Charming country house design by the designer enza ricco

Country house from Enza Ricco

In today's reportage we will introduce you to the amazing and charming design of a country cottage designed and implemented by the talented designer Enza Ricco in the US state of Ontario. Let's enjoy the fascinating interior photography and look at the original ideas and solutions realized by the masters in this stunning corner, created for a serene pastime with the family.

This old log cabin belongs to the talented Enza Ricco (Enza Ricco), who bought a building for spending weekends and holidays on nature in a calm and quiet area away from the metropolis, with its rabid rhythm of life and bustling streets. He completely reconstructed the building, giving it a more modern and laconic appearance and at the same time preserving the rural charm and unprecedented coziness. The two-story structure is small in size and includes a bedroom, a kitchen with a dining room, a comfortable living area and a bathroom. The extension was built by former owners in 1986. There is a functional kitchen, combined with an open plan with a dining room.

The interior is designed in a single attractive style with a white tint range in decoration of walls, wooden ceiling finish and textured cork floors smoky color. Such a selection of materials and shades forms in the space a warm and relaxed atmosphere, remarkably suitable for rest and pleasant pastime.

Interior of a country house from Enza Ricco

A small staircase allows the owners to climb to the second floor with a magnificent miniature balcony. This level includes a cozy bedroom, a dressing room and a modern bathroom.

Wooden staircase of a country house from Enza Ricco

The illumination system is represented by track lights that fill the room with a soft muffled glow, as well as expressive lamps that emphasize certain functional areas.

Country house kitchen from Enza Ricco

In the kitchen, the expert arranged an elegant designer furniture with snow-white paneled facades. In the high closet is equipped with a pantry with drawers. The lower niches are intended for placing utensils and utensils, and all the doors are equipped with devices for silent closing.

Country house kitchen from Enza Ricco Kitchen furniture in a country house from Enza Ricco

Opposite the sink there is a small window, allowing the owner to contemplate the picturesque natural surroundings while washing dishes.

The interior of the country house kitchen from Enza Ricco

The combination of white furnishings and black glossy countertops is extremely harmonious in this village house.

Decorating a country house kitchen from Enza Ricco

The guest cabin has a bright and expressive decoration, perfectly suitable for a cozy and relaxing stay. Wall decor made otsovannymi logs, and the finish of the floor with oak parquet, while high ceilings complement massive beams, giving the atmosphere a special charm.

The room is equipped with a magnificent suite in the form of a beautiful corner sofa with beige upholstery, a comfortable armchair and several eclectic coffee tables. At the same time, the interior is complemented by the authenticity of numerous artworks and accessories.

Interior of a country house from Enza Ricco

Accentuates attention to this area and chic ceiling chandelier with an unmatched design and crystal pendants. It complements the natural light emanating from the panoramic window, and also fills the atmosphere with atmospheric charm. Magnificent decorative cushions with multi-colored upholstery allow family members and guests to enjoy rest, socializing or reading in a comfortable home environment.

Chandelier in the living room of a country house from Enza Ricco Decorative elements in the interior of a country house from Enza Ricco Decorative elements in the interior of a country house from Enza Ricco

The master supplemented the design of the village cottage with a lot of charming accessories with reflective surfaces, they add to the situation eye-catching shine and shine. Opposite the sofa, the closet hiding the TV and multimedia equipment is very advantageous.

A bouquet of tulips in a country house cottage by Enza Ricco Country house cabinet from Enza Ricco

Interesting house project from the decorator Enza Ricco in Ontario is a real creative masterpiece. The excellent location of the cottage in a secluded quiet corner, the simple and functional layout of a small building, its unusual and concise decoration, contemporary in style with rustic accents, a delightful furniture set and accessories, and a friendly atmosphere make it a great place to live and relax a large, friendly family .