Functional design of a modest apartment from architecture

Glass wall in the office

The architect Michael Roper (Michael Roper) has a small apartment with a total area of ​​24 square meters, located in the busy and picturesque suburb of Melbourne.

It is located on the first floor of an old building built in 1936, and it also has a simple and concise layout with many functional areas: a bedroom, a dining room, an office and a guest lounge.

The owner wanted to create in his apartment a modest size comfortable and serene environment, which is great for recreation, pleasant pastime in the company of friends, as well as meals and work.

He, with the help of experts from the Architecture Architecture agency, designed a reconstruction plan for his apartment, which allowed to form an incredibly cozy and practical space in a limited area.

Michael Roper at the desk

The house has a small terrace with stunning green areas and trees, which the owner can admire through the transparent glazing of the panoramic window.

The decoration of the apartment was made in a simple and laconic style, which does not distract the master from his creative activity.

For facing the walls, the specialist chose a snow-white color scale that visually increases the area of ​​the dwelling. At the same time the floor surface was decorated with textured wooden parquet, filling the atmosphere with incredible comfort and warmth.

Vintage desk in the office

A modest work area was equipped with vintage furniture: a concise working desk with a paper drawer, a simple chair, and fine artwork. Panoramic window decor gives the opportunity to fill this area with dazzling sunshine and natural warmth.

Small studio in light colors

In the following photos you can see different options for installing a furniture set and decorating an apartment.

Bookshelf in the office

Large windows from floor to ceiling decorate the flowing drapes of beige shade, which are beautifully written off into the overall stylistics of the decoration and at the same time give the atmosphere an incredible charm and cosiness.

Cabinet behind the curtain

A beautiful curtain was used to decorate the storage area. He hides from the outside eyes a dressing room, book shelves, a modular bed and appliances. In addition, the curtain gives the situation an incredible charm and laconism.

Wardrobe for books and clothes

Designer furniture was specially made for this project.

Cabinet with drawers Folding bed in a small studio apartment

The bed has a folding structure. In the evening it descends and forms a comfortable and comfortable bed for the owner. At the same time, during the arrival of guests and friends, it rises easily, freeing up valuable space for recreation and entertainment.

Terrace of a small studio apartment

The balcony overlooks the large Carlton Gardens, located across the street from the house and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also worth noting that the apartments are located in a busy area with developed infrastructure, so it can be reached on foot to shops, cafes and other establishments.

External staircase between levels Interior of a small studio apartment in light colors

For home decorating the specialist chose a simple palette. So, for example, he completed the decoration of the walls in a snow-white range, which visually expands the area of ​​the apartment and gives the atmosphere incredible softness and charm. At the same time, for the lining of the floor surface, he applied the texture ash wood.

A large wardrobe behind a curtain

Bathroom and kitchen during the renovation remained intact.

Blind for the workplace

Interior Design modest studio apartment from the Architecture Architecture workshop in the Australian suburb of Fitzroy in Melbourne is a phenomenal creative masterpiece.

The excellent location on the first floor of the old building, functional layout with several areas for living and relaxing, unmatched decoration in a modern manner, a neutral tint color scheme in the decor, visually expanding a small area, and a cozy atmosphere attracts close attention and public interest.