Beautiful fireplaces in modern interiors (photo)

Thanks to modern technology, beautiful fireplaces can now be present not only in a private house, but also in absolutely any apartment. Today's market offers an amazing selection of beautiful electric and bio-fireplaces. Traditional fireplaces are built not only from stone or brick, but also from marble and even glass.

We devote this article to modern interiors with fireplaces: how can one make them look both stylish and cozy? To understand this, we collected a collection of 48 amazing modern fireplaces, presented in various spaces throughout the house. All of them are distinguished by a well chosen location, advantageous combination with the surrounding furniture and decor, as well as an interesting game with different shades and textures.

Beautiful living room design with bio-fireplace Modern living room with fireplace Fireplace in the form of a wide strip on the whole wall Electric fireplace in a beautiful interior Cozy living room with fireplace Corner beautiful fireplace and a shelf for firewood Beautiful fireplaces in a modern style Beautiful fireplaces in the home library Fireplace, TV and floating shelves Beautiful fireplaces on three sides Stylish interior with fireplace Fireplace on legs in the interior

Fireplaces in the interior of the living room

The presence of a fireplace in your living room or any other room will create not only warmth, but also a great atmosphere for family recreation and entertainment. Maybe you think you do not have enough space? Then pay attention to the fireplaces built into the wall, or narrow angular fireplaces! And besides a wide variety of shapes and sizes, today there are also hundreds of ways to give the fireplace the right style, using a variety of building materials and decorations.

Fireplace for living room with high ceilings A cozy fireplace with a glass partition Fireplace and shiny wall tiles Interior design with fireplace and high shelf Unusual decoration of the wall above the fireplace Fireplace built-in wardrobe in living room Fireplace in the corner of the room Bathroom with fireplace Fireplace built into a beautiful wall Stylish decoration of the fireplace on the wall Creative interior with fireplace Minimalist interior with a fireplace Through fireplace in a stylish interior Unusual fireplace with marble The design of the living room with electric fireplace Fireplace and grasscloth wallpaper Country style interior with a fireplace Original interior design with a fireplace Pendant fireplace in the form of a pipe Fairy-tale decoration of the fireplace Modern living room in bright colors and with a fireplace Fireplace and natural wood in the interior

Beautiful fireplaces in the interior: photo in the original design

If you decide to add a twist to the interior of your apartment, then a beautiful fireplace is a great solution. The fireplace in the interior creates an atmosphere of comfort and luxury. Near the fireplace you can always get away with a cup of tea or on the contrary to get together a big noisy business. The warmth coming from the fireplace will gladden you on warm winter evenings. If you decide to install a real fireplace, you can rebuild yourself and your loved ones by looking at the fire for a few minutes.

Beautiful decoration for a wall with a fireplace Stylish fireplace frame Fireplace in living room in Asian style How can I combine a fireplace and a TV Fireplace, TV and a thick shelf between them Fireplace and beautiful textures Built-in corner fireplace in the living room Fireplaces for a corner in a room Beautiful wall decoration over the fireplace Cozy fireplace in a country house Through fireplace in the bathroom A corner fireplace built into the Bright modern interior with a fireplace Beautiful room with fireplace

We hope our photo selection will inspire you to buy a fireplace for your luxurious living room. Agree beautiful fireplaces will always be in fashion and will suit any style of interior.