Design of the loggia - 30 photos of ideas

Interior of the loggia

In most apartments loggias have a very limited territory so many do not even think about how to convert this area to their needs for which there is not enough room in the apartment. In general, the design of the loggia is subject to the same rules and laws as any other living quarters.

  • Cold - in this case, the functionality of the loggia will be very limited, the room remains a place for storing things that are not afraid of seasonal temperature changes. Repair implies minimal insulation. For glazing, any window with a single glazed window, metal or aluminum profile is suitable. The main condition for a cold loggia is full sealing, choice of frost-resistant materials with good resistance to increased humidity.

Loggia with glazing on the floor

  • Warm - the result of quality insulation, hydro, vapor barrier, as well as installing windows with suitable energy-saving properties. Heating is provided by a warm floor system, a radiator or a portable heater installation. To the choice of materials for decoration do not make very high demands.

Loggia with an armchair

  • The capital loggia can be called on condition of combination with a dwelling. In this case, heat, steam, and waterproofing must be of very high quality. Materials for the arrangement can be used any, intended for living quarters.

Cabinet in the loggia

Size matters

A small loggia (2-3 sq. M.)

Even in such a miniature area you can create a cozy corner, in which there is a place for rest and storage of things. You can install a small corner chair, under the seats which are equipped with bedside tables, fix the wall folding table. For the storage of small items suitable for the convenience of shelves or mezzanines.

Roller blinds on windows

Finishing should take a minimum of free space. For example, on a small loggia from a frame-mounted wagon lining it is better to refuse, the walls can be plastered, and then painted.

Decoration of a loggia with flowers

Average loggia (4-6 sq. M.)

Such an area is quite spacious for the embodiment of most ideas. Here, as in the previous version, the basic rule is - do not load the space with details, strive for minimalism. On narrow loggias glazing with removal will allow a little more space.

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Table for tea on the loggia

Design of a large loggia (more than 7 square meters)

Such a loggia can already be called a practically complete room in which it is possible to equip not one, but two or three zones. There will be a small sofa, a working table, a mini fountain in between, surrounded by fresh flowers.

Spacious loggia

Glazing: overview of options

To choose the best option, first of all you need to understand what should happen in the end. There is no sense in overpaying for triple-glazed windows, if the loggia is not insulated, but on the other hand, there may be a warm floor and a private office in the future. There are several types of glazing, differing in material, thermal conductivity, noise insulation and appearance.

Sofa from the pallet

  • Plastic - the most popular option, quite practical and affordable in comparison with other types.
  • Wooden frames, so "fashionable" in the old days, today are increasingly rare, mainly because of their high cost. Given that the tree can be combined with modern double-glazed windows and accessories in quality characteristics, the option is not inferior to others.
  • Aluminum for reliability and durability exceed previous materials. In addition, glazing can have a sliding type of opening, which will significantly save space, looks very aesthetic.

Long loggia

Glazing plays a huge role in the design of loggias. Glass can be transparent, colored. Tinting - can be used without restrictions, but it is just necessary for windows that go to the south or east, except for this color shading will create a certain mood or emphasize the style of the interior.

Wood Trim

  • Frameless glazing provides an original modern appearance and increases the degree of light transmission. Unfortunately, it is suitable only for cold loggias. Possibilities to establish a grid from mosquitoes will not be, and soundproofing and tightness leaves much to be desired.
  • Panoramic it is the same French glazing - an alternative to the frameless option. From floor to ceiling, the wall is made transparent. For the implementation of the idea is suitable for any profile. Exterior decoration of the balcony is not required, the interior is reduced to a minimum, visually increasing area and illumination.
  • Balconies with removal - allow a little increase in area due to the external removal of glass and installation of a window sill 25-30 cm wide.

Plastic windows in the loggia

Options for arranging a loggia

In case of renovation, the design of the loggia may be subject to some limitations, but most often they relate to the footage, heating issues, choice of finishes and are almost always solved.

Decorating with artificial stone

  • Study. A small computer table and chair does not take up much space, but it will allow you to retire at any time and work in a comfortable, quiet environment, especially if the house has small children.
  • A creative workshop is simply necessary for people with a favorite hobby, and even more so for those who have this hobby becoming a job or a part-time job. Small closet, bedside table and table. Perhaps a sewing machine or an easel will fit on any loggia, turning it into a creative studio.
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Work Corner

  • On the loggia you can equip a mini greenhouse. We will have to seriously approach the issue of lighting and heating, but in the end we will be able to enjoy ourselves with the harvest all year round.
  • Loggia can become a mini-gym, but not always and not everyone. Especially if it's not about installing one simulator, but about the space necessary for gymnastics or yoga.

Decoration of the loggia under the antiquity

  • On the balcony you can make a separate play room for the child.
  • It's not a new idea to convert a loggia into a winter garden. It should be noted that a large number of colors will create a shadow and reduce the illumination of the combined living room.

Workplace for the child on the loggia

  • If the loggia is combined with the kitchen, you can convert the former pantry into a dining room. A table, a pair of chairs or a long table-top along the window will allow you to eat, admiring the picturesque views, and in summer in the open air, without leaving the apartment.
  • If the balcony next to the bedroom, it can become a cozy bright boudoir or a seating area.
  • And finally a very unusual option - to equip the sauna with a loggia. Of course, we are not talking about a full-fledged Russian bath, but only about installing a mini-sauna, a cabin with dry heat.

Mirror cabinet in the loggia

How to combine business with pleasure

The idea to convert a loggia does not mean that you need to completely abandon the ability to store here a certain number of things. But you need to competently approach the issue of planning and choosing furniture. Perhaps one of the walls will attach a wardrobe with mirror walls or a pattern, and furniture-transformer with niches inside will be an excellent addition.

Design project of a loggia

Connecting a loggia with a dwelling

This version of the conversion, perhaps, can be called the most difficult and lengthy, but at the same time it allows to give originality to the apartment, to increase the illumination, to expand the living space.

Roman curtains

It is important to understand that the accession is a re-planning and requires the homeowner to comply with the legal norms established by the state, as well as the time and regular visits to various instances. Removing the radiator on the loggia is a separate story in terms of paper red tape, so many here confine themselves to convectors.

United loggia and room

Stylish design of the loggia

Consider the most popular design options for a loggia in a certain style, which are easiest to implement.

Combining a loggia with an apartment will greatly increase the usable area


The corner of the French province looks on the balcony effectively and colorfully. The style is simple and light colors. Furniture is not bulky, wicker or wooden for antiquity. Accents are made on details: small flowerpots, an old iron watering can, a small forged chandelier and several small pillows made by oneself will complement the interior.

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Style Provence

Modern style

Very diverse in its manifestation. Furniture can be used frameless, but wicker chairs also suit well. As accessories use color blinds, bright little curtains, pictures. The color scheme assumes brown, mint, blue shades.

Modern interior of the loggia

Japanese style

An excellent option for connoisseurs of oriental culture. By itself, the style in all respects is minimalist, and therefore perfectly suited for the design of even a small loggia. The palette is mostly brown with red and black details. Bamboo blinds, fans, thematic panels or murals are appropriate.

Loggia project

High tech

The design project of a loggia in high-tech style assumes that everything will be at a minimum. The colors are mostly black, gray, silver. Materials: plastic, metal, glass. Furniture and furnishings are simple, without any frills. To make the interior more alive will help a couple of plants, a bright picture.

Hi-tech style


This style looks very interesting on the balcony, but not everyone will like it. Industrial features of the interior, brickwork are an integral feature of the loft, as, however, a combination of the old and the new. Against the background of simple finishing, bright details and non-standard accessories stand out.

Loft style

Lighting of the loggia

Lighting of the loggia или балконов, как правило, не предусмотрено при строительстве многоквартирных домов, поэтому в начале ремонта следует провести электропроводку и определить точки установки осветительных приборов, розеток, выключателей.

Simple interior of the loggia

  • Lamps of direct light are suitable for a loggia with a low ceiling. They help to focus the beam on a certain subject or to highlight a local zone, making it more comfortable.
  • Lamps scattered light is usually located on the ceiling, so it's better to choose models with flat shades. The power and spectrum of the lamp can be any, depends on the volume of the room, wishes, the shade of the color palette used in the design
  • The luminaires of reflective light do not blind the eyes and have a comfortable spectrum for a person. Very interesting and original modern solution.
  • As an additional highlight, creating a special mood, just for the beauty use LED strip. Most often they are laid under the windowsill or along the perimeter of the ceiling

Loggia attached to the apartment

Do not use a small area to use bulky lighting fixtures, chandeliers, floor lamps, etc. If you want to abandon point lights, then replace them better with flat ceiling or compact sconces.

Style Provence

A little imagination, labor, financial investments and a loggia from the pantry will turn into a cozy and functional room. A place where it will be pleasant to spend time, work or relax. Of course, much depends on the size, but the competent design of balconies and loggias allows you to re-equip the room for your needs and desires almost always.