Interior of a small apartment for a hospitable travel fan

Interior of a small apartment in a classic style

Interior of a small apartment in Boston: living room with fireplace

The interior of a small apartment, located in one of the classic Boston condominiums, for many years caused only anger at the owner Megan Flood. The untidy look of the old parquet and the cheap finish did not suit her at all.

And only the location of the apartment in the bustling suburb of Boston, which has the status of a cultural center, as well as its proximity to friends and the metro, did not allow Megan to decide on moving. She reinterpreted the space of the apartment in a new way, ennobling it with unique features and decor, aged in elegant neutral shades.

So the interior acquired the kind that most corresponded to the emotional state and character of the owner.

Object parameters

Owner: Megan Flud Location: South End, a suburb of Boston Dimensions: about 80 square meters. meters (two bedrooms, one bathroom) Year of construction: 1890

Megan has a subtle taste and a sense of style, but she still turned to her girlfriend-designer Misty Gray of Grayscale Design.

Interior of a small apartment: living room

Work Flood involves frequent business trips, so the girl urgently needs a relaxing space with a cozy atmosphere to be able to fully relax after exhausting trips around the country and enjoy spending time at home.

A soft beige sofa is as if created for delicious non-doing in a relaxing atmosphere. Large windows allow Megan not to use artificial lighting until late at night. She decided to bet on a neutral palette, and bright colors used to arrange accents, for example in the form of pillows.

Interior of a small apartment: sitting area at the window

Fresh flowers - an indispensable attribute of the interior in those days when Megan is at home. As well as a selection of interesting reading materials and a cozy blanket (or even two) on the couch.

Interior of a small apartment: a coffee table in the living room

The perfectly functioning fireplace still fills the space with warmth and cozy radiance in the winter evenings.

Interior of a small apartment: a fireplace in the living room

Many of the decor items in Flood's apartment have their own history. The owner especially values ​​the picture with a footprint of an elephant decorating the partition between the living room and the dining room. This is a reminder of a trip to Zimbabwe.

Interior of a small apartment: dining area

The concept of open planning is correlated with Megan's passion for parties and parties with friends, as the realization of this idea allows her to receive guests and have fun with comfort.

Interior of a small apartment: living room and dining room

To: the living room was very cramped until Flood rebuilt the apartment space. The interior seemed dark and old-fashioned - in large part due to the boring parquet floor and the same dull chandelier.

Interior of a small apartment: dining room before renovation

An updated floor and a spectacular chandelier with pendants made the space shine. Glittering crystals and open brickwork - a fairly bold combination, which turned out to be very appropriate in this case.

Interior of a small apartment: a dining room after repair

Megan travels a lot not only because of her business need, but also for her own pleasure. She likes to comprehend the culture of other nations, and an improvised gallery composed of picturesque photographs reflects this passion.

Pictures in the interior of a small apartment

The map that adorns the wall above the sofa is a kind of report about the points on the globe where Megan has already visited. In the near future, she intends to go on a regular safari tour of Africa.

Map on the wall in a small apartment

A large opening in the wall combined the kitchen with the living room and became a space for arranging a compact bar counter.

Bar counter in the interior of a small apartment

Above the collection of culinary books is a picture of a coral brought by Megan from a trip to Turks and Caicos Islands.

Books in the interior of a small apartment

The kitchen has a compact size, but it was she who taught Megan to prioritize and buy only those things that are really indispensable.

Interior of a small apartment: a kitchen with a bar counter

The old covering of the apron was replaced by white mosaic tiles of polished natural stone. Her ability to gently reflect light added radiance to the interior of the kitchen.

Interior of a small apartment: kitchen in white color

The result of changing the layout was the fact that now all the rooms in the apartment are easily visible from the back of the hallway.

Interior of a small apartment: a bar in the living room

Flood is very proud of this console table handmade, and even more so that she bought at a fair price at the famous summer fair SoWa Open Market. Laconic interior of the hall is complemented by a mirror in the original frame, bought in the online store Target.

Interior of a small apartment: a round mirror in the hallway

Lamp in the form of a Moravian star, welcomes guests in the hallway.

Certainly, it was brickwork that became a key part of this interior. But at the same time, she forced Megan to solve complex design problems. It was necessary to select materials with an eye on the expressive texture of red brick, and especially difficult was the choice of flooring.

As a result, preference was given to a parquet board made from birch bark wood. The dark coating effectively contrasts with the brick, not allowing its bright color and rough texture to dominate the interior.

Interior of a small apartment: original chandelier

A compact bathroom is an example of functionality and competent space organization. It provides storage space and even has a washing machine and dryer.

Interior of a small apartment: a bright bathroom

Although Megan's work is carried out mainly on the road, she found it necessary to acquire a comfortable home office. The L-shaped writing desk is set at the window in the guest bedroom.

Interior of a small apartment: a home cabinet

The folding sofa looks very stylish and modern, but the main thing is that guests who stay for the night feel comfortable on it.

Interior of a small apartment: a sofa in the office

The color palette of the master bedroom is based on a combination of cream and muted blue shades. The visual softness of the interior is provided by an abundance of textiles of excellent quality.

Interior of a small apartment: bedroom in pastel colors

Flood loves Boston and sincerely admires the views that open from the windows of his apartment. She deliberately hung on the wall a work landscape of Sabra Field to create an interesting contrast between the village motifs and the city panorama.

Interior of a small apartment: long curtains on the windows

Mama Megan, Tina Flood made in her time an interesting picture, an enlarged copy of which now hangs over the dresser in the bedroom. His palette surprisingly combines with the range of interior.

Interior of a small apartment: a chest of drawers in the bedroom

The Megan jewelry collection acts as a decoration item.

Interior of a small apartment: an organizer for decorations

The exterior of the condominium is quite traditional for the surroundings of Boston. Its distinctive features - an abundance of forged parts and narrow shutters, painted in black.

Exterior of a high-rise building in Boston

At the initial stage of the reconstruction, Megan was repeatedly at the mercy of doubts about the expediency of her undertaking. But today this resolute girl is deservedly proud of the fact that the space created by her is a reflection of her character and way of life.

Хозяйка квартиры Megan Flud

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