Redevelopment as an effective way to transform the interior

Interior of a small apartment in white color

Interior of a small apartment from Pierre Petit

It is not easy to design the interior of a small apartment. However, the designer Pierre Petit managed to cope with this task brilliantly and to reconstruct a small-sized dwelling with an area of ​​only 38 square meters. As a result, it has a living room, two full bedrooms, a dining zoo, a kitchen and a small bathroom.

Interior of a small living room in bright colors Glass partition in the interior of a small apartment

Small kitchen in a small apartment

The main idea was to reduce the size of technical rooms and, as a consequence, to free space for bedrooms and living room. As a base palette, a combination of white, gray and natural wood was chosen, which makes the rooms look more spacious and airy.

Despite the modest size of the kitchen, it has everything you need: spacious closets, cabinets, appliances, plenty of extra shelves and a comfortable worktop.

Corner kitchen in a small apartment Small kitchen in white color

A light tree in the design of a small kitchen

The absence of partitions provides a smooth transition to a comfortable dining area, furnished with a table and chairs, and then to the living room, which has a soft light-lilac sofa, a glass coffee table, a TV and even a fireplace with a huge mirror above it.

Art gallery in the living room with fireplace

Small dining area

In the bedrooms it was possible to install double beds and wardrobes. Thanks to large windows, covered only by light curtains, the whole apartment is easily filled with light, due to which there is an effect of increasing space.

Bedroom in gray tones

Built-in wardrobe in the small bedroom

In the bathroom there was a place for all the devices, without which today no one can do. We see here a sink, a shower and a toilet. As decorative elements are wooden shelves for towels and hygiene items.

A small bathroom in white color Open shelves in the bathroom The layout of a small apartment before renovation

The layout of a small apartment after renovation

The cost of this spectacular transformation was 35,000 euros. If you are already ready for radical changes in your home, use this project as an example and act!