What color to choose for walls in the kitchen?

The choice of colors for interior walls is usually associated with personal preferences of the owners of the house, as well as with the size of the room itself. At the same time, there are certain colors that are best suited for individual rooms. So, when it comes to kitchen design, white, red, yellow and green colors are the most suitable and versatile, because each of them helps create a warm and cozy atmosphere. However, other shades more unusual for the kitchen - blue, black etc. - can give the desired effect when properly combined with other decor elements. Let's look at 35 beautiful kitchens with walls painted in a wide variety of colors.

The choice of colors for kitchen walls:

The warmest colors, such as red and orange, are an excellent choice for the kitchen, as they stimulate the appetite and give the kitchen a cozy look. In addition, an orange or red wall can act as a beautiful and unusual accent.

Red apron in the kitchen Bright and warm kitchen with a red wall Painting the walls in red in the kitchen Kitchen in bright colors Kitchen with an orange wall Kitchen design with orange walls

As a ray of sunshine, the yellow color instantly gives your kitchen a cheerful look. It is also believed that when a person is hungry, the yellow color has a calming effect on him and makes him feel happy. Remarkably suitable for small rooms, the yellow color visually enhances the kitchen and blends well with white and gray accents.

Kitchen with textured yellow walls Kitchen with yellow walls and green decor Yellow-green kitchen in country style

Each shade of green is welcomed in the kitchen due to the unique feeling of freshness and harmony that it can bring to it. For the most interesting effect, choose the color of peppermint and green apple, which is best combined with white and different wood shades.

Kitchen with light green wallpaper Small kitchen in green color Kitchen in light green color Kitchen design with green walls and ceiling Kitchen with green walls and red decor

White color is by nature the most fresh and clean, and therefore white kitchen will serve as an ideal start for your working days.

White kitchen with marble countertops and black floor

The blue color, it turns out, also works well in the kitchens. Light shades of blue create a clean, sublime atmosphere, while a bright blue color invigorates and cheers up. The best thing in the kitchen is a combination of blue with different shades of white, gray or other neutral tones.

Kitchen with painted walls Patterned wallpaper for a small kitchen Kitchen with bright blue walls Kitchen design in blue Kitchen with blue walls and ceiling Kitchen with blue walls and a black island The combination of brown and blue in the design of the kitchen

And what about other, more daring and unexpected shades for the kitchen? The simplest thing you can do to diversify colors and shades is to make an apron in the kitchen in a different color. Often designers are chosen opposite the main color tone, the result is a contrast, which looks just elegant. In general, due to the apron, many tasks for the arrangement of the kitchen are easily solved.

As promised, we present you some beautiful kitchens, decorated in unconventional colors:

Purple walls in kitchen design Kitchen in brown tones and with turquoise tiles Modern kitchen with gray walls Pink walls and black and white furniture in the kitchen Kitchen with peach-colored walls Kitchen with light pink walls Brown walls in the kitchen Dark brown walls in the kitchen Kitchen with walls of lavender shade With what to combine the black color of the walls in the house White furniture and beige walls in kitchen design Black walls and red furniture in kitchen design Kitchen with black walls and ceiling

Which option did you like the most?