Metal blinds in the exterior on 65 stylish and practical

Protective metal blinds are well proven in use. This is an excellent solution for:

  • private houses;
  • apartments (located on the ground floors);
  • commercial premises;
  • offices;
  • garages.

If you need to decorate the facade and at the same time increase the level of safety, start with windows and doors. We suggest you take a look at the photos that show how it can be. Ready? Then brew yourself a cup of tea, get comfortable and - let's go!

metal shutters on windows internal, photo 1metal shutters on windows, photo 2metal shutters with their own hands, photo 3blinds, metal, horizontal, photo 4shutters, metal, photo 5metal shutters photo, photo 6metal shutters, photo 7blinds, metal, vertical, photo 8roller shutters, photo 9metal blinds shutters on windows for cottages, photo 10metal shutters on the door, photo 11blinds, metal, vertical, photo 12blinds, metal, horizontal, photo 13

Metal blinds on plastic windows as an element of decor

There is a wide choice of colors for metal blinds. Most often choose white - under the color of plastic windows. This option is universal. It is suitable for facades painted in:

  • Gray;
  • peach;
  • olive;
  • beige color.

But for a house lined with stone or brick, you can pick up the metal outer blinds in one tone with the color of the roof. So your building will look harmonious and neat. Here's how on these photos.

Well combined with the surrounding landscape blinds, made in brown tones. Also popular are black, cream and gray models.

Compared to the grilles, external metal blinds can be raised or lowered, completely freeing the window. Agree that no matter how beautiful the grille is, it still gives the building a gloomy look. And if you need to wash the glass, it becomes a real test of the strength of the nervous system. Metal blinds and rollers are easy enough to lift and clean up windows with no problems. Even a child or an elderly person can cope with the management.

metal shutters on plastic windows, photo 14metal shutters on windows external, photo 15shutters on metal horizontal windows, photo 16shutters on metal horizontal windows, photo 17blinds, metallic, photo 18metal shutters, photo 19metal shutters on the door, photo 20metal shutters on windows, photo 21

Protective metal blinds: installation advantages

Install protective metal blinds more than profitable. Just think about it:

  • In winter, a large amount of heat is lost through the window. Installation of metal blinds will periodically save on heating, as precious kilocalories will not evaporate.
  • How sometimes you want to sleep and spend a lot of time in bed on a day off. But street noise spoils all the fun. Protective metal blinds on the windows will create additional sound insulation, so you can decide when and when you wake up.
  • In the summer heat, you can regulate the arrival of solar heat. This will help to save drapes and furniture from burnout. And the house will not be too hot.
  • Blinds made of metal have a long service life. They are not afraid of bad weather, temperature fluctuations and other negative natural phenomena. Therefore, their installation will forget about a lot of problems for a long time.
  • Leaving home for a few days, you no longer need to be afraid of uninvited guests. Metal blinds will hide the living space from curious looks. Look at the photo - not bad, right?

If you order metal protective blinds on electric windows, then you do not have to leave the house to change their position. A special button or remote control will allow you to raise or lower the protective sheet while inside the building (or outside).

protective blinds, metallic outdoor, photo 22metal protective shutters, photo 23metal blinds for electric windows, photo 24metal blinds on windows, photo 25protective blinds, metallic outdoor, photo 26blinds, metal, protective, photo 27

Metal shutters on the door - photo with examples

Metal blinds can also be installed on the doorway. Usually, the options are selected according to the invoice and the coloring are the same as for the windows. The method of installation is determined according to:

  • from the material from which the building was built;
  • thickness of the walls.

Such designs are specifically designed to protect your property. Opening is by rolling the protective sheet into a roll. Blinds are light with a pleasant appearance and at the same time reliable. Look at the photo: the building even wins in an aesthetic sense.

metal shutters on the door external, photo 28metal shutters on the door external, photo 29metal shutters on the door external, photo 30metal shutters on the door external, photo 31metal shutters on the door external, photo 32metal shutters on the door external, photo 33shutters, metal, photo 34metal blinds, photo 35

Where else can I use metal blinds

Generally speaking, metal blinds can be used not only for window and door openings. There are a number of design tasks that are successfully solved with roller shutters. For example, they are mounted on:

  • balconies;
  • loggias;
  • staircases;
  • storerooms, etc.

In the bathroom there is often an aesthetic problem: where to hide the water heating tank and pipes. Metal vertical jalousie in this case - an ideal option. They will not only hide the unsightly communications, but also provide easy access for the audit.

metal shutters on windows external, photo 36metal shutters on plastic windows, photo 37metal shutters with their own hands, photo 38metal shutters photo, photo 39

Metal horizontal blinds - some more interesting ideas of their application

And here's how the original metal horizontal blinds can be applied in the design of the kitchen. How do you like this solution?

roller shutters, photo 40vertical vertical blinds, photo 41

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Who does not have a gazebo or verandas in the courtyard of a private house? This is one of the favorite places where there are warm meetings with friends or gatherings in a close family circle. Unfortunately, not always the weather contributes to a comfortable rest among nature. To protect yourself from the burning sun, gusts of wind, rain, you can install street protective metal blinds.

blinds, metal, horizontal, photo 42shutters on metal horizontal windows, photo 43shutters, metal, photo 44metal shutters, photo 45metal shutters on the door, photo 46metal shutters on windows, photo 47metal shutters on windows external, photo 48metal shutters on plastic windows, photo 49metal shutters with own hands, photo 50

As you can see, creativity is half the success. Be bold and creative in your decisions. After all, the main thing is to create a pleasant and inspiring atmosphere around you.

Which of the suggested photos did you like? Choose metal blinds so that they do not violate the architectural ensemble and fit organically into the design of the building. Then comfort and positive emotions are guaranteed to you.

metal shutters photo, photo 51metal blinds shutters, photo 52metal blinds shutters on windows, photo 53metal shutters shutters on windows for cottages, photo 54metal blinds shutters, photo 55metal shutters shutters on windows, photo 56roller shutters, photo 57blinds, metal, vertical, photo 58blinds, metal, horizontal, photo 59shutters on metal horizontal windows, photo 60shutters, metal, photo 61metal shutters, photo 62metal shutters on the door, photo 63metal shutters on windows, photo 64metal shutters on windows external, photo 65