Style steampunk in the interior. invasion of industrial

Someone prefers a tranquil setting and decorates their house with a simple decor, while others tend to express their taste and personality in the interior. Style steampunk - just for the latter. It is original and relatively little known, although it already has many followers around the world.

Помните удивительные кафе J&M, Truth Cafe и Joben Bistro, чьи фото мы приводили в статье 15 establishments with fashionable design 2016? They are an example of the collision of the elegant design of the Victorian era with the industrial inventions of the time, which gave rise to the concept of steampunk style. What are its features and how are they used in the interior of dwellings? Learn more!

A bit of history: how did the style of steampunk appear?

For the appearance of the very word "steampunk" in 1980, the science fiction writer KW Jeter is responsible, who was trying to find a definition for his new work. The image of the constant struggle between the adoption of new technologies and the fear of its consequences has found a response in the hearts of many people. Gradually steampunk became a subgenre in the world of science fiction and a way of life for its admirers.Steampunk Style - photo and description

Wall-papers and clothes in style steampunk

Like any other, steampunk style can manifest itself differently in interior design. Most often, his images are inspired by steam-powered machines of the 19th century ("steam" = steam in translation from English). Various mechanisms and pipes are used as decor objects, wallpaper patterns or furniture fittings. Among other fantasies that can serve as a source of ideas:
  1. Post-apocalyptic world in the spirit of the films "Wild West" or "Mad Max: the Road of Fury";
  2. Retro-futuristic inventions of the XIX and XX century, which express the idea of ​​people of that time about the world of the future;
  3. Fictional or incomplete machines: light airships, Charles Babbage's difference machine, analog computers etc.

Do not make hasty conclusions. Style steampunk would not have become so beloved among modern interior designers, if it had some mechanisms. They are just a highlight or top of the iceberg. The secret of the attraction of steampunk is in their combination with elegant and chic decorations, including in the Victorian style.Stylish steampunk lounge interior

Luxury interior design in steampunk style

In other words, steampunk is a combination of aesthetics of steam engines and Gothic decor in the spirit of classics. How can you embody this strange style in the design of your house or apartment? We offer you some tips and tricks!

10 ways to decorate the steampunk in the interior

Not everyone can feel comfortable surrounded by mechanisms, leather and rusty metal. Therefore, if you want to "moderate" use the style of steampunk in the interior of the room, then you can limit the use of one or several ingredients from the following list:

1. Utilitarian mechanisms in the role of decorating the room

Among the items that are ideal for creating a style of steampunk in the interior: huge dials and watches with Roman numerals, gears, wheels and levers from old cars, pipes, the first models of televisions and telephones, as well as other details and mechanisms that could have been throw it away, but sorry.

Steampunk kitchen interior Style steampunk - photo in the living room Decor and furniture in the style of steampunk - photo in the interior

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2. Metals, without which the steampunk interior can not do without

Copper, bronze, brass, iron - all these materials can be used for decor of rooms in the steampunk style. With them, not only produce furniture, lamps and small interior items, but they choose a similar design of tiles and wallpapers for walls.

Interior in the style of steampunk - photo decor of pipes Steampunk in the interior - photo of the metal finish Design room in style steampunk with metal furniture

3. Coarse materials and textures

Leather, an array of wood, untreated stone and brick always help to emphasize the industrial design of the room and make it more spectacular.

Bathroom steampunk - photo finishing materials Steampunk furniture in kitchen design Fixture steampunk in the interior of the bathroom

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4. Interior decoration in dark colors

Typical shades for the interior in the style of steampunk - gray, brown, black and red. But you can also consider using colors such as:

  • Ivory, beige and cream;
  • Luxurious blue or lilac;
  • Dark green;
  • Any tone with a metallic effect.

Steampunk style - bedroom photoStyle steampunk - photo in the interior of the kitchen Interior items in the style of steampunk - lamps and watches on the wall

5. Decor items in scientific and fantastic style

Vintage barometers, telescopes, globes, geographic maps, plant and anatomical illustrations, herbariums etc. things will emphasize the sci-fi atmosphere in your home.

Crafts for the interior in the steampunk style with their own hands Interior of the living room in the style of steampunk - photo decor Decor and lamp in the steampunk style with their own hands

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6. Elegant steampunk furniture

Indisputable fact: old furniture gives charm to any home. If you want to design a style of steampunk in the interior, then do not think about buying new modern furniture. Items from the flea market, old restored furniture, industrial shelves and homemade products will fit here much better.

Give preference to velvet or leather upholstery, metal fittings and wooden cases. If possible, purchase an elegant sofa, wardrobe or chairs with a fine finish in the spirit of the Victorian era.

Steampunk style furniture for the living roomChic champagne in the interior - photo hallSteampunk kitchen interior design - photo solutions

7. Expressive wall-paper with a picture

Nothing too. This simple rule is not difficult, but it is very important to observe the design of the interior in the style of steampunk. If you focus on the mechanisms, metal and use a lot of such decor (furniture) in the room, then choose for them a calm and elegant background in the form of wallpaper with Victorian patterns. And vice versa, choose bold wallpapers with drawings and mechanisms to emphasize simple furniture and accessories.

Steampunk wallpaper for walls in the interior Steampunk-style bathroom with Victorian wall-paperBedroom interior in steampunk style - photo wallpapers

8. Elements of styles of loft and urban

A good idea will be to impart a steampunk to the interior of the entourage of city life. Elements such as metal pipes, concrete and brick walls are very popular today due to fashion on loft, urban and industrial styles.

How to decorate a steampunk in the interior - photo of the living room Brick wall in the interior design style steampunk Design rooms in style steampunk, industrial and loft

9. Traditional and unusual steampunk fixtures

Fixtures are always important. They can emphasize furniture and decor, create the necessary mood. For steampunk style, choose industrial lamps made of metal, pipes or even simple incandescent lamps. If you have high ceilings in the room, then you can use chandeliers in Victorian and classical style. Bring in the house a little luxury and comfort!

Fixture steampunk - Victorian chandeliers Fixture in the style of steampunk with their own hands of light bulbs The wall decor and fixtures in the steampunk style

10. Crafts in the steampunk style with their own hands

Not only steampunk lovers sometimes dismantle old mechanisms only then to re-assemble into something unique and exclusive. Such crafts with their own hands will help bring a piece of your personality to the steampunk. In addition to the old machines, you can use almost any leather and metal products for creativity.

Let the last photo in this article be an inspiration to you!

Steampunk lamp from pipes with own hands - photo craftsCrafts of Steampunk style with their own handsSteampunk style furniture - photo shelves from pipesAlso read: 10 Best Things You Can Do for Your Home with Your Own HandsHall of steampunk style room with own handsSteampunk interior items with your own hands Steampunk furniture - photos of ideas with your own hands