Stylish ideas for storing things in the bathroom

10 ways to modernize the bathroom with "smart" ideas for storing things!

Do you know that even the simplest bathroom cabinets can turn into incredibly convenient organizers for different accessories, which each time will raise your mood with your thoughtfulness and functionality?

Make sure of this right now with our new collection of ideas for improving the bathroom! Maybe they will seem quite simple to you at first glance, but if you look closely, you will see that beauty and convenience sometimes hide deep under the outer shell.

1. Built-in shelf lighting

Spot lights or LED strip can not only make your furniture look more affable, but will also help in finding the right bottle or some other thing. Whether it's a closed cabinet or an open rack, we recommend using transparent glass shelves that gently pass and scatter light to the lower levels. For additional functionality, make sure that the backlight is equipped with a sensor that will automatically turn the light on or off when the cabinet door is open or closed.

Built-in lighting for bathroom furniture

Another option is to use a special backlit panel that will light an open shelf or a niche below it. Soft glow of LEDs will improve the mood of your bathroom, and can serve you as a night lamp when you need to visit the bathroom late at night, but that bright light does not hit the eye.

Backlighting of surfaces in the bathroom

2. Special places for gadgets

Do you want the hair dryer, rectifier, electric shaver and other appliances in the bathroom to be easily accessible, but do not clutter up space on the upper shelves? A compact side locker with a folding door is just what you need. An additional advantage of using such a locker is the possibility to equip it with an integrated outlet, which in this way will always be protected from water ingress.

Bathroom cabinet with a rising door Safe storage of appliances in the bathroom Bathroom cabinet with sockets

3. Drawers at the bottom

Drawers, located directly above the floor, are a great addition for any kitchen or bathroom. They not only provide an extra storage space for things, but can also be practical in bathroom care, since they can wipe dust and wash floors in usually hard to reach places.

Drawer over the floor Furniture with drawer bottom

4. Organizers for boxes

Bottles, tubes, brushes, brushes, gums and clasps - how to keep all these numerous little things in order? To do this, you will need smart organizers that can be installed in drawers, shelves or even on the doors of lockers, and also be made by yourself. More ideas for inspiration can be found here: Simple ideas for organizing things in a house from Pinterest.

Organizer for a drawer in the bathroom Organized storage of things in the bathroomArranging the order in the bathroom in the cupboard under the sink

5. Beautiful and comfortable niches

Sometimes niches can look much more effective than traditional hanging shelves. See for yourself in our article: Beautiful niches in interior design (45 photos).

Shower with recesses Niche for bathroom decoration

6. Mirrors outside and inside the lockers

Mirrors are needed in every bathroom, but especially in a small bathroom. In the photo below we present to you a very special design that can make your care process much easier and more enjoyable.

Medical bathroom cabinet A small mirror on the door of the closet in the bathroom

7. The latent washing machine

In the next photo, you see a fake trio of boxes, which in fact is a deftly disguised door of the closet hiding behind a washing machine. Let the design of your bathroom remind only of rest, not about work!

Hidden washing machine in the bathroom Washing machine in bathroom design

8. Slider doors

Quite a lot of us are annoyed to constantly open the doors of lockers in a small bathroom. In addition, they can obscure the mirror, which is also quite inconvenient. In any case, it is worth considering the option of using a slider door, which very gently works in a semi-automatic mode and this raises our mood.

Locker with door slider Locker with a door that rises

9. Built-in shelves and racks

In most bathrooms, free space is at a premium, so it is important to effectively use every centimeter. Deep and narrow built-in closet, corner drawers or rotating shelves - consider different options that will help you accommodate a large number of things. For inspiration, you can search them here: 17 most popular storage ideas for the kitchen.

Hidden deep bathroom cabinet Comfortable and roomy bathroom shelf

10. The Best of Hi-Tech Style

Hi-Tech style offers a lot of smart ideas for bathrooms. For example, we really like this locker with a built-in mini TV, which allows you to follow the news or watch your favorite TV series while you care for yourself. Also you can consider more practical solutions for the bathroom in Hi-Tech style, such as built-in lighting, electric vapor diffuser and many more. other

Mini TV in the cabinet door Bathroom furniture in Hi-Tech style

Hi-tech is an interior style with great possibilities. Thanks to him, there are practically no boundaries for fantasies and their implementation in the design of premises, both residential and public. We hope our today's selection of photo interiors in this and other styles has become useful to you.