Bezobodkovy toilet - 31 photos of modern models

Impeccable modern view of the bathroom depends largely on the plumbing installed in it. In particular, a good option is a harmless toilet. This is a fairly new model, which showed good performance in operation. It is able to provide the bathroom with cleanliness and hygiene, and also thanks to an improved design, to become a worthy element of the modern interior. In this article we will try to figure out what the harmless toilet bowl is, what are the peculiarities of its design and variety.

Upright toilet bowl: what is it?

Trying to improve the quality, and therefore the popularity of its products, every sanitary engineering manufacturer is trying to develop new models. The showerless toilet bowl is just the product of the introduction of new technologies. The showerless toilet looks the same as the usual designs, but the whole secret lies in the internal equipment of the bowl and the drainage system. The fact is that there is no rim, which is a guide for the drained water and prevents it from being thrown out. The safety water closet (photos shown in our catalog) has a water splitter that can distribute the flow in several directions. Such a system allows to wash out any contamination qualitatively, excluding water ingress to the outside.

Bezobodkovy toilet, photo 1Bezobodkovy pendant toilet, photo 2Unshaped suspension hood, photo 3Bezobodkovy toilet seat отзывы, фото 4Non-top floor toilet bowl, фото 5Bezobodkovy toilet bowl photo, photo 6Bezobodkovy toilet, photo 7Bezobodkovy pendant toilet, photo 8

Pros and cons of the harmless toilet bowl

Before you buy a harmless toilet, which you can read about on the Internet, you should know its positive and negative sides. "For" say the following of its characteristics:

  • the absence of the rim ensures hygienic design. The habitable space, as is known, is constantly polluted. This is the place of accumulation of various pathogenic microbes, and the main task of the designers was to eliminate it;
  • a harmless toilet that does not have hidden gaps inside the bowl, it is much easier to clean up even without the use of aggressive detergents;
  • The durability of the structure is a consequence of the previous point - since heavy chemical compounds are not used for cleaning, the surface will retain its original appearance much longer;
  • water saving. In models without rim, the draining system is designed in such a way that water is used much less with one-time pressure than in conventional toilets;
  • modern design and original appearance.

To the positive moments can be attributed and the fact that the cost of these models does not differ from the standard price. Essential shortcomings have no harmless toilet bowl. Basically, they are reduced to special cases when an unscrupulous producer delivers an insufficiently stocked goods, or in a model of a particular brand there are flaws (large bowl sizes, small depth, etc.). In this case, you can advise only one thing - to buy plumbing from proven manufacturers.

Toilet bowl hanging, photo 9

Bezobodkovy toilet seat отзывы, фото 10Non-top floor toilet bowl, фото 11

Non-hanging toilet bowl and its advantages

Hazardous toilet bowl requires certain installation rules. Also, the toilet suspended hanger has additional advantages. Firstly, when the drain is operating, there is almost no noise due to the fact that the main structure is hidden. Secondly, cleaning in the bathroom will pass quite easily, since there is no accumulation of dirt on the floor in hard-to-reach places. Thirdly, the absence of a kind of a drain tank, can visually expand the territory of the bathroom. And, finally, an impeccable kind of design, which has a harmless toilet (photo it fully confirms) will perfectly look in a modern interior. Such a model, thanks to reliable attachments, can withstand a weight of up to half a ton, so do not worry that the toilet can collapse. Bezobodkovy toilet bowl photo, photo 12Bezobodkovy toilet, photo 13Bezobodkovy pendant toilet, photo 14Bezobodkovy toilet seat отзывы, фото 16Non-top floor toilet bowl, фото 17Bezobodkovy toilet bowl photo, photo 18

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Non-top floor toilet bowl

Напольная конструкция, как следует из названия, монтируется с опорой на пол. Она используется в тех случаях, когда нет возможности оборудовать нишу под инсталляцию, либо таковы предпочтения хозяев. Non-top floor toilet bowl имеет довольно простую конструкцию, позволяющую установить его даже самостоятельно. Но это совсем не значит, что он не обладает особенными эстетическими показателями. На фото в нашей статье можно увидеть различные примеры красивых моделей, не уступающих подвесным.

Non-top floor toilet bowl может иметь в комплекте такие новшества, как крышка-биде или специальное сиденье, способное плавно бесшумно опускаться (система микролифта).

Bezobodkovy toilet, photo 19Bezobodkovy pendant toilet, photo 20Unshaped suspension toilet, photo 21Bezobodkovy toilet seat отзывы, фото 22

Upright toilet bowl: material selection

The vast majority of high-quality sanitary ware is made from faience or porcelain, and a harmless toilet bowl is no exception. These materials are hygienic and durable, and differ in appearance only by a slight shade (porcelain has a more shining white color). Differences are in their properties. Porcelain surface is absolutely smooth, and faience has a loose structure and, therefore, is more difficult to clean, absorbing various impurities. This factor greatly affects the cost of the sanitary ware. They differ and the service life. If the harmless toilet bowl from porcelain can serve up to 50 years, then the earthenware toilet - up to 30, although this period will be quite enough.

A meager share falls on the use of other materials - stainless steel, artificial stone, etc. But, as a rule, such a harmless toilet is a separate design instance that does not have mass production.

Non-top floor toilet bowl, фото 23Bezobodkovy toilet bowl photo, photo 24Bezobodkovy toilet, photo 25Bezobodkovy pendant toilet, photo 26Toilet bowl hanging, photo 27Bezobodkovy toilet bowl отзывы, фото 28Non-top floor toilet bowl, фото 29Bezobodkovy toilet bowl photo, photo 30Bezobodkovy toilet, photo 31

In conclusion, I would like to say that, despite the fact that the harmless toilet is in the plumbing market not so long ago (the first models were produced in Japan in the early 2000s), it has already won consumer confidence in many countries. Undoubtedly, this is due to the mass of its positive characteristics and, in practice, a complete lack of negative feedback. And which of his options to choose is a matter of taste.