Kitchens from wood - 70 photos of design of kitchen

Kitchens made of natural wood are not only beautiful, but also practical.


Such kitchens are in demand, primarily because they have many advantages and advantages.

Table of contents of the article:

  • What are the main advantages?
  • 8 things you need to know about before buying a kitchen unit
  • 70 photos of kitchen from a tree

What are the main advantages?

First, the tree is a noble and warm material;


Secondly, kitchens from solid wood are durable, if properly tended. Even if there are any scrapes or cracks, the tree is well restored.

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Thirdly, this is a great variety of colors, textures and designs.


But buying a kitchen set of wood, you should pay attention to the pros, cons, features of operation and care.


8 things you need to know about before buying a kitchen unit

First of all, it should be noted that the basis for the kitchen kit of wood is all the same MDF or chipboard, wooden are mainly facades.


1. A tree is a capricious and expensive material


This material has small disadvantages, which you need to know about:

The facades made of wood for the kitchen can change its tone a little, eventually become dull.

wooden kitchens

The tree is very sensitive to moisture and temperature changes, so the material can go cracked. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the level of moisture and temperature in the room.


Very important is the proper care, you need to constantly rub the scratches, wipe with wax.


2. To make the facade of the kitchen use other additional materials


There are several types of kitchen fronts:

Firstly, it's a shield panel - the doors are made of a single piece of wood. Great for such styles as minimalism, Scandinavian style and high-tech.


Secondly, it is a framework type. The base consists of a wooden frame in which is mounted a panel of MDF or chipboard. It will perfectly harmonize with country style, art deco and classics. Angular kitchen design: TOP 120 photos of unusual kitchen design ideas


But which one is better?

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It is impossible to answer unequivocally, since they have the same qualitative characteristics. But the difference is only in appearance.


3. For facades do not use solid wood arrays

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If we talk about the flow of large production, the panel doors can very rarely be found. In an overwhelming amount of furniture production, the facades are made from eurobrus, that is, from shields, which are collected from different dried bars of wood.


4. Solid wood species - a pledge of longevity of the kitchen


The most reliable and durable are the kitchens of hard wood such as oak, ash, beech or cherry.


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5. How do manufacturers save on kitchens?


The answer is simple, to save materials and funds, manufacturers make doors from softwoods. Or rather, it is pine, birch and spruce. They are cheaper in the queue because they have no ideal characteristics in operation, and these types of trees are more common.


6. Pay attention to the finish of the kitchen, as the design depends on this final stage


For the treatment of natural wood, not only transparent, translucent, but also opaque coatings are used.


If it is a transparent coating, then it is great for those who want to preserve the natural appearance of the tree and its texture. This effect is possible due to the fact that the tree is toned, and top is covered with varnish or wax. However, it should be noted that the most practical option is a varnish coating, although wax or oil are traditional types of coating that also have a place to be.


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Speaking of opaque coating, then for this, enamel of different colors is used. In this case, the color changes, but the relief of the tree remains. The color scheme of kitchen facades mostly varies in the spectrum of neutral tones.


In order to choose the color that will suit your interior, it's best to see a photo of a kitchen made of wood in the color you are interested in.


7. To buy kitchen sets you need only to a trusted manufacturer, which gives a guarantee of quality


A tree is a very whimsical and demanding material. Therefore, on the quality of its processing depends, and how long the kitchen will please its owners. It is very important to check the set for no production marriages.


In order that there are no incidents, as the marriage can be seen immediately, it is very important to have a guarantee for the furniture purchased.

y_elitny_kuhni_from_the tree

8. Design is of great importance


For decorating, decorative carving, various curved details, milling and cornices are often used. But it is noteworthy that the more elements of the decor are located on the door, the more difficult it is to take care of it. It is important that the kitchen is not loaded with different parts.


A popular trend is the aging of the facades, giving them the appearance of antiques.

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As a result, there are many different variations of cuisines, but when choosing it is very important to pay attention to the above ukaznye criteria.


70 photos of kitchen from a tree

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