Design of a rectangular room +113 photos of furnishing ideas

TV in front of the sofa

Correctly organized design of a rectangular room assumes considerable efforts. You will not just create a cozy room, make it beautiful and functional, and fix the imbalance of space. For this, there are many design tricks. Using simple manipulations, you can make the living room or children's room visually wider. As a rule, for this purpose, the correct selection of colors is used, rational arrangement of furniture items.

Before proceeding with the arrangement of the oblong room, we must draw up a detailed sketch, plan the placement of furniture and passages. It is desirable that the minimum passage value is 800 mm. Otherwise, the room will give the impression of being too crowded. It is necessary that the interior of the room has any major accent (technique or piece of furniture), around which the rest of the situation is formed.

Lilac room interior Lamps on the bedside table near the bed  Modular picture over the sofa  Interior of the living room with a brick wall  Original table near the sofa  Interesting lighting in the living room

Zoning features

The division of the room into zones depends on the scenario of using the room, on what functions it will perform. It often happens that the room is multifunctional. For example, a modern living room often simultaneously serves as a home mini-cabinet and (or) a dining room. Often they are issued as separate functional areas.

The number of zones depends on the dimensions, as well as on the needs of the owners and additional characteristics of the room: with one window or several, the presence of a balcony, shape. Separate such methods of zoning, allowing to clearly identify individual areas.

Bedroom за перегородкой Bed behind the partition  Shelf above the bed  Room with living and bedroom areas  Zoning in the nursery  Shelf in the partition

Furniture, partitions

This is the easiest and most effective method. Excellent for this folding screens, mobile partitions. But the use of partitions is suitable in the event that the number of functional zones does not exceed 2. Otherwise, the room becomes like a labyrinth with chaotically heaped up things.

An interesting option - pieces of furniture, located to each other "back". This option is often used when combining the dining room and living room. In this case, no additional finishing and erection of any auxiliary structures is required.

Room with partition Room with modern design  Picture above the bed  Elegant partition  Bedroom за телевизором  Shelves in the partition


It is not necessary for the niche to be high. Small half-meter lockers will create a clear line of demarcation, which, moreover, will not be very noticeable. For the same purpose, you can place high houseplants or elongated vases with flowers on the lockers. In this case, the line of demarcation will become clearer. Gypsum plaster structures are often used as niches.

Plasterboard partition with niches Book shelf in the interior  Shelves in the wall  Original partition  Wall-papers on a wall  Partition with shelves


According to designers, the construction of the podium is one of the most successful methods of delimiting zones in the room. However, the method has a limited field of application. It can be used only at high ceilings and in large rooms. If the area of ​​the room does not exceed 20 "squares", then it is more convenient to use less radical methods of separation of zones.

Podium может быть, например, использован, если приходится соединять в едином помещении спальню с гостиной. Спальную зону при этом дополнительно отделяют при помощи ширм и занавесок.

Floodlights on the ceiling Patterns on the wall  Room with a podium  Tree in the interior of the room  Bed on the podium  Photo wallpapers in the bedroom

Decoration Materials

A simple and effective way, the essence of which is the use of a variety of types of finishes in various functional areas. Most often, these are different shades of walls and (or) different floor coverings (as an option, you can use, for example, laminate laid in different directions). To differentiate zones, it is also possible to use different carpets on the floor.

White sofa and brown carpet in the living room Modular picture over the sofa  Living room с современным дизайном  Original furniture in the living room  Laminate in the living room  Gray-blue interior of the living room


A good option for an extended room is the allocation of zones using light. This is convenient for several reasons. First, in rectangular rooms there is often a lack of light, so still have to resort to additional ways of lighting. Secondly, this zoning will allow to place the fixtures where they are most needed. For example, above the main zone to use a large chandelier, and auxiliary - to illuminate small lamps.

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Modular picture in the living room Mirrors above the bed  Original chandeliers in the living room  Painting over the sofa  TV on the bedroom wall  Elegant sofa in the living room

Secrets of the correct selection of the interior

When buying items of interior it is useful to take advice from the designer.

Light is the main method used for visual expansion of space. For example, spotlights, the light from which is directed from the center to the walls, will make the room visually wider. A picture placed at the far end of an elongated room, wallpaper of contrasting color will become an accent distracting attention from the fact that space is clearly not enough.

Ceiling illuminated in the living room

Use of strips. A small expansion effect can be achieved by placing the floor covering at a right angle to the longer walls. This effect can be enhanced with striped wallpaper.

The use of a combination of linear luminaires with ceiling beams is an excellent way to mitigate the "corridor" effect in the bedroom or living room.

To get rid of podnadoevshego "rectangle" helps the use of asymmetry on the floor and ceiling. The solution is bold enough, but it makes space not static, but dynamic. Of course, it's better to charge such a difficult task to professional designers.

Photo wallpapers with a view of the night city in the interior of the living room A number of pictures over the sofa  Living room со стеной под камень  Ceiling light in the bedroom  Wall for a brick in the living room  Curtains and blinds in the living room

Choosing furniture

In a rectangular room it is undesirable to place too massive furniture. For example, one large-sized sofa should be replaced by several smaller designs. As seating places, it is not necessary to use classic chairs. It can be soft pillows or puffs. As a storage system you can use modular cabinets, drawers or niches. And closets along the long wall should not be used, because they will further emphasize the oblong lines of the room.

Red sofa in the interior

To arrange furniture "on the walls" is undesirable. For example, two light-weight sofas on the center of the room will look better than one large sofa placed directly next to the wall. Near the wall there is a place for a working area with book shelves and a desk. At the same time, you should try to distribute furniture evenly, rather than group it in one place. If you neglect this, the wrong geometry of the room will be noticeable even more.

Original furniture in the bedroom White sofa and black armchair in the living room  Interesting decoration of the ceiling  Bright floor mat  Modern decoration of the living room  Bright picture on a white wall


The symmetrical arrangement of pieces of furniture will only emphasize its elongated shape. Effective trick is an asymmetry in the interior. A small table between two chairs or near the ottoman, an angular L-shaped sofa - this will perfectly fit into the interior of a rectangular shape.

It is undesirable to have large interior objects at a considerable distance from each other. This creates the effect of numerous corridors. The alternative is to make the interior more "square". For example, if the window is located on a longer wall, along a smaller wall, you can put a cabinet that harmonizes with the walls. The shape of the room will thus be adjusted to the side of the square.

Corner sofa in the living room Salad curtains and furniture in the living room  Pictures above the sofa  Lamps on the living room wall  Living room с современным дизайном  Skin on the living room floor

Matching the color palette

The optimal option for an oblong room is the coloration of the walls in a monotone manner. If the colors are selected successfully, it is quite possible to make the room visually wider. In this respect, soft pastel shades are ideal. For a well-lit room, the windows are oriented to the south, a good solution will be to use in the finish of cold shades: lilac, blue, light green. If, on the other hand, the room is deprived of light, it is desirable to use a warm shade palette: shades of orange, as well as brown, beige, pale pink.

Important! Coloring the ceiling in dark colors is not allowed. Ideally, if the tone of the ceiling is 2-3 tones lighter than the shade of the walls.

Original chandelier in the living room Luxury ceiling in the living room  Living room с современным интерьером  Bright pictures above the sofa  Strict design of the living room  Bright mat in austere interior

Decoration of floors, walls, windows

The color and material of the floor covering depend on the purpose of the room. For example, for a living room or bedroom it is advisable to use wooden floor coverings, for example, parquet or laminate. The direction of the laminate boards is diagonal or in a direction perpendicular to the long walls.

As for the color of the floor, it should be slightly darker than the walls. Beautifully look beige and brown floors. However, these colors are fairly marquee. Will have to live with frequent cleaning. When painting walls, it is better to use special dyes or decorative plaster. An unfortunate feature of elongated rooms is that all the irregularities of the walls are clearly visible. You can disguise the irregularities with vinyl wallpaper on a non-woven or paper basis. It is desirable to use wallpaper in monochrome or with a small, unobtrusive pattern. A large, cumbersome drawing will visually compress the space, which is not too much already.

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Embossed wall in the living room

Important! To visually move one of the walls of a rectangular room, you can paint it with a contrasting color, separate with decorative panels or use a contrasting texture of decorative plaster.

When finishing windows it is undesirable to use multi-layered large curtains. Optimum option will be curtains of classical design of light shade. Beautifully look Austrian or Roman blinds. Of course, their choice depends on the style of the room.

The main problem is to make the room visually wider, making the lack of space not so noticeable. Therefore, the mirrors, visually enlarging and expanding the room, look good in the elongated room. At the same time, it is not necessary to abuse wall decor.

Modular painting on the wall in the living room Bedroom с интересным дизайном  Living room с оригинальным декором  Bright wall in the room  Children's с необычным ковром  Chic interior of the living room

Living room

For most people, the living room is a multifunctional premise: as a place to receive guests, and for cozy family gatherings in front of the TV. In small apartments, this room often serves as a library or a study. Therefore, design the rectangular living room with maximum functionality so as to avoid an atmosphere of congestion - the task is not the easiest.

It does not matter what the living room area is - 11 or 20 "squares". It is important to get a beautiful, comfortable and functional room, comfortable in everyday use.

To get the effect of spaciousness in a rectangular living room, it is desirable to get rid of the traditional doorway by decorating the arch. The room will seem more spacious. A good option would be a sliding door. Especially it looks good when dividing the living area from the kitchen. It is necessary to watch, that the door was sustained in the same style with adjacent rooms.

Living room с декоративным камином

The surface of the living room floor is desirable to be laminated or parquet. These types of flooring look noble, create, besides, a sense of ease. Laminated boards or parquet slats, laid parallel to the short wall, correct the configuration of the extended room. On the floor of the recreation area it is desirable to place a nice, fleecy square carpet that creates an atmosphere of relaxation and coziness.

As for the color range, the light tones will help visually increase the space. It looks beautiful combination of different materials and textures. For example, the lower part of the wall is covered with wallpaper with a small pattern, and the top is painted with paint of the same shade.

Original chandelier in the living room

If you like bright colors - you can also enter them into the interior of the rectangular living room, but very carefully to avoid the effect of congestion. If the room has niches, then it is advisable to highlight them with more saturated shades than the main wall covering. Dark colors for an elongated living room are taboo, as they only emphasize the not very comfortable form of the room.

Too high and cumbersome furniture is not for long living rooms. Light and unobtrusive pieces of furniture - low, with a large number of shelves, look much better. As for upholstered furniture, then, if possible, it is desirable to place it as an "island" in the center of the room. Formed passages will make the space visually wider.

Shelf with books in the living room Decorative wall in the living room  Luxury ceiling in the living room  Living room с шикарной мебелью  Original table near the sofa  Large TV in the living room

Living room + рабочий кабинет

Sometimes you have to combine a living room and a study in a small apartment. For a small rectangular living room, combined with a study, the best place to place a workplace near the window. This will maximize the use of natural light. For placement of the reference literature and home library it is expedient to use two-sided open racks. They allow you to delimit space without creating an impression of clutter. In addition to books, decorations can be placed on the shelves: figurines or souvenirs. Nice looking and houseplants.

TV and shelves opposite the couch

Separate the working area of ​​the living room by using curtains or screens. If the room has a niche - this is an ideal place to place a work corner.

Select a home mini office in a small rectangular living room can be using different materials, as well as a multi-ceiling construction.

Living room с кабинетом Original lamp in the living room  Lights in the living room ceiling  Painting over the sofa  Wood in the interior of the living room  Living room со строгим дизайном


To make the place for relaxation as comfortable as possible, you need to think over the design of a rectangular bedroom to the smallest details. You can adjust the geometry of the room by experimenting with shades. A good effect is obtained when staining short walls in warm colors or when pasting wallpaper with shades of yellow, orange or terracotta. In this case, long walls are preferably painted in a light, but colder tone. It is bluish, light green, gray, white or tenderly lilac. A successful solution is the use for wallpapering short wallpaper walls with a wide horizontal strip. Such trellises can also be used for gluing all the walls, but the ceiling will appear visually lower.

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Dark colors, large bright patterns and vertical stripes are undesirable, because the interior is somewhat gloomy.

Mirror and pictures in the interior of the bedroom

We need to think over and illuminate. According to designers, to stir lighting fixtures around the perimeter of the room should not be. A much more successful option for the bedroom is the central lighting. As additional lighting, spotlights along the shorter walls and floor lamps are perfect.

The main thing is the competent arrangement of the bed. The most successful options - to place it across a rectangular room or parallel to a long wall. With a thoughtful arrangement of the berth, there will be enough space for the cupboard or, at least, for the bedside tables.

Rectangular bedroom Bedroom с ярким декором  Shelf with books on the bedroom wall  Pistachio Bedroom Interior  Lighting on the ceiling and shelves  Picture above the bed


Choosing the option of finishing the walls in a nursery with a rectangular configuration, it is desirable to avoid too bright colors and sharp contrasts, because otherwise the room will get too oversaturated. For zoning children (for example, separation of the playing area from the bedroom), such techniques are used.

Long walls are painted with white or cream paint, and short ones are made brighter and more saturated.

Experiment with textures: one wall is covered with wallpaper with a small pattern, while others are made in one-color.

Bright children's design

An interesting solution is a game with stripes: gluing short walls with wallpaper with a horizontal strip, and long ones with a vertical strip. The room will look harmonious. The effect of the "stretched pencil case" will go away.

A good solution for a rectangular room is the use of photo wallpapers. They will look equally good both on longer, and on face surfaces. On long walls it is desirable to place wallpaper "with perspective", which makes it possible to expand the compressed space. The advantage of this approach is the ability to change the wallpaper in time.

Striped wallpaper in the nursery

For the floor it is desirable to use a cover with a square pattern. It can be a linoleum or a parquet board. Placement of the drawing parallel to the short wall visually expands the room. You can use carpet, the color of which is combined with the color palette of the room.

As for the design of ceilings, the tension or different-level suspension structures will come in handy. To make the design not too strict and prim, you can dilute it with ceiling mounts.

TV in the nursery

A special moment is lighting. Especially if natural light is not enough for a rectangular room. In addition to the ceiling chandelier in the center, you need to use floor, wall and table lamps for lighting individual zones. To level out the "corridor effect" help cornices with hidden lamps, arranged along the front walls. Using tight curtains in a dimly lit room is not the best option. It is much better to look light curtains made of translucent material, as they pass light well. The room will look more elegant and sunny.

It is desirable to place the child's bed parallel to the long wall. The end wall is advisable to occupy the closet, which at the same time and smooth out the elongated shape of the room. The child's desk is best placed near the window.

The Swedish ladder in the nursery Balloons on the wall  Shelves above the bed  Rectangular baby for girls  Children's в пиратском стиле  Zoning in the nursery


The problem of most modern apartments is small, narrow bathrooms. To cope with this problem help such design techniques:

  • Application in the decoration of light colors;
  • Using mirrors;
  • Minimum furniture;
  • Multifunctional lighting.

Place in a small bathroom a bath and a shower are unlikely to work out at the same time. Use a large bathtub or jacuzzi is impractical. You'll have to work hard to find the right size bath. The use of a shower cubicle will significantly save space. The sink located at an angle, will help to solve a problem of rational use of a place.

Gray tiles in the bathroom interior Mirrors on the wall in the bathroom  Modern Bathroom Design  Bath and shower in the same room  Luxurious bathroom interior  Rectangular bathroom

Not a very good solution for the room-rectangle - deaf drawers and lockers. Open shelves and lockers look much more beautiful, create the impression of lightness.

The use of horizontal stripes and square floor tiles on walls helps to visually adjust the configuration of the bathroom. Will help a few "move apart" the walls and a large mirror.