Unusual ideas of interiors for small apartments: the latest

Modern interior design ideas for small apartments

Ideas of interiors for small apartments - multifunctional furniture

Modern designers offer us a wide variety of interior design ideas for small apartments. One of the latest and most successful inventions can be called transformable furniture, equipped with a control system using a smartphone.

It was such a project that was realized by specialists of the American design studio Fuseproject together with collaborators of the scientific laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The multifunctional module itself is a double-sided cabinet that can be used instead of a decorative partition separating, for example, the kitchen and sleeping areas of a small room. On the one hand, it is equipped with comfortable shelves and sections for outer clothing, and on the other - with a folding table, drawers and a folding bed.

Workplace in the interior of a small apartment

But its most important advantage, of course, is that you can manage this miracle of design thought through a special program installed on your smartphone.

Thus, if you need to disassemble or assemble a bed, spread out the countertop or move the unit to another corner, there is no need to do it manually. It is enough just to press the corresponding keys, and the furniture will do everything itself!

Retractable bed in the interior of a small apartment Managing the multi-function cupboard with your smartphone Switch in the interior of a small apartment Kitchen and sleeping area in a small apartment Living area in a small apartment Pull-out desk in a small apartment Wardrobe in the interior of a small apartment

Considering that in large cities there are more and more residents and less living space, this innovation is really capable of making life easier for many owners of cramped apartments. And what is your opinion?