Modern kitchen gadgets

Modern trends in the interior of the kitchen are updated annually, allowing to minimize the work. The new trends are so interesting that even those things that have never been thought about seem to be the most necessary.

The best trends for a modern kitchen

  • Gadgets for cooking
  • Original novelties for the kitchen
  • Innovative kitchen interior updates

Scientists and experts of high technologies invented a great number of interesting ideas for improving everyday life. With their help, cooking and being in the kitchen will be doubly pleasant.

Gadgets for cooking

World cuisine has opened its borders and now many overseas dishes are available for cooking in domestic cuisines. Together with this achievement, a variety of technological novelties is being updated.

rice cooker

Innovative unit for cooking rice. The device knows how to recognize the rice variety and prepares it at the most suitable temperature.

Innovative unit for cooking rice

Automatic Tea Brewer

This gadget will appeal to true connoisseurs of tea. Each kind of a healthy drink requires a certain brewing temperature, and such a kettle can provide it. Now, whatever sort of tea you decide to try, it will be cooked in the right way.

Automatic Tea Brewer


This device looks like an electric kettle, but it has an additional function - it is able to maintain the temperature like a thermos. Therefore, for each new tea party, you do not need to reheat the kettle again.


Oven for seafood

Seafood lovers know that such products are virtually free of fat, but with the usual cooking, they need to add oil. This mini-oven does not require fat, and shrimps and squid all the same turn out crispy and ruddy.

Original novelties for the kitchen

Technological novelties perfectly fit into the design of the kitchen in the Art Nouveau style. With their help it is easier to comply with the new direction and to observe proper nutrition.

Scales with a database

It is difficult to monitor your diet, especially remember the number of calories. These scales are equipped with a database where more than 1000 known products are recorded, indicating the presence of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in them.

Measuring cup with indicator

The device can accurately indicate the exact amount of dry and liquid ingredients. Its handle is equipped with a special indicator that determines the mass of any product.

Thermometer for meat

An unexpected solution for cooking meat dishes will appeal to all who do not like to stand for a long time near the stove. The thermometer is equipped with tentacles that determine the temperature of the meat. When it is ready, the device will send SMS to your mobile phone.

Thermometer for meat

Thermometer for cooking

Unlike the previous unit, this device works on infrared sensors and can recommend how long it takes to cook this or that dish.

Multifunction plug

More precisely, she has only three functions: measuring the amount of pasta, grating for cheese, serving fork. This is an excellent option for fans of pasta.

Innovative kitchen interior updates

Changes affected not only household items, but also the overall interior of the kitchen. The current trends now include:

  • concise and simple design;
  • good functionality of all interior items;
  • high manufacturability of kitchen items;
  • refusal of excesses in decor;
  • use of non-toxic, natural materials.

Fashion is now considered the kitchen, where the refrigerator monitors the state of freshness of the products in it and in case of spoilage, signals this. Instead of a conventional plate, it is now customary to use an induction hob that distributes heat evenly over the bottom of the pan or pan.

refrigerator monitors the state of freshness

Designers are increasingly turning to a variety of styles in the interior. A practical, unfamiliar and spacious kitchen is appreciated. Often, the design of the living room combined with the kitchen is used for this. This combination gives more space in the interior, which is now in the trend.

The presence of modern gadgets should not run counter to personal preferences. First of all, the kitchen should be comfortable and cute for the owners of the house, and the availability of new products is a minor matter.

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