Style modern classic in the interior - photo design

Style modern classic in the interior

The style is a modern classic in the interior, or neoclassicism is a symbiosis of classics and modernity that has absorbed the best from both directions. Elegant combination of romanticism and elegance, devoid of the traditional stiffness of the classics, paying attention to details a little more than is accepted in modern minimalism. It is a universal style that can be enjoyed by the older and younger generations.

  • the absence of both pronounced conservatism, and any extravagance or eclectic styles - the situation should be harmonious, calm;
  • the lack of pretentiousness - both in colors and in lines: no complex fantasy patterns, curls, characteristic for the style of baroque, in the interior of modern classics should not be;
  • The rooms are bright and spacious; in furniture and decoration is observed minimalism - nothing superfluous;
  • lines - simple, smooth, smooth;
  • is characterized by careful selection of every detail, attention is given to the most minor details of the interior - plinths, doorways, window sills, entrance arches, etc .;
  • priority of natural materials - natural fabrics, stone, wood, paper wallpaper.

The main task of the style is to create an atmosphere of serenity and comfort.

Furnishings of a drawing room in style modern classic

Color Rules

The color scheme for the interior in the style of modern classics is adopted muffled, natural shades. White, cream, olive, khaki, cocoa, beige - traditional for this style. These colors are diluted with more dark ones of the same tone - that is, for example, olive is supplemented with a more saturated green, beige - with the color of cocoa, etc.

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The combination of flowers in the living room in the style of modern classic

Ornaments and patterns decorating the interior, should have modest simple lines, be muffled, as if faded. Bright spots are unacceptable. Allowed a small amount of color impregnations - coral, turquoise, dark blue, wine. Good looking black color or matte smoky shades. Preference should be given to simple patterns or strict geometric patterns.

Small living room in modern classic style

Furnishing of a cottage

The most successful classic style can fit into the cottage. Modern classics mean free space, space without the need to save space.

Style modern classic in the interior дома со вторым светом

Creation of the environment does not require rarity furniture. It is enough to get modern furniture of the appropriate style. In the best way, this condition is met by European (Italian, French, English) furniture companies that have a long tradition. Many of them made quality furniture for centuries, and kept their techniques and traditions, supplementing them with modern techniques. The result is elegant, beautiful solutions that carry the spirit of history. Furniture set in the style of modern classics is characterized by a number of characteristic features:

  • soft, flowing lines;
  • forms subtle, light, devoid of cumbersomeness;
  • expensive, elegant look;
  • soft parts are flawless;
  • The upholstery is original, but not striking and noble, without using complex patterns and ornaments.

The set, corresponding to the style, becomes the main accent of the situation. Other elements of the decor are designed to emphasize it.

Living room in a modern classic style with a fireplace

If the interior is decorated with graphic or pictorial images - they are framed by the simplest and strict edging. The condition of observance of strict lines concerns fixtures and other decor elements, which should not only have a simple, not pretentious appearance, but also be present in a moderate amount. Any random things will look superfluous.

A rich interior design in the style of modern classic

A minimal border is required for the windows. Ideally, they should be covered with single-layered curtains. The best option in this regard - roll or Roman curtains, blinds. If it is necessary to control the flow of light from the window, they are combined with a thin tulle or openwork curtains. Light curtains are acceptable. Window curtains are usually single-colored. A simple graphic pattern, a large image or a print that can be repeated on the furniture finish is possible. Folds, brushes and other ornaments on the windows should not be.

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Bathroom and toilet in modern classic style

For a cottage with more than one floor, an elegant interiors accent can be an interstorey staircase. There is a wide range of materials for finishing - wood, stone or tile, forging, which will fit organically into the environment. And additional originality will be given by a screw structure or by a stepped step. Such a ladder can itself become a central element of the situation.

Comfortable room in the style of modern classic

Furnishing of an apartment

In apartments, especially - small, the situation in a minimalistic performance looks good. Here the classic can have some man-made plaque. It would seem - two are not the most compatible style. However, the changed trends allow a combination in the style of a combination of concrete or brick walls with wood or laminate.

Living room with fireplace, large chandelier in the style of modern classic

Requirements for furniture - maximum capacity, functionality, impeccable appearance. It is permissible to install sliding-door wardrobes. From objects of glass or metal in the interior of the apartment is better to refuse. The soft low comfortable armchairs and sofas are well fitted.

Bedroom in the style of modern classic

The combination of glossy surfaces with matt ones will look good. Approach to the style of relief surfaces. The main thing in this case is not to overdo it with relief, otherwise the overall effect will be spoiled. The type of flooring for an apartment in the style of modern classics is not critical. It is enough that it is a natural material. Perfectly looks parquet. Perhaps a combination of two different coatings - say, parquet, combined with a carpet.

Bright lighting is better to prefer installed on the walls of fixtures, well fits into the situation floor lamp. On the ceiling of the common room, you can hang a chandelier - elegant, but simple, without excess decorativeness.

White bathroom in the interior

Environment kitchens

Kitchen in the style of modern classics does not accept excessive decorativeness. Woodcarving or tiles with ornate patterns do not fit here. Suitable finishing materials - wood, MDF or chipboard, stone, tiles, combined with shiny stainless steel parts.

Kitchen and living room combined in a single space in the style of modern classics

Parquet, considered an ideal cover for the style of modern classics, is not the most successful solution for the kitchen. But it is successfully capable of replacing ceramic tiles with a pattern imitating a wood structure.

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Dining room in the style of modern classic

Furniture for the kitchen is preferred quality, made from natural wood of one of the valuable breeds. Or - with a surface made with imitation of valuable wood. The technology is hidden inside the interior. It is possible to install open shelves for utensils and utensils. Looks beautiful original dishes in the glass cabinets.

On the kitchen windows look good bamboo blinds and curtains of natural shades, without patterns and folds. For artificial lighting designers recommend taking chandeliers or sconces, floor lamps.