Design of a red bedroom: stylish design options for 30

The bedroom in the apartment is one of the main premises where you can relax, relax after a hard day, dive into a sweet dream or the world of intimate relationships, and how comfortable it will be to stay in it, directly depends on the interior. There are many design options, but the red bedroom design occupies a leading position. Such a color palette people for centuries gave preference, using different shades and combinations. Red color has a special energy. Although in different countries his influence on the human body is interpreted in his own way, the bedroom in red tones, the design of which is compiled correctly, remains always relevant. In this article, we will look at how the red color can influence a person's condition, the features of the bedroom design, and also the design made using an additional palette.

The design of the red bedroom: the characteristic of the properties of color and its shades

The effect of red color on the human body can be twofold. On the one hand - it induces to action, used in interior design, it is able to fill the space with warmth, coziness and energy. On the other hand, its negative influence is also noticed - it can cause aggression and even rage.

The design of the red bedroom is not recommended for use in the interior of people suffering from nervous disorders and epilepsy. What is the reason for such opposite properties? And the reason lies in the shades. According to psychologists, shades of the same color can have a completely different effect on the mental state of a person - warm soft shades soothe, bring a certain pacification, and cold - on the contrary, irritate and lead to nervous disorders. Therefore, the design of a bedroom of red color is not often found in a "pure" form, in general, it is supplemented with a brown (is a shade of red) black, white or beige.

To less aggressive shades include burgundy, coral and wine. They can be safely applied in the design of the bedroom, and, they are the best way to emphasize the luxury and style of the room, creating magnificent interiors. Using smooth transitions from gently pink to burgundy can help create a cozy atmosphere.

Hostility and irritation can cause scarlet, fiery and crimson colors. This, to some extent, is explained by the fact that such colors are similar to the color of blood that in the subconscious of the person causes certain fears and an alarming reaction. Therefore, these shades of red are better to complement the interior, but do not take them as a basis.

It is also worth noting that the red color in the interior of the room introduces some energy of passion and excitement, so the design of a bedroom of red color is often advised by experts to choose young married couples in order to maintain a strong love relationship for a long time.

Bedroom in red colors: design design with photo

As has already been noted earlier, the design of a room using only red color is extremely rare, but, nevertheless, there is a place to be. Basically, people who are temperamental, energetic, leaders by nature resort to this decision, who are full of passion and are not afraid of experiments.

Correctly design the bedroom in red tones, as shown in the photo, the case is pretty painstaking and not every designer can do it. Choosing this or that shade, it is worth considering that the more pink ones are peculiar to the girls' bedrooms, and the more universal are the pastel colors. It will look good bedroom in a ruby ​​or lilac color. With a huge desire to use bright red, they can be added to the interior as a decorative accent.

Red color bedrooms is widely used in modern high-tech style, and also such as Oriental, ethnic, Baroque, English and Empire. Since red color significantly loads space, and a spacious room can turn into a closet, it is better that the design of the bedroom in red tones (examples can be seen in the photo) suggested the presence of decorative elements, significantly different shades that will bring variety to the interior.

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Lighting in the red bedroom should be muffled - there is no place for large chandeliers and lamps. It is best to place a floor lamp or sconce, also it will be good to look point lights that highlight certain areas. Such ways of lighting will bring some magical mystery to the interior of the bedroom.

Bedroom design in red in combination with the opposite palette

If the basis is chosen red, but there is no impetuous desire to experiment with the arrangement of a purely red bedroom, various combinations will come to the rescue. The best way to design a red bedroom in combination with the opposite colors - white and black, including their shades. This will significantly relieve the situation, add to the interior from one side - ease, and on the other - elegance. So, let's consider the features of different combinations.

Red and white bedroom: design and photo of finished interiors

The leading position in the design of bedrooms in red is a combination of red and white, as well as its shades - ivory, light cream, etc. It is necessary to clearly determine which color will be dominant, and this depends only on the preferences of the owners of the home. Making out the design of a bedroom of red color in combination with white, it is better to give up the idea of ​​using colors in equal proportions, since such an option will necessarily bring chaos to the situation.

Since in this article we are talking about red, as a dominant, its presence in the interior should be about 80 percent. The red and white bedroom looks extremely stylish, as this combination corresponds to all modern trends in interior design. Particularly emphasized is the dark red or burgundy heavy curtains on the windows. It is possible to paint all the walls of the room red in red, and to diversify the decor with white decor: various accessories on the bedside table, pillows, rugs, patterns on lamps, white frames of paintings or mirrors, etc.

Red and white bedroom, the design of individual examples of which can be seen in the photo, involves the installation of a spacious bed. In addition to it, there can be a closet in the bedroom. In this case, it is better that its doors are equipped with mirror surfaces, which will help to slightly expand the space, and also introduce some notes of intimate atmosphere and coziness. Lighting in this interior is better done muffled with the use of wall sconces or bedside lamps to create a calm, calming environment.

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The design of a black and red bedroom for passionate and hot natures

Black color perfectly complements red - this combination is classic and, undoubtedly, very beautiful. But in the design of the bedroom it is worthwhile to think over the use of different shades, so that the room does not turn out too dark. In such an interior, you can, for example, paint three walls with a light tone of red, and decorate the wall at the head of the bed with black. The floor covering can be a gray shade, combined with a ceiling suspended lamp.

Various designs on walls, curtains and bedding in gray or brown tones may well be able to diversify the dark interior, because if the bedroom design is painted in black and red, this does not mean that the palette should be monochrome. A certain pattern may also have a black wall above the headboard or purple curtains. Here it is necessary to take into account the height of the ceilings - if they are not high, it is better to apply a pattern with a vertical direction and vice versa.

Furniture is preferably leather, and in the interior there should be compact smooth forms, gloss of glass and silk products - all these elements are indispensable companions of red and black colors. Experienced designers are advised to bring in the interior of such a bedroom as much as possible artificial light. Here, there will be a pendant chandelier and spotlights (perhaps hidden illumination), obligatory for the finished interior are the sconce above the bed or the lamps on the bedside tables.

The design of the black and red bedroom, where only these two colors and their shades will be used, can also be found infrequently, mostly white is added to them.

bedroom design in black and red, photo 18black-red bedroom design, photo 19black and red bedroom design, photo 20black and red bedroom design, photo 21

Design of a red bedroom in combination with black and white

This trio can create absolutely unmatched interiors of the bedroom. The use of different shades makes it possible to significantly diversify the room, make it more airy, while retaining the dominant red base. Again, it should be noted that white color does not need to be present in kind - it can be replaced by cream, ivory, gray-steel or beige.

The contrast will be softer, but also quite effective. Such light colors can be found in a set of bed linens, as inserts in curtains, different frames on the wall for mirrors or photographs. The white or cream patterns can be decorated with red walls, which will create an amazing airy atmosphere.

The design of the red bedroom with the appearance of black and white tones can suggest a design where a dark red stretch ceiling is used, in contrast to the black floor. In this case, both colors are present in the linen. Three walls also have a dark red color, and one - accent, usually at the head of the bed - black with a gray pattern. Curtains are matched to the color of the ceiling and have small dark inserts. At the same time, white color will find its application in bedside lamps, which will successfully highlight the pattern on the black wall, in tulle and ceiling lamps (they should be chosen in larger sizes).

red bedroom design, photo 22red bedroom design, photo 23red bedroom design, photo 24red bedroom design, photo 25red bedroom design, photo 26red bedroom design, photo 27

In general, having three such classic colors as red, black and white, you can conduct a variety of experiments. And with this color palette it is quite feasible to design the red bedroom in any of the styles, starting from the classical one and ending with the modern high-tech direction.

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Red color has long been associated with luxury, self-confidence and well-being. Therefore, having decorated your favorite vacation spot in this color, you can not only relax comfortably in a cozy mysterious environment, but also gain additional confidence in yourself and your powers, wake up every morning with the desire to "conquer the world", and have a charge of vivacity for the whole subsequent day .

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