Beautiful curbs for wallpaper in the interior - 38 photos

Decorative curbs for wallpaper give the room a finished look, and in some cases even play a key role in interior design. On the walls or on the ceiling, on the edge or in the middle of the wall, wide or narrow, modern curbs for wallpaper can be used in dozens of different ways. This article contains the most original of them: see 38 photo interiors, where wallpaper borders create intrigue and unique style!

Decorative curbs for wallpaper - 18 photos

First of all, let's look at modern decorative borders, which have a narrow width. Such edging for wallpaper can be used to emphasize the boundaries between the walls and ceiling, decorate the cornice above the windows, highlight door frames and pendant lockers. Sometimes wallpaper curbs are glued in the middle of the wall to separate two types of wallpaper or simply give the room an unusual look. Most often, this design of the walls can be observed in children's rooms or in kitchens, where a darker shade is chosen for the lower part of the walls than for the upper one (for practical reasons). Thematic curbs for wallpaper can also be installed just above the skirting boards, but the most interesting, perhaps, is the vertical way of gluing curbs, thanks to which the interior seems taller and more spacious.

To read about creative ways to glue curbs on wallpaper, you can in our article: Ideas of decor with wallpaper curbs. And now let's enjoy beautiful photo borders for wallpaper.

Border for wallpaper in bedroom designBorder for wallpaper - photo in the living roomEdging for wallpaper in the nurseryPhoto of wallpaper with a border in the interior of a nurseryChildren's curbs for wallpaper in the design of the bathroom Beautiful children's curbs for walls with letters and animalsIdeas how to glue a border on wallpaper in the kitchenAlso read: Unusual wallpaper in the house. 10 Most Amazing ModelsKitchen border for wallpaper under the ceiling of the kitchenElegant edging for wallpaper in the living roomA curb in the living room of a private houseBeautiful wallpaper wallpaper - photo in bathroom designWall curbs for wallpaper in bedroom designWhite border for wallpaper with a patternStylish border for wallpaper - photo in the living room Edging for wallpaper in the middle of the wall above the sofa and tableHow to glue a border on wallpaper - stylish ideas Combined wallpaper with a border in the interior - photo wall Bright border for wallpaper - photo rooms

Wide curbs for wallpaper on the photo

Wide curbs for wallpaper, as a rule, are designed to create a contrast and playful atmosphere in the interior, and therefore strongly differ in color from the wallpaper on which they are glued. Most often, wide wallpaper borders can be seen under the ceiling, although there are also more original ways of using them, for example, as a decorative vertical strip on the wall.

Vertical decorative border for wallpaper Wall borders for wallpaper - photo of wood A wide border for wallpaper in the nursery and in the kitchen Wallpapers with a wide border in the interior - photo of the living room Beautiful border - wallpapers for walls Simple wide border for wallpaper - photo of living room design A wide wallpaper border in the interior of the living room Wide curb for wallpaper on the ceiling Also read: Wallpaper history - the most interesting factsAn unusual idea how to glue a wide border to the wallpaper Wide curb for wallpaper over plinth Wide wall borders for wallpaper - photo rooms Wide children's border for wallpaper - photo in the interior Wide edging for wallpaper over plinth

Make wallpaper for your own hands

It is not always possible to find wallpaper borders of the desired shade, size or design. In this case, do not get upset, because you can make a beautiful border for wallpaper with your own hands. The simplest way to create edging for wallpaper is to cut it from a roll of other wallpaper. But if you have a lot of free time and desire, you can make decorative borders for wallpaper with your hands from postcards, photos, children's drawings, colorful paper etc. Be bold, experiment, and your house will endlessly please you and your loved ones!

Self-made curbs for wallpaper on the photo:

Unusual curb for wallpaper by own hands White wallpaper with a self-made border in the interior - photo of a child Homemade wallpaper wallpaper on the living room photoDecorative curb for wallpaper in bathroom design Paper border for wallpaper by own handsHomemade curbs - wallpapers for walls A curb with your own hands - different ways