The choice of colors for the living room design

Want to create a stylish and harmonious living room design? Then choose one of the 6 most popular color schemes!

1. Elegant green palette

The color palette of various shades of turquoise and jade with the addition of a yellow-green color creates a relaxing and refined view of the living room. Note that against such a background, white elements look especially advantageous, including window sills, skirting boards, furniture or bed linens.

Living Room Design in Green Tones Elegant living room in green and gray Living room in country style Color palette for the drawing room

2. Traditional neutral color scheme

Neutral colors are the perfect backdrop for any room, because they are the least annoying, tedious, and the easiest to combine. And if you like diversity, then you can periodically add some bright accessories to such an interior, and your living room will be transformed without unnecessary hassle and expense! For example, a neutral background takes on the yellow, red and green details well, in order to create a calm, yet interesting atmosphere.

Neutral colors in the interior Modern living room in bright colors Traditional neutral palette

3. Freshness of blue hues

Blue textiles and cream walls in a most remarkable way contrast with dark brown floors and furniture cases. As with the use of green shades, the blue color in the living room also creates a relaxing atmosphere, but at the same time makes the interior more modern and even adds a sea spirit to it. For the best effect in the room is worth adding a few intricate patterns.

Living room in a country styleModern living room in blue tones Fashionable living room in blue Modern blue palette

4. Deep and luxurious colors

The design of the living room, which combines rich dark gray and purple hues, acquires a very bold and luxurious appearance. However, using such tones, it is important to try not to make the interior too dark and suffocating - for this you will need white color, light cream colors and green plants.

Purple color in the living room Modern luxury living room Lilac and gray in the interior Modern living room with a purple accent Luxurious purple palette

5. Bright and colorful design of the living room

The basis of a bright and colorful drawing room usually becomes white and green shades, which are then supplemented by various elements of the color of fuchsia, orange and other bold organic tones. This design of the living room, of course, can lift the mood!

Living room in green and pink color Living room design in bright colors Living room in bright eco style Bright and colorful living room A palette of a combination of bright colors

6. Classical palette for the living room

The color scheme of red, white and cream shades in combination with classical furniture gives the living room a traditional style. Also, this interior can be complemented by details of black, dark gray and golden colors. The living room has both a home and a solemn view!

Classic Living Room Living room in country style Modern living room in red White and red color in the interior