the bathroom interior - photos in green tonesBeautiful interiors of the room with dark green wallpaper