Interior design of kitchen-dining room and kitchen-studio

Kitchen-studio: interior design and the freshest ideas

Increasingly, the kitchen is not assigned a separate room, but only a certain place in the living room. So the space is much larger and the room is full of light and air. The main thing is to make the interior design of the studio kitchen harmonious, so that the living room and kitchen area complement each other. In this room you need to place everything you need and at the same time leave as much free space as possible. You should plan in advance what functions the room will perform, how often you will prepare food, gather guests, arrange family meals or simply snack, work etc. The answer depends on how you will zonirovat space to choose furniture, decoration and lighting.

Kitchen studio with partition

Kitchen-studio in the interior of the apartment

Kitchen studio interesting solution

Both the living room and the kitchen should be perceived as a single room, however the functional areas should be demarcated. In order to visually zonate space, several types of finishing materials should be used at once. So, for the kitchen you can use the tile, while in the living room there will be a laminate.

Different levels of the ceiling and the floor also splendidly share space. The kitchen with dining area can be placed on the podium, which is slightly above the floor in the living room. It should be remembered that a different level of sex will create an increased danger when moving with dishes or children. At the same time, inside it, you can place a system of warm floor, which will benefit and comfort your kitchen. Good zoning room and a ceiling of different levels.

Kitchen interior design studio

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Kitchen Design Studio

If your kitchen is not too big, it is wise to use light shades in the interior: they will add more space and light. Dark colors can be used if you have very large windows in the kitchen. Our recommendations for creating a light kitchen read in the article.

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Home appliances are best to use the built-in and hide behind the facade of the headset. Thus, the interior design of the kitchen-studio will look more neat and do not detract from rest. It is necessary to cook with a hood, and good, because otherwise all furniture, curtains and pillows in the room will be covered with fat, and smells will not always be pleasant. All the equipment that is in the kitchen should be noiseless: whether it's a dishwasher or washing machine, hood, refrigerator, etc. Nothing should disturb the peace of people who are resting in the living room.

The storage system must be thought through in advance: so, if the kitchen is not too big, it is best to order a kitchen set up to the ceiling.

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It is also good to put a bar rack with all sorts of boxes and lockers that allow you to store rarely used things.

Kitchen studio with breakfast bar Photo

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Kitchen Design Studio с барной стойкой

Kitchen-dining room interior design: best photos

The combination of kitchen and dining room - an intelligent choice, because it is not only beautiful and fashionable, but also convenient. So, usually a small space is allocated to the kitchen, and everything else is a full-fledged dining area.

Interior design of kitchen-dining room photo 1

If the space is large, it makes sense to make an island in the middle of the kitchen. Just he will distinguish the kitchen area from the dining room. In any case, the kitchen-dining room should be spacious enough so that you can comfortably cook food and eat the whole family.

Interior design of kitchen-dining room photo 2

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Kitchen dining room design with an island

If you decide to allocate maximum space for a rest zone and a meal, it's best to make a kitchen of a linear layout so that all furniture is located in one part of the room. So, the correct solution will be instead of the traditional headset to order a mini-kitchen, which, despite its small size, includes everything you need.

Kitchen interior design in the interior

Kitchen Dining Room 2017

It is important to divide competently in the kitchen-dining area, with all the same in the same style. So, often there is an option of dividing these zones with furniture, which outlines the boundaries.

Also a good option is to divide into zones using different floor levels. It can be raised in the kitchen above the main floor by 5-10 cm, and in the side of the podium to put spot lights, beautifully defeating this idea in this way.

Various floor coverings are another good option (for example, there will be a tile in the kitchen, and a cork floor or laminate in the dining area). It is interesting to look at the interior design of the kitchen-dining room, when the given floor coverings are of different contrasting colors.

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Zoning kitchen dining room photo

Kitchen-dining room photo

The columns, arches and various constructions and partitions will also help to divide the space in an original way. The latter can be made completely mirror, thereby increasing the space and making the partition invisible. In short, there are lots of options, and it remains only to include the imagination and create your interior design kitchen-dining room.

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The bar counter together with the high stools is also suitable for dividing the space and will become a highlight in the interior design of the kitchen-dining room. By the way, it can also be made functional, with shelves, a place for a mini-bar, a small refrigerator or other small things.

Kitchen Dining Room Interior Photo 2

A wonderful idea is to install a dining table in a niche. So, you will feel cozy and comfortable, taking food and communicating with family and friends with a relaxed soft light from wall sconces. Also, this option does not require a lot of free space, and the niche allows you to hang a favorite picture or family photo above the table.

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