Interior of the living room in art nouveau style

Interior of the living room in Art Nouveau style

Modernism is considered by many to be the most modern of styles, although it originated in the late nineteenth century. Some elements of that era are still guessed in modern interiors, involving a person, all its spheres of activity in the world of beauty. There are practically no straight lines, simple forms, and the premises are most aesthetic, functional. The unique interior of the living room in the Art Nouveau style is suitable for decoration of both a city apartment and a private house.

  • smoothly curved lines, arcs, combined with regular geometric shapes;
  • the use of predominantly dark colors, bold contrasts;
  • soft, dim lighting;
  • patterns, as if creating a dynamic movement;
  • absence of any conservative principles;
  • heavy, luxurious textiles;
  • artsy forms of accessories;
  • abundance of natural materials, including expensive ones;
  • steps, podiums, furnishings of strange shapes;
  • multiple handmade accessories;
  • an abundance of stained glass, glass, various accents.

Soft lighting Handmade accessories  Steps and podiums  Antique furniture  Smooth lines  Wooden furniture

Old or artificially aged furniture neighbors here with the latest household appliances, traditional materials - with more modern, practical. It is important to equip the entire interior with the utmost ergonomics, to rest, work, to receive guests here was comfortable, convenient, and to move - it is safe.

Studio apartment, living room, combined with the kitchen is also often issued in this style.

Materials, methods of decoration

Finishing here is suitable for almost any, but mostly natural:

  • ceramic tile;
  • porcelain tiles;
  • metal;
  • laminate;
  • natural, gypsum stone;
  • Natural wood, including valuable species;
  • artificial, genuine leather, fur;
  • matte, transparent, colored glass.

Natural wood Laminate  White carpet  Fur Pillows  Porcelain tiles on the floor  Textiles from natural fabrics

Ways to design should resemble a variety of natural motifs. There are often doors from natural wood, mostly dark, and in two-story apartments - marble spiral staircases to the second floor.


High-quality, expensive silky wallpaper with complex floral ornaments adorn the walls of the living room, create an atmosphere of warmth, coziness. Preferred wallpaper is golden-pearl, gray-beige, green-brown colors. To comply with the stylistic design should not combine on one wall several options for finishing. Decorative, colored plasters, liquid wallpaper, paints are also acceptable. It is desirable that the walls are as smooth as possible. If the living room is combined with the kitchen, the kitchen part is laid out with small tiles-mosaic, and the above-named zone is allocated as smoothly as possible.

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Beige walls in the living room Smooth wallpaper  Plaster on the walls  Gray wall paint  Brown with gold wallpaper  Drawing wallpapers

The walls of the modern hall serve as a backdrop for furnishings, decor, so they do not spend a lot of money on their decoration.


Floor модерновой гостиной чаще всего оформляется паркетом или половой доской, реже – природным камнем, керамической плиткой, ламинатом, очень редко – плотным, добротным линолеумом. С помощью различных материалов производится зонирование, причем стыки покрытий не прямые, а плавные, закругленные, иногда извилистые. Сложные узоры, растительные орнаменты в оформлении наливного прозрачного пола также используются весьма часто. Из натурального шпона различных пород древесины выкладываются целые картины. Наиболее часто используется мореный и беленый дуб, сосна, ель, орех, махагонь, вишня, клен.

Floor темнее стен  Laminate на полу  Parquet on semi  Combined floor made of board and porcelain stoneware  Dark parquet on the floor  Floor из натурального дерева

Floor всегда делается немного темнее, чем стены, потолок, но необязательно чрезмерно темный.


Потолки обычно имеют несколько уровней, асимметричные узоры. Они выполняются натяжными, подвесными, со множественными источниками света. Расцветки его преимущественно светлые, но допускается наличие зеркал, красочной мозаики с растительными орнаментами. Иногда используется потолочная плитка сложной фактуры. Зонирование квартиры-студии, обычного просторного зала часто производится с использованием разной высоты, расцветки потолка – середина гостиной тогда выполняется в более светлой, чем спальная, кухонная зона. Ceiling также иногда оформляется деревом, преимущественно светлых пород. В редких случаях его подпирают несколько колонн, по фактуре подходящих к общему оформлению зала, иногда присутствуют лепные элементы.

Complex ceiling with a pattern False beams on the ceiling  Two levels of ceiling  Ceiling в несколько уровней  Ceiling с золотым рисунком  Multi-level ceiling with decorative plaster

Interior Color

The main colors of this interior are gray, white, beige. Separate contrasting tones here will be green, black, chocolate, pink, yellow-orange, red-scarlet. The most popular combinations are:

  • burgundy with pearl-blue;
  • bright-lilac with turquoise;
  • beige-brown with coffee;
  • thistle with chamois;
  • silver gray with khaki;
  • moderately orange with black and purple;
  • tea green with terracotta;
  • light pink with a rich purple;
  • asphalt-gray with cream;
  • brick-brown with snow-white;
  • yellow-pink with plum;
  • linen with bluish-black;
  • ghostly white with fir-green;
  • pearl with pastel orange;
  • dandelion with mahogany.

In gray tones Brown, beige, black  Black, white, beige  A bright accent on the carpet  In light colors  In shades of turquoise

More than three colors in the interior of one room is not recommended, the main color is usually chosen light, occupying 60-65% of the entire space.

Selection, arrangement of furniture

Most of the furniture is not placed along the walls, but "at an angle". The furniture is old, artificially aged, fancy shapes. There is often an asymmetrical sofa, a rack or a wall cabinet decorated with colorful stained-glass windows, a glass coffee table with forged legs. The main material of production is the wood of valuable species. The dining room consists of a round or asymmetrical table, chairs matching it in color. Rarely the table and each of the chairs are made in different colors. In the kitchen-living room, the dining area often becomes a figured bar, visually separating the hall from the kitchen, high "bar" chairs. Furniture does not need too much, the presence of large free space is a distinctive feature of the style. Zoning is also often done using furniture, especially if it's a studio apartment, a kitchen-living room. Suspended furniture or having many forged elements, is welcomed. Bent-glued parts, based on the form of Japanese furniture, also became an integral part of the style. Showcase cabinets, snail chairs, cobra chairs, bookcases are often present in the design of the modern living room. Glossy decorative cabinet, console for TV should be suitable for the overall design of the space.

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Whimsical furniture Asymmetric sofa  Antique furniture  Diagonal arrangement  Lots of free space  Having a large mirror

The sofa is most often purchased folding, with a removable cover, which is easy to wash in a typewriter. As an option - a chic corner sofa with carved legs, curved armrests.


The bright light here is mostly unacceptable - the rooms are illuminated by floor lamps, sconces, and spotlights. Natural light is very welcome - light must freely penetrate through large windows. Lighting along the perimeter of the ceiling is originally combined with one or two multi-ceiling ceiling chandeliers, wall-mounted, table lamps above the workplace, floor-standing - next to the sofa. Some decorative objects are also sometimes highlighted - mirrors, paintings, sculptures. Decorative niches made of plasterboard, vases or figurines in them are also illuminated with spotlights. In rare cases, LED lighting of the floor, individual pieces of furniture is used.

Crystal Chandelier Lamps on tables  Lamps on one line  Chandeliers of different shapes  Carved Lamp  Floor lamps near the sofa

For large lovers of antique decor, chandeliers made of metal and expensive wood are offered. They are placed on the dining table, shelves, fireplace mantel.

The role of textiles in style

Thick, luxurious draperies, dark furniture covers are welcome. The windows should be as open as possible - they are decorated with thin, "flying" fabrics, which are attached asymmetrically to the cornices. Curtains are selected monophonic, contrasting with the color of the walls, but forming a single ensemble with other textiles.

Brown furniture The carpet is preferable big - almost to the whole room, solid, dark, with a long pile. It successfully unites around itself individual elements of furniture, not reaching to the walls of 15-20 centimeters. For a square living room, a round mat is suitable, two or three carpets are placed in the "wrong" configuration, with the help of which the space is zoned. On the couch bright colorful cushions of various shapes, sizes, preferably monophonic, are acceptable. The fur plaid will warm on cold winter evenings, it is chosen dark or contrast. Textile upholstery of upholstered furniture is produced by expensive furniture fabric, sometimes leather, eco-leather.

Fleecy dark carpet Bright sofa in a cage  White fluffy carpet  Furniture of different shades  Curtains in the tone of furniture  Contrast cushions on the sofas

Decor, accessories

Walls украшаются декоративными тарелками, картинами в рамках, зеркалами причудливых форм или простыми прямоугольными в черно-коричневых рамах. Все аксессуары подбираются крупные, яркие, вычурной формы, фактуры. Приветствуются элементы из камня, бронзы, серебра, позолоченные, с элементами ковки. Витражные картины, плафоны напольных светильников, частичное оформление потолка витражами добавляет помещению особого колорита. На окнах красиво расставляются живые зеленые растения в керамических вазонах, на стенах также крепятся кованые или деревянные держатели для цветочных горшков, декоративные кашпо. На полках хаотично расставляются фигурки рыб, глиняные свистульки-птицы, огромные морские раковины, деревянные резные шкатулки, африканские фигурки из слоновой кости, маленькие картинки или семейные фото в темных рамках, с элементами «благородной патины».

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Bronze decoration elements Several kinds of pictures  Decorative lamps-flowers  Mirrors of different shapes  Flowers in pots  Carved Lamps from Gold

Из живописных произведений стиля для гостиной подойдут скульптуры, а также репродукции известных полотен художников-модернистов – Густава Климта, Альфонса Мухи, Эжен Грассе, Floorа Филиппа, Михаила Врубеля, Эдварда Мунка и др.

Interior living room style Art Nouveau private house

Гостиная загородного дома часто обогревается настоящим камином, либо украшается фальшивым. Помещение зала обычно ни большое, ни маленькое – примерно среднее. Часто практикуется открытая планировка – зал совмещается с кухней, спальным помещением, за стенкой оказываются ванная комната, туалет. Перегородки здесь существуют лишь в виде ажурных экранов с причудливыми узорами, расписных текстильных ширм. Зонирование производится и с помощью различного цвета пола, стен, перепадов высот потолка. Walls выбираются преимущественно серые, бледно-голубые, бежевые – так оформляются обычно три стенки, четвертая становится яркой, акцентной. Floor немного темнее стен, потолок – значительно светлее.

Design of a private house The design of the house often has a terrace, which is also decorated in a modern style. It has a smooth intricate shape, and the doors to the terrace are made sliding, transparent, panoramic - sitting on a cozy sofa in the living room is comfortable to admire the beautiful view of a flowering or snow-covered garden, seeing almost the entire site. Some door leaves are decorated with colored glass, mosaic. The same terrace in the summer is decorated with wicker furniture. Furnishing is often chosen unique - sometimes homemade, often purchased, designer. A table from a huge stump, freed from bark, ground to a shine, covered with many layers of varnish, chairs or benches from snags of complex texture. The figure shelf under the TV completes the overall picture. Rough angular details are completely unacceptable here.

Oval table Large fireplace between windows  Curved fireplace  Mirrors on columns  A carved coffee table  Living room in brown shades

In a city apartment insulated balcony or loggia almost always joins the general space of the hall.


The furniture of the modern living room in the Art Nouveau style is suitable both for a close "Khrushchev" or medium-sized "panel", and for more spacious apartments, a country mansion. Modernism, at the same time, is original, simple, luxurious, convenient, aristocratic, but it requires large enough monetary investments. The abundance of design solutions for this style will not leave anyone indifferent. Beautify, beautifully furnish, decorate such a room is easy enough for yourself, but in the event of any difficulties, you can always turn to professional interior designers.