Idea for the kitchen: a kitchen island of old furniture

This publication is about how an unusual kitchen island can become the heart of your kitchen. See 25 photos of kitchens with islands that stand out from the rest of the furniture and can be made from old furniture by your own hands!

Kitchen design with an island - 25 photos of the best ideas

The kitchen should be comfortable for cooking and cozy for family gatherings. Located right in the middle of this room, the kitchen island plays the role of an additional work surface, and sometimes also - storage facilities and dining area. Find out how to turn your old furniture into a bright and multifunctional kitchen island that will add style, warmth and character to your favorite place in your home.

1. Vintage kitchen with island from the old chest

The idea for kitchen island No. 1 is an old chest of drawers, decorated with a new table top. In this case, it does not matter in which style or color your kitchen is made. First, with the help of bright coloring, even the oldest chest of drawers can be turned into a modern piece of furniture. And secondly, the addition of a kitchen countertop by itself will make it fit.

Modern kitchen with island from the dresser

Of course, this is the best option for kitchens in the style of vintage, provence and country, as well as for adding comfort to the modern space! If you like, then read here, how beautifully to renovate and restore old furniture.

Kitchen interior with island photo design Red kitchen island with wooden top Vintage Kitchen Design with Island Photo A small kitchen island photo in the interior How to make a kitchen island with your own hands An unusual island for a small kitchen

2. Kitchen island with a dining area 2 in 1: table + bedside table

The confluence of the kitchen island with a dining table or bar allows not only to save space in the kitchen, but also to make its design more interesting. If smart and multi-purpose furniture leads you to no less delight than just beautiful interior items, then this is your option!

Classic kitchen design with an island Kitchen island with pull-out dining area L-shaped kitchen island photo design A small kitchen island with a bar counter

3. Table island for the kitchen - 9 photos

What could be simpler and more practical than using the table as a kitchen island? Depending on the size of your kitchen, it can be a massive antique table-pedestal or a small industrial table with a metal base. Whatever it is, take care that its height is at the level of the other working surfaces of the kitchen - this will ensure a unified style. To do this, you can supplement the table island for kitchen wheels, counter top or bottom shelf, as shown in the following photo.

Wooden table island for kitchen photoMassive kitchen table island of woodWooden table island for kitchen photoPurple kitchen island table with a curbstoneAncient table island for the kitchen in a classical styleMetal table island for the kitchen photoKitchen island on wheelsKitchen island for a small kitchen photoMultifunctional kitchen island table photo

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4. Kitchen island with open shelves

Open shelves allow you to beautifully display the decor, favorite utensils, kitchen tools, cute jars with spices or cereals and some even kitchen appliances. Such a kitchen island will add 100% comfort both to classic and modern design of the kitchen.

Small kitchen island in a modern style Chic kitchen island with decor on the shelvesModern kitchen with island with open shelves Unusual kitchen island from the building of furniture Stylish kitchen design with island and open shelves

TELL US: what idea did you like most of all for creating a kitchen island from old furniture yourself?