Decorative cells +75 photos of design and manufacturing

Decorative cage

Traditionally, decorative cells in the interior are used when it is required to decorate space in the style of Provence. But other similar interior directions can also have cells in the decor that are filled with the most unexpected things.

Decorative cage на камине в интерьере  Openwork designs with patterns  Cage on a decorative fireplace  Arrangement of roses  Brick wall in the interior

In the bathroom, the cage is necessarily decorated with candles. Can also serve as a non-trivial shelf for small towels and bath accessories.

In the hallway, such an object can be decorated with ribbons and hooks, making it a kind of housekeeper. And on the loggia in the cage, they "plant" the figurines of the birds, so that the impression of their eternal presence is created.

Rosettes on a two-tiered cage  Piano in the bedroom  Bird on the cage  Fireplace fencing with clock  Cells with decor

You can place bird decorations on the street. For example, above an entrance door, on a verandah, in a garden on a tree or at a lamppost. Any place of rest can be decorated in this way. Some fans of interior decorations manage to hang them even in offices.

A personal car can also be decorated with a small cell, and put an air freshener inside the product. It turns out quite original. The main thing is to correctly calculate the size so that the decoration does not interfere with driving the car.

Sofa at the window

What interior styles do these products use? They are used in the following areas:

  • Modern;
  • Shebby chick;
  • Neogotics;
  • Provence;
  • Art Deco;
  • Classic style.

If desired, the corresponding model can be combined with any direction in the interior. In minimalism, for example, cells are not used, but a small and concise product with a fake bird inside will add a flavor to the direction.

Cage with patterns  Candles on the table  Cells on the window  A tray with utensils  Vase with roses

Decor in the style of Provence

Provence implies the use of cells of light tones. The classic interior object in this direction is seen with roses, decorated with lace and other flowers with delicate colors.

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A photo or a figure of a rabbit in a cage will perfectly fit into the overall appearance of a bedroom in this style. In the kitchen, this decoration can include kitchen utensils or wine bottles.

Decorative cells in the style of Provence

Floor variants with indoor plants are a competent design course where there are such decorations as massive chests, a fireplace or other large details.

Decor of flowers  White cells with roses  Lepness on the walls  Cells on tapes  Parrot on the twig

Provence style means an abundance of ruches, laces and decor on shelves and walls. It is necessary to adequately assess the fullness of space with all these details, so as not to overload it even more. Since the cell will necessarily attract a lot of attention.

Butterflies and curls for Provence are also permissible. Still in the course are dried bouquets, fabric and porcelain. Even the old clock in the cage looks extraordinary.

Book on the table

Provence does not use large cells of dark colors. It is also necessary to avoid large parts with chains and locks. Leave it for gothic, and for provence use small cages with compact stuffing.

Another such style implies compliance with certain rules. Box with rods should not be dotted with monograms, it is better to choose something classic, painted in pastel colors.

Pictures above the bed  Mirror in the divan  Cage with flowers  Mirror on the table  Cage with roses

Making flowers and herbs

Ready-made options for decoration, often, are expensive. It is also inexpensive to arrange a cage with your own hands. It's worth just buying everything you need at the nearest sewing store.

If you have already chosen a cell for decoration, then purchase the following elements:

  • Beads;
  • Feathers;
  • Artificial flowers;
  • Tapes;
  • Lace;
  • Wire;
  • PVA glue.

A simple set will help decorate the product from the rods easily and quickly. Simply create a pattern of beads and flowers on the ribbons, fix them with glue, then traverse between the rods. Put the largest buds inside the cage. Use wire to fasten the elements. And from lace make a semblance of canopy.

Decoration of decorative cells with flowers

Cellular decor always looks luxurious, if its shades are in harmony with the general colors of the interior. A bright pink cage looks good in a room dominated by neo-Gothic or art deco. A gentle blue version is suitable for provence just perfect.

The cell can also be used as a flower pot if it is planted there grass or climbing plants. You can attach a bundle of dried herbs to it, so that the house is filled with subtle fragrances of the fields. If the smell is felt implicitly, then the lamp with aroma oils will solve this problem.

Decor from branches with flowers  Patterns with leaves  Butterfly on the cage  Rosettes on twigs  Cage on the table

The effect of antiquity

Is there only a modern cell available? Do not be upset. You can paint it in any color, and to give the effect of antiquity, rub some places with sandpaper.

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A careless method of painting, where the surface coating is carried out by uneven strokes, also contributes to the creation of this stylish effect. Sometimes, with this method, you can leave the edges of the cell unpainted.

Decorative cells with the effect of antiquity

Antique cells, by themselves, do not require special refinement, but it is highly desirable to think over their content more carefully than in all other cases.

It is possible to decorate this decor in another way. It is necessary to put an antique thing inside the cell. You can also decorate the cage with ordinary ropes with intricate knots.

Favorites among non-trivial filler products are mirrors, chandeliers and Christmas decorations. The cell is a universal piece of decor. Its filling can be changed depending on the seasons or the coming holidays.

Painting on a brick wall  Clover on the boards  Cells on the windowsill  Wicker chairs by the table  Table decoration


Very romantic in the interior looks like a candlestick cage. It is done simply. Inside the bars place candles of the desired shade, height and thickness. Having this cell in the room you can enjoy its light in the evening.

Using candles in the decor, do not forget about safety. The height of the cage should be such that the candle flame does not touch the dome of the product. It is also not possible to use paper, fabric and similar decorations. The prohibition applies to everything that is easily ignited.


Cage-candlestick всегда должна быть выполнена из металла. Другие материалы не смогут выдержать жар свечей и расплавятся.

Decorative candle in a cage  Candlesticks in the form of cells  Candlesticks with birds  Birds on cages  Candles on stands with cages

Make the cells themselves

It's entirely possible to make a decorative cage yourself. The table below shows the most common types of homemade cells and materials for them:

From plywood and metalA small sheet of plywood, glue, rods or screw skewers, paints, decor elements.
Of woodStyrofoam, wooden sticks (for example, Chinese chopsticks), glue, paints.
From paperCardboard, glued tubes of paper, glue, scissors.
Out of the box and clothCloth, box, glue, decor elements.

Decorative cage своими руками

In addition to the above methods, you can come up with other unusual types of cells. They wiggle out of the vine like baskets, cut out of a single piece of wood, blow out of glass. Sometimes they just paint on the walls.

Cage on legs  Nightingale on top  Decor with ribbons and roses  Cage with lace  Journal at the cage

From plywood and metal

A metal product for decoration is created according to the following algorithm:

  • Make a drawing of the future cell on paper;
  • Two identical circles are created from the wire (bottom and top);
  • Make two more circles, which we connect by patterns from the wire (middle);
  • The dome is molded from the wire, overlaying the drawing;
  • Cut the base of plywood, cut through it holes for rods;
  • Bond the design.
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Making circles  We bend the patterns  Making the dome  Drilling the bottom  We collect the walls and the dome

The decor of the received product depends on the fantasy of the owner. Flowers, ribbons, brooches and rhinestones will be appropriate here. Such a cell is simple in execution, since all parts of the wire are twisted together. The door of the cage is also made.

Decorative cage из фанеры и металла

Of wood

Chinese chopsticks are a good means of decorating. They can be used as rods when creating a miniature cell. If the sticks are hard to reach, they can be replaced with small skewers for canapés.

The same base of foam will serve as a support for the rods. From the edge of the base, you need to indent 5 mm and press holes there for future rods. You do not just need to insert the sticks into the holes, but to fix them with glue. Then the cardboard is used to create the roof.

Necessary materials

The final stage - painting and decoration. Many interesting things for decor can be purchased at Ikea. Such animal figures as hedgehogs, rats, parrots will also be a perfect addition to the homemade bird cage.

We put the sticks in polystyrene  Mount the lid  Clement cardboard  Krasim  We glue flowers

From paper

From paper такое изделие делается способом плетения клееных трубочек. Трубочки свиваются между собой так же, как при соединении лозы для корзины. Данная клетка будет выглядеть стильно и необычно, если для основы взять страницы из разных журналов. Легкий способ создания этого варианта вы можете увидеть на видео ниже.

Decorative cages made of paper Red tape on the top  Cage from tubules  Flowers on twigs  Cage with an arch  Ring at the top

Out of the box and cloth

Fabric and a box - that's all it takes to become the owner of a fashionable interior decoration. The size of the box is selected individually. Its lid turns into a square dome of the cage, and the necessary slots are made in the walls.

Pasting with the cloth is the last stage of the decor of the cell. After that, you can decorate the product with rhinestones and beads to match the style of "shebbie chic". If the fabric has a floral print, then this object will be an addition to the house in the style of Provence.

Do you need a decorative cage in the interior? Of course, this product can become one of the main accents of the decor, if its appearance corresponds to the chosen direction. Is not it easier to have a real bird and buy a house for her? In the modern world, people have such an active lifestyle that there is simply no way to take care of a living feathered creature. Therefore, you can use the above ideas of decoration.

Cells with leaves and birds  Constructions with a dome  White elegant cells  Table with a bowl by the bed  Candles by the fireplace