Playgrounds and houses for the garden (ideas + photos)

Summer time gives children a great opportunity to breathe a lot of fresh air and exercise. Children's sports and playgrounds can not only revitalize the view of your yard, but also encourage children to spend more time outdoors. In this article, we offer some original ideas for creating such a site, which are designed for different possibilities and can even be performed by themselves. Well, go ahead: turn the childhood of our children into a fairy tale!

1. Children's playgrounds: slides, swings etc.

One of the simplest and most economical ideas for a playground is the installation of swings, which can be made of boards, old chairs and even car tires. Among other budgetary options - hammocks, sandboxes and slides, which can also be installed independently. We look at the following photos and are inspired:

playground-in-the-garden children's complex-with their own hands samodelnaya-playground-in-the-garden homemade-child-swingswing-out-of-the-tireswing-out chair homemade hammocksandbox-under-canopy sandbox-with-roofstreet games live-game-in-engry-berdsplay-room-kitchentwister-to-streetplayground-for-gamessimple-child-swingchildren's complex-of-woodchildren-at-a-children's playgroundlarge-homemade-children's playground

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2. Children's sports grounds: climbing wall and other

The walls for rock climbing, trampolines and rope installations allow not only to have fun on the street, but also to practice fairly, both to children and their parents. And if you are too worried about your child, then just put the mattress on!

Let the following children's sports grounds become for you a source of ideas:

playground-with-ropes wooden-children's playgroundplayground for children children-complex-for-climbing children's complex-from-boards play-child-complex-in-the-garden sports and children's playground cheerful-children-game-complexsportivnyy-children's complex-of-wood

3. Children's houses

It will not be difficult for anyone to build woven wigwams or land children's houses from boards. But how much happiness they will bring to your children and their friends! Do you remember how they themselves loved to hide in secluded places?

wigwam-child-house-for-garden tents-for-children children's house-from-plywood simple-child-game-housewicker-house game-child-complex-ship game-child-househobbit-children's houseclimbing-and-children's house simple-child-house-on-tree

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Tree house

Of course, this is the idea number 1 and the dream of every child: to have your own house on the tree. But it is also unconditional that it is necessary to have a suitable place for its creation, as well as serious skills in construction. If you were lucky enough to have both, then the next photo of the houses on the tree - especially for you!

simple house-on-tree tree house

pendant-bridge-child-househomemade-child-house-with-rock-climbingvolshebnyy-tree house tree house-i-igrovoy-kompleksskazochnyy-detskiy-tree house

4. Children's complexes for games with water

It is very important to have a refreshing summer. Moreover: we have several amazing ideas for playing with water, from which children will be delighted! Please note that they are all handicrafts for the playground, which you can easily do yourself.

pipe-like-children-game-complex wall-water-for-children games-with-water-for-children fun-with-water

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5. Playgrounds for creativity

Some children's games often do not like their parents. The first place among them is occupied by musical experiments (knocking something loud on something heavy) and art ("hello wallpaper, why are you so boring?"). After arranging your yard following the example of the following photos, you will not have to limit your child more in the manifestation of talent.

musical-installation-for-children musical-game-setting-with-hands classroom-board-in-house

Designing a playground: key points

Proper design of the children's play complex will make it not only more interesting, but also safer. Here are some useful tips to help you in this matter:

  1. Soften sharp corners - if there is no way to do without them, then apply a protective rubber coating or the like. material.
  2. Apply bright colors - to make the kids and think forget about the TV and games on the smartphone, make the playground as bright and cozy as possible.
  3. Create different areas - instead of organizing a children's complex as one large site, try to equip several different departments. For example, swings and sandboxes can be in one place, a playground for sports games - just a little further away, and between them - tents or children's lodges.
  4. Use old things as accessories - children like fun garden decorations, for example, old rubber boots, umbrellas, dishes, toys etc. All this will make the process of researching the playground much more exciting.
  5. Take care of the place for storing toys - things that children play on the street should be kept separately, so as not to bring all the dirt into the house. A good idea for their storage is the internal cavity of the garden bench or shelves in the children's lodge.

storage-children's toys-on-the-street inside-children's house