Marble in the bathroom: 25 best photos

Marble has long been one of the most favorite materials for decorating residential and public high-class premises. Modern bathrooms can surprise you not only with original furniture, plumbing fixtures and accessories, but also with an exciting selection of different types of marble, which can be processed in many different ways.

In this article for your inspiration, we collected 25 stunning modern bathrooms, decorated with iconic material for luxury: marble. With exquisite veins or modern straight lines, light or dark in color, this material literally exudes wealth and commitment to high quality. Make sure that different types of marble can create a variety of moods: from a bright artistic statement to a perfectly balanced space for relaxation!

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25 beautiful marble bathrooms (photo):

White bathroom with gold decor White marble with dark veins in the bathroom Black and white bathroom with LED lighting Black and white marble in the bathroom Bathroom design with marble tiles Two types of marble in the bathroom Brown shades of marble in the bathroom Marble with a beautiful pattern Marble with an unusual pattern Small bathroom with marble Fully marble bathroom Striped marble in the interior Striped marble in the bathroom Different shades of marble in the interior Bathroom with gray-blue marble The combination of marble and wood in the bathroom The combination of marble and fine tiles The combination of marble and tiles in the bathroom Modern bathroom with marble Bright bathroom with dark marble details Black marble with white veins Dark marble in the bathroom Warm shades of marble Bathroom with black and white marble Square Marble Tiles