Glass apron for the kitchen: beauty and practicality (25

Any housewife will be interested to know which finishing material is best to choose for a section of the wall between the work surface and curtain lockers. In practice, you are convinced that it is this zone that is subject to the greatest pollution and requires constant cleaning. A glass apron for the kitchen is the best modern solution to this problem. Neither tiles, nor even wallpaper or wall paint will provide you with such ease in care. In this article you will find out what are the kitchen aprons made of glass, and see 25 photos of interesting solutions in interior design.

Glass apron for the kitchen: advantages and photo

The apron of glass for the kitchen has many advantages:

  • Fast and easy installation (1-2 hours);
  • Easy cleaning from dirt;
  • Absence of stitches;
  • Thermal and moisture resistance;
  • High strength;
  • Environmental compatibility of the material used (tempered glass);
  • Individual selection of the form.

To give the work area an original look, you can choose a glass apron of a bright tint, which will be beautifully combined with the color of the furniture. The following photos demonstrate the richness of the choice of color and design of kitchen aprons from glass.

Glass apron for the kitchen - photo in the interior Apron for kitchen from glass - photo in interior design Glass kitchen aprons - photo in blue color Also read: Overview of materials for kitchen apron with 30 photosGlass panels on the apron for the kitchen - photo in the interior Dark green glass apron - kitchen photo

It should be noted that the glass aprons of a dark shade visually increase the space in the kitchen due to its reflectivity. The same effect has the installation of built-in lamps or LED lighting over the kitchen apron.

Black glass kitchen apron - photo in the interior Blue glass apron with backlight Glass apron for kitchen - backlit photo

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Kitchen apron from transparent glass

Transparent glass aprons are used to protect the wall covering in the kitchen: wallpaper, paint, wood, stone, etc. In addition, you can decorate this apron yourself by inserting old family recipes, beautiful photos, newspaper clippings with your favorite dishes etc.

Photo of kitchen with glass apron transparent Kitchen design with glass apron made of transparent glass Transparent apron for kitchen from tempered glass Transparent glass apron for kitchen on wallpaperTransparent apron for kitchen from glass - photo decoration

Skinali aprons for kitchen from a glass with a photoprint

Skinali - a glass panel for the kitchen with photo printing. A beautiful figure in the apron area will make the design of the kitchen more bold and interesting, and will also entertain the hostess while preparing the dishes. Sunrises and sunsets, landscapes, marine themes, geometric patterns - any image of your choice can become part of the decor of your kitchen. Note that the high quality of the image - this is one of the pluses of aprons skinned. In the end of the article we suggest you to see 12 photos of glass aprons for the kitchen with photo printing.

Aprons for kitchen from glass - photo printing in the interiorSkinali apron for kitchen from glass - the best ideas of designGlass apron with photo printing - modern ideasGlass apron for the kitchen with a landscape - photo in the interiorAlso read: Stylish wall-paper in an interior - 45 photosPhoto kitchen with a glass apron skinnedGlass panels on the apron for the kitchen - photo with photo printing Kitchen apron of tempered glass with a pattern Modern kitchen design with a glass apronGlass kitchen apron - photo with printed drawingGlass apron for the kitchen with a picture of bamboo Also read: Short or long? Choose curtains in the kitchenBeautiful aprons for kitchen from glass - photo printing on interior photo Photo printing on a glass apron for the kitchen