Decorating a house using wallpaper borders

Curbs for wallpaper today are one of the most versatile decorative tools. Moreover, they are very affordable and easy to install. Each wall acquires a more finished appearance with the addition of an elegant curb at the top, but to achieve a truly exciting effect, one should not only think about such application. More interesting design ideas with these decorative elements you will find further in this article.

Curbs for wallpaper American Classic from York

With the use of curbs, you can impart a character, color and zest to any room, raise it to a more refined level, reflect its individuality in it. If viewed from a general point of view, the curbs for wallpaper serve as the usual finish for the walls. That is why today such curbs with architectural print are very popular.

But not everyone knows that using different borders can also create interesting visual illusions. For example, if you glue them under the ceiling, they will visually reduce its size and emphasize the shape of the room, and when setting the curb at the level of the chair you will give the room an unusual and attractive structure.

Borders for wallpaper in the children's room

Children's curbs for wallpaper must certainly tell stories. Today it's not a problem to find curbs with images of the heroes of your favorite children's cartoons and books. If you want to especially please your child, then glue the perimeter of the room with such bright and cheerful images. But remember that they will certainly cause the child great interest, so that they need to be glued only slightly above the level of children's eyes.

Curbs for wallpaper Cool Kids from York

It is worth noting that the curbs in the children's room help to solve the eternal problem: on the one hand, many parents do not want to install light monotonous wallpaper in the nursery (at least because children's "arts" are too noticeable on them), and on the other bright multi-colored wallpaper can irritably affect the psyche of the baby. With the use of decorative borders, you can very nicely distinguish between the top and bottom of the walls, which will contrast with each other.

Curbs for wallpaper Cool Kids from York

Curbs for wallpaper in the kitchen

Kitchen borders for wallpaper, which are most often performed with beautiful floral patterns, add to the kitchen a particularly cozy atmosphere in the spirit of country.

There are several basic ways to use curbs in the kitchen:

  • for selecting a cabinet or door;
  • to provide a visual transition between the kitchen and dining / living room;
  • to deepen the space.

In the latter case, when it is necessary to give the kitchen a greater depth and height, a decorative border should be placed on the ceiling, thus connecting it with the walls. Having surrounded the kitchen with a continuous, unhindered border, you will create the effect of a "pallet", which will visually support and unite all elements of the room together.

Curbs for wallpaper in the kitchen

Various ways of using borders to create an unusual interior

1. One of the most popular trends today is wide curbs. You can combine them with both a coordinated wallpaper model and with contrasting wall coverings.

Do not be afraid to experiment! For example, a wide curb of bright colors, glued over light wallpaper, looks extremely impressive under the ceiling.

2. Bring the spirit of your favorite era into the premises, combining a curb of architectural type with accessories (frames of paintings and mirrors, rosettes, lamps) of the appropriate style.

3. Use fabrics of colors, similar to the color of the border.

4. Give the room a designer chic, emphasizing curbs with wooden moldings.

5. Use curbs around doors and windows. If you already have a wide, flat molding around the window or door, then just add it with a thin strip, cut off from the outer decorative edge of the curb, with which the walls are pasted.

6. Highlight the curbs often unnoticeable areas around the bar, counter etc.

7. Create an accent in the room on your fireplace, applying a curb along the entire perimeter or just above the mantelpiece. This method of finishing also works fine with windows, mirrors and other interior elements located on or near the walls.

8. For an unusual design effect, cover the entire perimeter of the ceiling with the decorative border and the vertical joints between the walls.

9. If you place a border closer in the middle part of the wall, then try to place at the same level all sorts of shelves, mirrors etc., as well as appropriately trim the curtains.

10. Create frames from the borders. Empty frames on the walls - this is the last squeak of fashion, so why not make them yourself, from the curbs?

When creating frames from curbs (both empty and around doors or windows), you can either overlap the corners, or cut them at an angle of 45 degrees with an acute blade. We recommend that you apply the latter option if you want the frames to look as realistic as possible.

If you create a frame in which the vertical bars overlap horizontal, then the doors or windows in the room will visually lengthen. Accordingly, overlap in the opposite direction will visually expand them.

11. Cut your own curbs from your favorite wallpaper. Design in stripes or some other vertical ornament is best for this.

12. Apply several borders at the same time. It is not necessary to glue them next to each other! You can easily place 2-3 curbs parallel to each other, thus breaking the wall into 3-4 bands of different widths. Of course, while you need to be able to competently beat the whole situation, but the main thing here is that the borders do not intersect with any other elements of the interior. Shelves, mirrors and other recommended to install inside the same strip.

When it comes to decorating walls, curbs for wallpaper do not create any limitations in its capabilities. They can visually increase the amount of space, advantageously emphasize windows and doors, give the room an unusual structure and allow the walls to become one of the main characters of interior design. Feel free to express yourself using these simple and incredibly functional decor tools, and let your home become a dream!